“Fly With Me” Borrows from Hollywood, Korea, and Japan

Fly With Me

TVB series, Fly With Me <飛女正傳> starring Ada Choi Siu Fun and Moses Chan Ho was aired in Hong Kong on Monday, April 26, 2010. Although only five episodes were broadcast to date, netizens noted that Fly With Be borrowed elements heavily from existing Hollywood, Korean, Japanese, as well as Hong Kong productions.

The “seven deadly sins” of Fly With Me include [borrowing ideas in] plot, character stylization, DNA mutation, super powers, falling, slow panning of camera [when Ada’s character dodges bullets], and the nostalgic elements from Days of Being Wild <阿飞正传>. The superhero transformation of Ada’s character was also ninety-percent similar to Uma Thurman’s transformation in My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

Fly With Me cast member, Kenny Wong Tak Ban commented, “I personally think a lot of the scenes are a tribute to the classics. It does not matter if it is pigeon-holing, as long as the audience enjoys watching the series.”

Moses was happy about Fly With Me’s good ratings in its first week of broadcast. If the ratings continue to improve, then there will be a celebration. Netizens have compared Moses’ white-haired doctor character to the title character in Japanese anime, Black Jack. There were several style designs for Moses’ character, but the current one yielded the best results. For his white hairstyle, he tried on many different styles as well. By chance, the final results bore similarity to the Black Jack character.

Compiled from Sohu.com and Takungpao

Jayne: Would love to see Fly With Me. Tabloids are speculating whether this series will enable Ada Choi to win her second Best Actress Award?

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  1. The plot of this series is quite… interesting. It seemed a bit weird at first and that it takes a while to get used to seeing Ada playing the superwoman role.

  2. I was home today and watched two episodes. Ada’s character is a refreshing departure from her past roles and a unique heroine.

    In the first two episodes, she hasn’t morphed into superwoman that often yet. There are quite a bit of sexual references in the series.

    I actually like the superhero theme a lot, but the wire work and special effects border on being cartoonish. If it resembled “Heroes” more, that would be better.

  3. The people crying over how this series borrows ‘ideas’ should get a life. This is a series about a ‘superhero’ – how can it not borrow ideas?

    Also ideas are always available to be borrowed, reinterpreted and re-expressed. You cannot claim ownership of an idea. So get a life…

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