Francis Ng to Film “Triumph in the Skies 2”; Michael Tse to Die in Laughing Gor Movie

Francis Ng (吳鎮宇), Michael Tse (謝天華), Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), Janice Man (文詠珊), and Kate Tsui (徐子珊) appeared at the film premiere of Laughing Gor – Turning Point 2 < Laughing Gor之潛罪犯> in Causeway Bay earlier this week. Although Kate Tsui wore a sheer dress, the limelight fell on Michael Tse and Francis Ng. After the premiere, Janice Man attended a celebration dinner in Wan Chai. Janice was excited that many of her scenes were retained in the final released film, while also unintentionally revealing that Michael Tse will be shot to death in the movie ending.

Francis Ng was a blessing to TVB. Whether he filmed series or movies for the company, there was a guaranteed ratings and box office. As a result, Francis was asked to participate in both Laughing Gor films. Francis stressed that there was no need to talk about money and felt that TVB did not need outsiders to save the company. “There is no need for people to help save TVB. Each time issues arise, the company will handle the matters themselves.”

Asked whether he will return to TVB to film Triumph In The Skies 2 < 衝上雲宵 II>, Francis  said, “We are currently in discussion over the matter. I have temporarily set aside time on my schedule for TVB.” Francis added, “In the discussions, we have to discuss the timing of the filming and I will try not to set such an expensive price! However, we have different standards over what are inexpensive versus expensive fees. Not speaking of money, I’m also afraid of sequels. However, this is a very special case, whether a grandmother or a young girl wish to see me [in the sequel]. Most importantly, my son repeatedly pointed to the television when I appeared at the TVB Anniversary Awards earlier. I hope to film something for him to watch while helping out TVB. We can work together to make the sequel better.”

At the premiere, Kate Tsui denied recent allegations that she was scolded by Ron Ng’s (吳卓羲) girlfriend, Viann Zhang (張馨予), in text messages. Kate emphasized that she was not acquainted with Viann and only knew that she was Ron’s girlfriend. Kate reiterated that Ron was her partner at work and will not discuss relationship matters in private.

Laughing Gor- Turning Point 2 will be released on December 29th, missing the Christmas holiday period. Michael noted that there was still the New Year and Lunar New Year holidays to chase. Asked whether the marketing and investment resources for Turning Point 2 will be thinned by Shaw Brothers’ investment in its Lunar New Year movie instead, Michael said, “The company has a lot of resources. I am not afraid the resources will be thinned.”

Michael refused to compare Turning Point 2 with the $60 million HKD box office of film You Are the Apple of My Eye <那些年>. Michael laughed, “Maybe we should compare with Avatar instead!”

Excerpt from Apple Daily

Jayne: Will Laughing Gor truly die in the movie? Wonder if he will just escape death and return in another TVB series in 2012?


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  1. LOL, TVB realized that the cow is about to die hence no more milk and decide to kill it earlier and sell it’s meat.

    The new cow aka “Law Ba” as indicated in the award show!

    1. Maybe Raymond Wong will be TVB next new cow since BP is highly praised by many female audiences? hehehe

      I think Myolie’s persuasion also play a little impact on Francis on his returning to film Triumph..

      And i was lol’ed at Kate response on Viann, I hope Kate will continue to piss her more by taking more and more intimate shots with Ron..

  2. I look at Francis Ng and I feel scared. What is going on with his looks?

    Anyway not to fear for Laughing Gor.

    Movie 3 : Laughing Gor dies

    LOO sequel : Laughing Gor flashback

    Movie 4 : laughing dies yet again

    LOO 3 : Laughing Gor’s untold story

    LOO 4 : Laughing Gor’s Told Story but at different angle

    Movie 5 : Finally really dead

    Movie 6 : Just joking-here we go again , a prequel to the sequel’s prequel’s next sequel’s prequel

    In other words, Laughing shall laugh YET again.

    1. Will they ever let him R.I.P? Ever? For my sanity, please let him die a spectacular impossible but final death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. James Bond never dies. So is Tom Cruise in MI anthologies 😛

      1. But Laughing Gor DIED and returned and shall now die again and will RETURN again.

      2. Laughing Gor faked his death, isn’t LOO said so :P. Bond “seems” to be die sometimes and still can have his revolution, why not Laughing Gor?

