Chilam Cheung To Star In “Triumph In The Skies 2”

The war among television stations will officially start next year [due the addition of three new free television broadcasting stations in Hong Kong]. Over the last few days, TVB producers have been filming sales presentation clips of upcoming 2012 dramas, hoping to attract advertisers, which are critical in driving the company’s profits. One of the new series in the limelight was Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>, in which Chilam Cheung (張智霖) will replace hunky pilot, Francis Ng’s (吳鎮宇) role. Triumph in the Skies 2 will be featured as next year’s Anniversary series. Allegedly, in order to prevent Chilam from being recruited by other television stations, TVB increased his filming fee from $40,000 to $80,000 HKD per episode!

When Triumph in the Skies was released in 2003, the series garnered good ratings and reviews. The series also launched the careers of siu sangs and fadans, such  as Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), Ron Ng (吳卓羲), and Michelle Ye (葉璇) as new idols. Although TVB wished to feature the original cast in a planned sequel, this did not occur since it was impossible to have Francis Ng reprise his pilot role. For a long time, the [lead] pilot role remained empty. Although there were rumors that Michael Miu (苗僑偉) would star, the role was recently confirmed to be accepted by “TVB outsider” Chilam Cheung. Only filming one series each year, allegedly Chilam’s requirements were very high. Although the theme of Triumph in the Skies 2 was very tempting and Chilam had received a copy of the script earlier, he considered for a period of time before accepting the role.

Aside from Chilam, the star-studded cast of Triumph in the Skies 2 included Raymond Lam (林峯), Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), Ron Ng (吳卓羲), Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), Fala Chen (陳法拉), and Kate Tsui (徐子珊).   Since Triumph in the Skies 2 will be a heavyweight drama in next year’s line-up, the series will film overseas in Europe, Southeast Asia, and other locations and aired during next year’s Anniversary time frame.

Chilam’s earlier series, The Rippling Blossom <魚躍在花見> received good reception and ratings during its broadcast this year.   Since three new free television broadcasting stations will be introduced in Hong Kong in 2012, increased competition will arise. Chilam also became highly sought after by various television stations. To attract Chilam in filming Triumph in the Skies 2, TVB will increase his filming fee from $40,000 to $80,000 HKD per episode. In comparison, TVB’s artists, such as Moses Chan (陳豪), Raymond Lam, and Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) only received $30,000 per episode.

Yesterday, the primary cast of Triumph in the Skies 2 filmed a sales presentation clip at the Hong Kong airport. Portraying a pilot captain in the series, Chilam’s character will will be a divorced father. At the airport, his ex-wife took their son and left Hong Kong. Prior to his son leaving, Chilam took his son to the airport facility’s open rooftop to let him ride on his shoulders and teach his son how to fly an airplane.

Drafted into the cast of Triumph in the Skies 2, Raymond Lam will portray a heavyweight role and be involved in a love triangle between Myolie and Chilam. Due to an accident, Myolie was left in a wheelchair.

In addition, 40-episode TVB series, Prominent Family <名媛望族> also filmed a sales presentation clip yesterday. Since her evil concubine role in Beyond the Realm of Conscience <宮心計>, Tavia Yeung (楊怡) will take upon a new challenge by partnering with veteran actor, Damian Lau (劉松仁) and portray his fourth wife. The backdrop of Prominent Family will be set in the 1930s and be filmed in Shanghai in March 2012.

Another sales presentation clip filmed was for new series, Detective Columbus <高倫布神探> starring TV King Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), Evergreen Mak (麥長青), Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Aimee Chan (陳茵媺), Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), and other stars. Perhaps new sparks will occur among the cast members.

Source: Sing Tao

Jayne: My speculation is that due to a traffic accident, Francis Ng’s character was likely killed, while Myolie was left (temporarily) in a wheelchair. I also wonder if Nancy Wu will portray Bosco’s girlfriend in the series again, or whether he will simply be paired with Fala?


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  1. @Jayne: Last time Nancy paired up with Bosco? Why I dun rmb?

    1. Fox,
      It was implied more than told that Bosco and Nancy Wu became a couple, in which they appeared at a group gathering together holding hands (?). This lack of relationship detail was likely due to heavy editing of “Triumph in the Skies.”

      Although Kenneth Ma will be busy filming “Prominent Family,” I hope TVB will reserve a cameo appearance nevertheless.

      1. TITS will only start shooting in APril next year. Kenneth Ma should be done doesn’t he because Ron is in the same series too.

      2. Oh ok :). I dun rmb that.

        As if it isn’t S4 in TITS, I even can’t rmb that Kenneth Ma is in this one because his role is too blur. So if he isn’t in TITS2, I dun think it’s a big problem. S4 won’t never reunite. Guess that he has another project.

      3. Kenneth and Ron are in PF together and there’s Fala too. So no reason Kenneth can’t finish in time unless he got another series or go to China to make money.

      4. It depends. Afterall, the casting might change. Nt everyone in that pic will end up in the series me thinks…

      5. TVB is maltreating Kenneth and Nancy to not including them. I don’t mind them use this series to promote Myolie I like her in TRB but why exclude Kenneth while Bosco staying and Kate got added? Bosco already got 2 other sales presentation series from what I read.

