Francis Ng Appears in Court for Physical Assault

Earlier this year, Francis Ng Chun Yu got into a fight with a man in a bakery store located in Kowloon City. Francis hit the man and injured his left ear. The man pressed charges against Francis for physical assault. The case was heard in court on April 13th. Before the judge had finished the concluding comments, Francis acknowledged his guilt. Francis was fined $10,000 (HKD) and a criminal record will be filed.

The 48-year-old Francis’ real name was Ng Chi Keung. Francis’ lawyer pleaded with the judge and said that Francis’ physical attack was motivated by concern for his wife, Fiona Wong Lai Ping. (The couple have a son, Feynman, who was born in 2008.) On the night of the assault, Fiona was cursed by the man inside the bakery. Francis intended to call the police at the time, but seeing that the man tried to leave the scene, Francis tried to stop him. Although it was wrong for Francis to assault the man, Francis felt the need to protect his wife.

Under Francis’ consent, his lawyer presented the case as a regular assault case rather than an assault resulting in bodily harm, which was a stronger offense.  In the concluding comments, the judge asked Francis to control his temper to prevent future offenses. Despite the verbal exchange between Francis and the man, it was unnecessary for Francis to use physical force.

When stepping out from the court house, Francis was surrounded by over fifty reporters. He smiled at reporters but did not respond to any questions.

Francis’ good friend, Anthony Wong Chau Sung, commented on the case. “That’s great! At least the case is now settled.” (Will Anthony encourage Francis to practice martial arts to release his temper?) “It’s unnecessary. He is already a good fighter. If he learns any more martial arts, he’ll kill someone!”

Cheung Dat Ming said, “It’s good that the case is over, rather than keep thinking about it.”

Source: the Sun

Jayne: Francis Ng seems to have a hot temper. Tabloids also revealed that when Francis was 17 years old, he apparently stole some sneakers from a store.

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  1. naww, he must really adore his wife.
    hope he can control his temper next time though –“

  2. boy, did Francis got off easy…10k HKD is a joke to someone like Francis

    the judge should gave Francis some type of prison sentence suspended for several years

  3. lol. he’s such a jerk.

    i love his on-screen persona but outside of that .. bleh.

    hope he stays out of trouble

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