      3. When did Bond ever died? Ever? He changed faces but he never died.

        How Laughing can fake his death when he DIED????

      4. Bond in Golden something is said to be died.

        Do you watch LOO, Funn? If watched, you can find the answer.

      5. Bond didn’t die in golden whatever. Laughing died in what was it before LOO? Eu?

      6. In E.U it isn’t totally sure that Laughing Gor died. Chung Lap Man shot Laughing Gor and showed something supposed to be Laughing Gor’s corspe only Chung Lap Man and Kong something saw, and Kong didn’t check this, only told Chung Lap Man to pull it to the sea.

      7. If Paris didn’t die, why would Laughing? Gun shot wounds are like mosquito bites nowadays.

      8. He can die for real and be a undercover i hell and later fight his way out of hell, LOL.

  3. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ! No
    Laughing Gor, dont die! 😀

  4. Hopefully Francis will return and film Triumph in the Skies 2. It would be amazing if he did. This series earned really high ratings back in the 2003 and i hope series 2 would earn the same or higher! Haha i hope laughing doesn’t die. His character has been used in a number of movies and TV series. But sometimes it can get a little bit boring with too much Laughing xD I also feel very sorry for Kate. She’s innocent and she is dragged into this Ron and Viann thing which isn’t even related to her. I read in a Chinese article that Viann named Kate the ‘S’ word. She is not the ‘S’ word at all! She is friendlier and politer than Viann in my opinion… Hopefully this issue won’t involve other TVB or non TVB actresses.

    1. Forgot to mention, that i can’t wait to watch Turning Point 2. I heard that it is really good and Kate’s eye expression/facial expression is really well done. Good on you Kate <3 Is anyone anticipated to watch it too?

  5. yes…I can’t wait to watch this movie as well….it’s look like quite interesting.

  6. I have mixed feelings about Triumph In The Skies 2. Reason being TVB is adding the “3 over promoted artists” into the cast – Kate, Raymond and Fala >__< and he too should be promoted to main cast.

    Triumph #1 showed the cast grow together and take us audiences on their journey of them changing their lives and we learned to love them. Triumph #2 i guess is just gonna be 10 years on and these new relationships will just be thrown at us. Will audiences warm to it? Guess we'll have to see.

    #just my opinion

    1. EDIT – Accidentally deleted a line lol

      I have mixed feelings about Triumph In The Skies 2. Reason being TVB is adding the “3 over promoted artists” into the cast – Kate, Raymond and Fala >__<

      I wish TVB would focus on bringing the minor cast 10 years ago into the main cast – namely Nancy and Kenneth. I don't like the fact that Kate and Fala "jumped" over Nancy just like that and became the lead same goes for Kenneth he too should be promoted to main cast.

      Triumph #1 showed the cast grow together and take us audiences on their journey of them changing their lives and we learned to love them. Triumph #2 i guess is just gonna be 10 years on and these new relationships will just be thrown at us. Will audiences warm to it? Guess we'll have to see.

      #just my opinion

      1. Kenneth plays a VERY minor role in TITS, why Francis, Myolie, Flora, Joe, Ron, Michelle, Sammul shouldn’t be focused (as they are truly Main cast) if you want the old cast? Even Bosco has more scenes than Kenneth in TITS1.

        Nancy is still in the sale presentation clip, have you ever watched it? BTW, the sale cast isn’t the actual cast. TVB hire Chilam, LF, Myolie, Fala, Kate, Bosco, Ron, MC Jin, Rebecca, etc. to film the sale presentation clips, how many of them will appear in the actual series? Chilam, LF said they won’t. So far only Myolie, Fala and Francis confirmed.

        Moreover, TITS2 is said to have new storyline so it isn’t related to TITS.

        You must be a fan of Kenneth, or can say die-hard fan like ppl here like to use.

      2. @Fox

        Lol wow relax dude. If Joe, Flora and Sammul could return then heck yes id rather them return as the main but the fact is those three are no longer with TVB (Plus Joe’s character is meant to be dead, please no more revival of the dead >_<)

        And no im not a die hard Kenneth fan. lol Im not even a die hard TVB fan. I named Him (and Nancy) because they WERE extras but are now their careers have sowed to "leads/Supporting" so why not make their characters in TITS grow?