      6. How maltreat, Vivien? Lol, not being in a series isn’t a maltreat. SL2, Kenneth jumped from a pervert client from part 1 to the main actor in part 2, why dun complain hehe. Ok, it’s a joke.

      7. @ Fox

        ‘Maltreated’ is a hip word now. It’s used in all occasion. I’ve even seen the word being used on Bowie just because that person has not seen a Bowie series for a long time (even though ROW is airing).

      8. @Kidd: Thanks for the explanation. Maybe I will use this word to LF next time :P. Ok, still a joke.

  2. is this the mews update for triumph in the skies 2
    ok now that I know that Chilam Cheung will replace Francis Ng’s Chacter I would like to know if myolie will play her old role from triumph in the skies 1 ( the role of zoe)
    still waiting for the roles the cast will play

  3. they should’ve put bosco and myolie together… havent had a boscolie drama for so long

    1. ROFL I think they will put Bosco and Kate together I don’t know why ROFL

    2. I honestly prefer Bosco and Kate tgt in a series. But I would love some Boscolie interactions in Triumph 2!

    3. Yes Bosco and Myolie would be nice together! Yes there are some rumors around that I have heard that Bosco and Kate are together! After their interactions and scenes in LOO I think they are a new hot onscreen couple! Haha I personally like BoKa as a couple! 🙂

      1. I think it’s better to have Bosco&Kate and Chilam&Myolie&Raymond. Bosco and Myolie pairing has been done to death by the rumours and they recently had just collaborated in a mainland series.

      2. Then I’m all for a Ron/Fala couple since they never been coupled before and it would be fresh and new 😀

      1. support them Boskate so that easier to FFW ROFL Btw Kate look the same in all her series

  4. okkkkkkk now i definitely cant wait for tit2….ahhhh im hoping for rayolie baby….ok of course chi lam and myolie would be really cute as well…wow havent been this excited a series in a long time…well actually looking forward to ghetto justice 2…

  5. “Drafted into the cast of Triumph in the Skies 2, Raymond Lam will portray a heavyweight role and be involved in a love triangle between Myolie and Chilam. Due to an accident, Myolie was left in a wheelchair.”

    Myolie is very lucky. Got sandwiched betweeen LF and Chilam and got one challenging role 😛

    1. Yes i agree!

      I’ve got a feeling chilam will get reunited with his ex wife and son whilst myolie will end up with ray. Nice ending right?

      1. “I’ve got a feeling chilam will get reunited with his ex wife and son whilst myolie will end up with ray. Nice ending right?”

        Hey I thought about this storyline too 😀

  6. Tavia and Damian Lau as a pair?! Men really have a lot of advantages being in the entertainment industry.

    1. I saw the pics from shooting sales clip. Tavia’s hairstyle and makeup is awful.

  7. In the new news, Bossyco stated that the scriptwriter revealed to him tat he’ll have a part in this one.

    1. Well guess bosco is the slowest to find out lol. We all have guessed it alrd

  8. Oh great news. love to see Chilam in this series. Going to be the series of the year!

  9. I’m glad that Chilam and Raymond are both in these series. I don’t know who I’m rooting for Myolie to end up with because I like the idea of both pairings. I wonder if they’re going to put in another female to make it a love square like how they did with Francis/Myolie/Flora/Joe.

    1. I don’t know who I’ll root for Myolie to end up too. Both pairings are attractive

  10. WOW i really don’t mind if Myolie is in a love triangle with Raymond and Chilam. She has good chemistry with both of them. but sometime the storyling and character would make it not work. I’m hoping the sequel would turn out well =D

  11. Is Raymond and Chilam confirmed to be in this drama or is it just for sales presentation?

    1. This article talk as if it’s confirmed, so it might be. We will know when filming started

    2. I think as for Chilam,it’s for sure confirm because the increase of pay check,but for LF,not quite sure because he is busy with filming Ad Mania and Saving General Young

      1. Yang movie will end in this month or next month. Maybe he’ll be in the Snake 2 after that.

      2. Yup,I read about The Sorcerer and The White Snake 2,but wonder if he will be involve in this or not..

      3. Guess he’ll because Yangzi hinted that he’ll invite LF to the next movie if the box office of Snake is good. Because in Chengdu, LF has the most fans to come and support so Yangzi is kinda impressed with the fanbase of LF.

  12. Fala will be in both Prominent Family and TITS 2? No clash of schedule?

    I wish Kenneth will have some role in TITS too. He was cute back then although he probably had the fewest lines among S4 then.

  13. Its slightly strange tvb has not pulled in any of its previous generation of actresses. I wouldn’t mind seeing chilam paired with say nadia chan again or something for just some nostalgia and seeing the yesteryear actors act against one another. I miss the old love stories…

    1. B/c men can get better looking as they age but for women, not so much. At the GJ2 costume fitting, Raymond cho said, “no matter the man’s age, he can still be paired w/ a 20-something girl.” Sad but true.

