Janice Man Shows Realities of “Tai Tai” Life

Uploading a short video to popular platform Douyin recently, actress Janice Man (吳啟楠) shared a sneak peek of what she has been busy with since tying the knot!

Pairing shots of her daily moments with English captions, she referenced herself in the third person, writing “She is independent / She pays her own bills / She can cook / She is doing her own damn laundry / She is looking good / Staying hydrated / Being her very best self”.

Positive Response
This is the first time the 34-year-old has shown snippets of her married life in vivid detail since her fairy tale wedding to rich third generation boyfriend Carl Ng (吳啟楠) in 2020.

Presenting mundane everyday realities of cooking, laundry and bills-paying, the video left netizens lamenting the shattering of their illusions about the cushy and carefree “tai-tai” life!

While some left comments wondering out loud why she got hitched, fans responded that “Because she found love, she’s found happiness”, “It’s not about why she got married, it’s about who can be as happy and lucky”. Others pointed out how “Just because one is outstanding, does not mean they do not need love”, and complimented the actress for personifying how to “Be your best self and not get bogged down by perceptions”.

Source: ChinaPress

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  1. @jayne Please amend typo: “Uploading a short video to popular platform Douyin recently, actress Janice Man (吳啟楠) )” .
    Janice’s Chinese name is (文詠珊) …. (吳啟楠) is the name of her husband.

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