        If i had to say who's "acting i prefer" from TVB nowadays id say Raymond Wong, Ruco, Mandy Wong, Jazz and Myolie but die hard fan for a TVB artist? lol ive got none, my "die hard-ness" belongs to KPOP bands sorry~ LOL

        Anyways back on topic…. lol
        ….i was just trying to say i would just rather see past existing cast to be promoted as main because hey we've seen their background and im curious of how they are "now" so to speak and yes i did see Nancy but she had like 2 sec screen time and no lines plus it was not a close up compared to the "new cast"
        im just judging on promo clip i saw and i know the cast is never set and could change im just expressing my opinion of how i feel if it does come true and ALL of TVB's over promoted artist are in it

        With that being said I was not aware this was going to be unrelated to the original TITS So my bad for that part but now knowing what you just told me im worried will it disappoint me like FH3? Isnt it better to use a diff name instead so it wont be fully compared to the first one?

        Like i said its just my opinion no need to take it personally

      3. @Lala: Very relaxing now :P. If I’m angry, my tone of voice will be different.

        Why need to expand Kenneth and Nancy’s role? Nancy’s role can be expanded as she involve in the main storyline of TITS, but Kenneth? He did anything other than walk and stay in the group in TITS? His role in TITS is rather a fill to the S4 group to make it becomes S4, that’s all. If you want TITS2 to continue TITS, then the storyline of TITS2 should focus on Sam, Zoe, Issac as they are main characters (and the ppl acted Belle, Vincent, Zita and Donald are no more with TVB).

        You said you know their background so you want new story? TITS2 will satisfy you as it will have new storyline. So nothing related to TITS.

        Talk about overpromoted, uhm, yeah but not all in TITS2 :P. Your fave Myolie is in TITS, so you can enjoy her if want. Dun give it death penanty before the court.

        The name isn’t determined yet, and even it is TITS2, wat’s wrong? Batman, James Bond, all changed artists and wat’s up with it? Not a big deal.

      4. P/S: Your opinion posted publicly so you have to prepare for replies to it :). Relax, not a big deal when ppl has other opinions with you and reply to you.

    2. Whats great about TITS ! is there were newbies and have great success. It is a jump start.

      But TITS2. Ugh! Potential problems and I hope its not the 45th anniversary series. Im hoping!

    3. I think Triumph In The Skies 2 shall start and promote newer fadan like Sire Ma ,Mandy Wong and they shall bring back Nancy Wu ,who a minor role in part 1 with kenneth ma ,Raymond already a TVB veteran siu sang now ,it no need to promote him with myolie wu .

      1. TITS2 might promote new girls like Sire, Mandy. The sale clip promoted a new girl: Rebecca.

  7. They shall bring back Ron Ng and Samuel Chan the origin cast of The Academy in TVB if they want to make a sequel again not Laughing Gor again ,come on ,let Laughing be hero and not die in vain .

    1. Dont think TVB will call Samuel back since he bashed TVB openly that time and as for Ron, not sure..

    2. Samuel Chan is enjoying his life outside of TVB.

      Ron Ng just went no where with his acting.

      1. Ron doesn’t seems to set career as his main priority and Relationship with Viann seems to be his main concern…

        I’m beginning to believe that Ron is under some kind of spell….

    3. The Academy series ended with E.U. After E.U, it’s Laughing Gor’s time.

    4. LOL seeing how TVB goes about casting… since Sammul has left TVB my guess is they will bring in Raymond so it will be a 2R series

      Maybe they can bring Mavis and Viann as love interests since they keep changing it hahaha joke joke

      1. In this case, the rating will be super high. Sure that.

        BTW, LF refused this one and will act in 雷霆掃毒. So no Sammul, no LF.

      2. Since Raymond can choose his script, maybe Raymond doesn’t like the script or his role in TITS2 and refused it. I hope the story isn’t too bad.

  8. My only attraction to watch this film is the “soy sauce” cast whose existence in this film is only to show “how” he died. Not enough of a role and screentime to show any acting skills but perhaps enough for some presence and handsome man look.

    I also think that Kate’s storyline in this film will give her great room to show her acting skills. Yeah she did very well, though I already think she did well enough since LOO in her emotional scenes. However perhaps viewers might not resonate to her court scenes and her character’s lack of moral conscience as a lawyer, as opposed to the “people’s lawyer” of Keith, Law Ba, Mavis and Kris.

