Synopsis of “Laughing Gor: Turning Point 2”; Film Rakes in $670k on First Day

Michael Tse’s (謝天華) new film, Laughing Gor: Turning Point 2 <Laughing Gor之潛罪犯> was officially released on December 29, 2011 in Hong Kong theaters. On the first day, box office sales were $670,000 HKD, which fell into second place behind Hollywood blockbuster Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Charter. Due to the Christmas weekend, Mission Impossible 4 accumulated $1.15 million HKD at the box office.

Towards the end of TVB series, Lives of Omission <潛行狙擊>, “Laughing Gor” Michael Tse was sentenced to life imprisonment after murdering Bosco Wong’s (黃宗澤) character. In prison, Laughing met Francis Ng (吳鎮宇), a university professor imprisoned for drug possession. Despite the professor’s gentle and aloof exterior, he was a vicious, cold-blooded criminal. Furthermore, the professor was a criminal psychologist able to discern other people’s inner secrets and dark side. Due to such abilities, the professor was able to silently control others.

At this time, a mysterious woman, who worked for high level Security Police unit, visited Laughing in prison. Laughing’s imprisonment was spurred by his role in an undercover assignment. It turned out that another person was responsible for Bosco Wong’s death. Suspecting that the incident involved a corrupt police force, the Deputy Secretary for Security Police assigned Laughing to investigate the case while posing as an inmate.

Laughing Gor: Turning Point 2 stars Michael Tse, Francis Ng, Chapman To, Bosco Wong, Kara Hui, Kate Tsui and Janice Man.


Official Trailer of Laughing Gor: Turning Point 2

[vsw id=”GMoXcb7ZklU” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Jayne: The synopsis sounds decent, although the trailer still lacks an excitement level. Bosco featured very prominently in the trailer clips, although his screen time should not be much in the actual film.

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  1. The synopsis sounds like Silence of the lamb. What next for Laughing? Terrorists?

    1. Funn,
      You would think with multiple high profile undercover assignments, Laughing’s name would be known by the triad world. Laughing’s prominence should cross him off for consideration among local Hong Kong triads. They should ship Laughing to infiltrate overseas Chinatown triads maybe. Film in dangerous crime-ridden New York City and MC Jin can be his rappin’ sidekick.

      1. Time for promotion perhaps? Get laughing to be ambassador and go for international level of investigation? Or go to FBI and join BAU?

      2. Fbi and BAU must be impressed thar Laughing got tons of bullet holes scars and bruises but never die ROFL

      3. He is a Terminator (movie)….’I’ll be back’ (again, again, again, again,…)

    2. In no way, TVB will not dissolve the “Laughing gor” brand. They making money; numbers prove themselves ’til TVB running out of ideas.

      1. Laughing is going to be a series of James Bond movie likes… it is tiring.

      2. Any James Bond title can be Laughing’s new movie title. Never Say Never Again, Goldeneye (if he goes blind one eyes, uses fake eye), Casino Royale (Laughing in Macau!), Quantum of Solace (Laughing remembers how Fala died), goldfinger (too easy!!)

      3. in that case they should replace tiring MT with Raymond Wong or Ruco as the laughing reborn, LOL

      4. No, they should cast LF as the next Laughing kekekekeke.. Wanna see LF shave his head and get baldy?

      5. LOL Laughing become HK Bond and Michael will get successors. Will Ruco LF and Ray Wong look good bald?

      6. I think Ruco will looks best in baldy.

        LF and Raymond Wong seems to have a rather round head which going bald will make their face even larger.

        I was just making fun of LF going baldy knowing he will never ever going to accept job that require to shave his HAIR!! Fangirls won’t let that happen!

      7. Someone should try PS LF face onto Laughing now and see how he look

      8. Fox,

        Ok, show it here. I have never seen Lf almost bald look.


        Oh that’s the craziest idea lmao!

      9. not that crazy. I saw some people did to Laughing before. Fala onto Laughing. Paris onto Co. and the guys onto their respective girls. ROFL!!

      10. I’m finding but dunno where in my comp. It’s in 2004 during TOB’s filming time. Because he wore fake hair so he has this kind of hairdo: almost bald.

  2. Playing in cinema already? I thought it hasn’t started filming yet. 😛

    I’mm so behind on the news on this.

  3. haha everyone’s so tired of laughing but i still want to watch this. maybe go buy a bootleg disc since i can’t watch it at the theater in the US :p

    1. I will watch it not because of Michael but Francis. I think Francis would make a good villain, that guy can really act.

  4. Michael has no movie star feel even from the trailer. I bet Francis will outshadow him again.

    1. Francis already outshine him in the poster, not to mention in the movie. Ppl are tired with Laughing already, only tvb thinks he’s still worth the price to be milked.