  9. no, i dont want to see him die. He should the a hero all the way.laughing kor all the way.btw viann cheng a bit too much. She should know artist job. I think she is over possesive.Ron should iron this out or he will regret.

  10. NOOO. however, i think he will be back for another series. DONT DIE. DONT! AHHHHHHHH!

  11. Viann’s career is running very smooth now. Her role in the movie with Chen Kun is very liked at the moment. So maybe if Viann and Ron still date, in the future, Viann fans might say Ron is lower than her.

    1. Fox, you point is quite correct. Viann is very popular in mainland. Her acting i heard is also superb. On the other hand Ron is from Hong Kong and not much mainland people know him…

    1. Based upon that outfit he’s wearing, I think Laughing does belong in jail.

  12. lol Myolie successfully makes Francis come back :D. Sam and Zoe are so cute

    1. yeah, I also think so too..Remember during the tvb Anniversary Award 2011, Myolie tried to pursue Francis to come back and film TITS together.. and francis was joking if “Patrick Tse joins TITS, then he will also take up a role” was rather hilarious when Francis tried to imitate patrick Tse lol.

      1. yes hehe it’s cute that Myolie’s request can melt Francis heart and make him agree to do TITS2

      2. OMG i know right? Francis made the Anniversary enjoyable i couldnt believe he was making fun of Patrick but i couldnt stop laughing haha.

  13. LMAO. Laughing has died before and come back so this is nothing. Just wait. If the movie does well and when TVB is running out of ideas (as usual) – Laughing 2: the sequel.

    Hmm, Francis is still in the process of discussing fees so it might not amount to anything. But if it does, I wonder if it will be a Raymond-Myolie-Francis love triangle? And will they still need the star power from Chilam or will he be out?

    1. No more LF and Chilam. LF said TVB invited him to film the sale clip only and confirmed that he will film 雷霆掃毒 already. It will be the only TVB series he does in 2012 (one series per year contract). Chilam stated that he only accepted to do the sale clip and no more than that.

      So far, Francis is the only man confirmed. Other than him, Myolie and Fala confirmed their parts. The rest hasn’t comment.

      1. Wait, since when did Ray sign a one series per year contract? I know he’s focusing a lot on music atm – but I still thought he would return to acting eventually.

        Without LF and Chilam, the TITS cast is looking weak*ss again – with or without Francis. Did they even secure the sponsors yet?

      2. Since 2011 he only did 1 series per year. His new contract from 2012 allow him to act 1 TVB series per year in the beginning of the year and have the right to choose series to act. He said he’ll focus on movie and music later and less series as he thinks the script and characters in movies can go to the points that series won’t never go and he can have more type of roles in movie than series. Tat’s why movie is his acting target now. But one series per year is still the way he pays back to TVB for his management contract.

      3. Francis – if he is really in TITS2 – will be the biggest “star” to attract the audience. Maybe they’ll add their current siu sangs like Ron, Bosco (Kenneth will do China series this time and quit) and fadans like Fala, Myolie to fulfill the stardom?

      4. I know LF is not going to participate in TITS2 because he already take some kind of police role which he has not been played before,for next year and yes his contract started from next year,he is only choose to participate in one TVB series per year only to focus more in music and movies industries.
        As for Chilam, I don’t that he is already decline to do TITS because it is a sequel.

      5. If Kenneth quits TITS2 because he choose a mainland series, it’s a good decision. He won’t be a leading star in TITS2 anyway. Francis will be.

      6. “If Kenneth quits TITS2 because he choose a mainland series, it’s a good decision. He won’t be a leading star in TITS2 anyway. Francis will be.”

        He will; be stupid to not be in TITS 2. Why? Francis Ng is acknowledged as one of the best actors in HK, he can learn from observing Francis up close. Sometimes being the lead doesn’t mean everything.

  14. *I don’t know that he is already decline to do TITS2 because it is a sequel.

  15. is this true because I saw the triumph in the skies 2 clip I saw him but only at the end please let me know if it is confirm if he will be in it for good or not if he is I hope he pairs up with myolie rather then myolie with Raymond lam
    because Francis and and myolie did a really good job in triumph in the skies 1 especially towards the ending when Francis spent most of his time with myolie at the hospital

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