      1. ROFL when you mention the poster actually Michael is overshadowed by all the others in it. Quite bad for the supposed leading man LOL

      2. LOL , the 1st person i notice in the poster is Bosco Wong hahahaha, 2nd Francis, 3rd only Michael since he’s in kungfu position haha.

      3. ROFL I notice Laughing last although partly because of the bars that made him hidden. I notice Francis and Bosco at same time and later noted Capman To

      4. Someone should watch the movie and report here who stand out more Michael or Francis. My bet is Francis although Laughing is written as the lead 😛

  5. Jayne, yeah you’re right. “Early birds” mentioned that Bosco’s part is very short and little.

  6. The poster..isn’t Bosco dead? How come his face so prominent in the poster? You mean Bosco also rises again?!

    1. The poster is very male centric isn’t it? Inferno Affairs this is not!

    2. I guess it’s like Infernal Affairs 3, Tony Leung only appears in flashbacks.

      1. I think it only show in HK cinema,in oversea nation like Australia,Korean,United States ,Singaore and Malaysia is not show yet ,am I right?

      2. It may not be in theater in U.S., Euro, Austrialia. Wait for DVD/Bluray

    3. Funn,…….Possibly contain SPOILER!!………………………………………………………………….Note: I have not watched the film myself; this is a recollection from some “early birds” who watched 😉

      a)He’s dead, but how he died will be explained in the movie. This is the only part where Bosco appears, other than recurring flashes due to Kate’s mentally disturbed(yeah, she’s crazy) state in Turning Point 2.

      b)Big face on poster and little screentime in film in my POV is to make the film appeal to LOO fans; who might found some loopholes or blurred area in LOO/Bai Co ending.

      c)The film is Michael Tse and Francis centric, but Chapman To, Kate, and Janice Man have their own shares.

      1. SPOILERS

        So Kate finally is crazy? Then I am sure she will win awards. Crazy and Kate are two peas in a pod.

      2. Well it comes natural when you are only being your true self…

      3. @Funn

        ROFL agreed. Kate has that lunatic look. If I watch this I think I can tolerate her if she’s crazy LOL. She’s the best in crazy character like AGWTC and should quit lovely characters that make her bad acting showing. LMAO

      4. SPOILER………………………………………………….
        Kate’s mental disorder state in Turning Point 2 resembles Schizophrenia and she’s having hallucinations………….

      5. @exoidus

        That and the nice twin in the Joe ma series. Fake ROFL

      6. Kate is not bad as a nice girl. She was good in “silent of speech”.
        @ exoidus how do you know crazy is her true self ? I pity you boy

  7. Finished watching it in cinema. Pretty confusing but understandable

    1. Francis ability is far ahead of Michael. I haven’t watched yet too but I’d pick Francis based on past performances.

  8. Is Bosco return as Vampire is this movies? I told he was dead in lives of omission?

  9. omg…i’m so sick of laughing gor!! its about time they think of another memorable character…

  10. Haha congratulations on making that much will it aired on it’s first day. I haven’t watched it yet but the plot sounds convincing… I heard that Kate Tsui’s and Francis Ng ‘s performance was really good. I’ll have to watch it to see

  11. I am glad I am not the only one who finds the repeated use of Laughing Gor infuriatingly tedious. He was overrated to begin with and I think Michael Tse has exploited enough of this character. Moreover, unless he is portraying Laughing Gor his performance is mediocre and is not the least impressionable.

  12. Just watch this movie yesterday.

    If anyone find ‘When Heaven Burns’ need too much thinking and hard to understand, you will find this movie even more so. This movie makes WHB looks like child’s play. But, in the end, I do like the movie even those I’ve muttered ‘I don’t understand’ more than once while watching the movie. I look at my housemate by my side and she seem to be in the same state. lol. The storytelling is rather confusing. But, at the end, it’s all tried and explained well. I’ve never watched Laughing 1, so, I don’t know the nature of the movie. I find Laughing 2 very heavy on philosophy. Not something you watch for cheap thrill. After coming out of the cinema, we still keep discussing the philosophy in it and the action of the people. Another housemate seems to get the movie very well and explain to us.

    I know I will be a minority here, but, I don’t think Francis overshadowed Michael. Maybe because I’m on Laughing’s side regarding their respective POV and stand. I think Michael was able to stand his own beside Francis. But, I also can see that many viewers will be captivated by Francis highly intelligent character.

    1. Forgot to add. The movie has a clever way of making Bosco appear in the movie. He did not only appear in flashbacks. 🙂

      1. Let me guess. he appears as Laughing’s subconscious. Next movie, Laughing fights sea pirates. Why? Because he can.

      1. Yes, I know. I read this review before I watch the movie. My colleague also said the movie is awful. I expected to feel like the lovehk reviewer did when I watch the movie, but, surprisingly, I didn’t.

        It’s the case of one man’s meat is another’s poison.

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