      Besides, I didn’t think nadia looked pretty enough for chilam the first time around. I never understood what was so good about her in CBWH that made him and Louis fight over her.

      1. Nnadia not super pretty but she’s charming. So are Esther and Marianne who are not super hot but very charismatic women

      2. @Josie,

        Me too. Nnadia has always been termed as pretty/beautiful/etc., but she looks quite plain IMO.

        Chilam is cute, but I still think he is too overhyped about his “cuteness.” There never seems to be criticisms for Chilam regarding his looks. His acting has always been fine for me, neither excellent nor terrible.

      3. Chilam is too cute and I don’t think it’s overrated. It’s a fact. Too cute that you can’t dislike him ROFL. He’s very good looking.

      4. Chilam has killer dimples and he cries so beautifully. My heart broke for him in ROTC.

      5. @josie

        I love Chilam crying too. He’s a great crier and cry beautifully and will make you feel sad for him

    2. A 60 year old man still can get married with a 18 girl and the social dun make it a big deal. But 60 year old woman and 18 guy, will be a big deal.

  14. dammit! where is the role for Kenneth Ma then? enuff of bosco and ron. kenneth is a better choice. so is sammul but sammul is out of tvb then kenneth must be there!

    1. Agreed Bosco is filming so many sales presentation why? I want Kenneth Ma in too. Bosco already got recognition this year with LOO it’s time to let Kenneth and Ron shine next.

      1. Isnt kenneth in it as well? Paired with nancy? Ron is paired up with fala. Im thinking both bosco and ron will have equal screen time. Of course ray, chilam and myolie will have even more screen time HAHA!

      2. @Vivien,

        Bosco is filming so many sales presentations? Which ones? Also, just because he’s in the sales presentations doesn’t mean he’ll be in the actual series.

        This is a personal preference of yours. I think Kenneth has been filming and appearing in way more dramas than Bosco in fact. Since Bosco is also a singer (although not a good one, lol), he has a balance. Kenneth seems to be the siu sang who has been filming one series after a another in the last 2-3 years even though he is the last of the siu sangs to be promoted in his generation.

      3. Agreed. Obvious enough that most screentime is for LF, Chilam and Myolie. Kenneth not included yet I wonder what TVB is thinking. Bosco don’t even have a big role in the first TITS I think Ron will get bigger screentime. Ron was a major support role in TITS

      4. @Chriselle

        Just read the news today. Bosco attend some promotion activity and said he filmed for THREE sales presentation. That’s a lot enough.

      5. Bosco and ron has to be in it. Afterall they are part of S4. Kenneth too (hopefully). Too bad for sammul i guess…

        Ron being paired up with fala means his role is quite big. Same goes for boka pairing. (although both pairings are behind the main 3 lol).

        So bosco, ron, fala and kate are just supporting roles. Maybe helping the new batch of S4 to gain new popularity yeah? Gosh 🙁

      6. @Vvisitor

        Who are the new S4? I saw some pix of Daniel Chau and MC Jin. Agreed again. Ron might just be used by TVB to promote new S4. Impossible for Ron to be main since the 3 above are the main. I think TVB is trying to make Myolie’s fadan position firm, don’t you think? If only Nnadia or Esther can be in this

      7. I saw quite a few new batch of artistes. Can’t recognise who is who lol. Didnt see mc jin at the rooftop. Only saw the pic of him individually on his weibo. Same with daniel chau. Only saw a pic on his weibo(?) with him in the uniform. Did daniel chau stand tgt with the main casts at the rooftop? If so, then i couldnt recognise him LOL

      8. S4 is Ron, Sammul, Bosco, and Kenneth. S should stand for Solar, I assume.

      9. @Chriselle

        What @Vvisitor and I mean are NEW S4 that TVB is promoting in TITS 2, not OLD S4. So far we saw Mc jin, Daniel Chau and some unknown newbies

      10. S4 stands for Solar Four, Solar is the name of the airlines company in TITS. So if this time the airlines isn’t Solar, no S4 :P.

  15. I think Myolie will end up with Chilam. Zoe seems like the type to be into older men like how she was into Sam.

    1. Well i’ve got a feeling myolie will end up with ray. Chilam will be reunited with his ex wife and son??

      1. Depends who play the ex wife and if she will have an actual role in the series. If it’s just someone who comes and go, then there will be more substance in his relationship with Zoe and thus reconciliation with wife will be less possible.

        I prefer Ray and Myolie as a couple, but it also depends on their characters, which is too early to predict, at least for Ray.

        I still wish Sammul had a role in here. Seem to prefer him over Raymond these days.

      2. Yeah i would prefer sammul too. Since ray isnt S4 lol. But no choice…

      3. I think LF better than Sammul. Sammul can be too feminine

      4. Unless, they report a big actress like Flora to be his ex wife. I don’t see it.

        Zoe just screams like the type to like older men. I’m thinking of what the character would like rather than thinking which pairing I want. I love both pairing by the way. Chilam&Myolie is popular from TRB while Raymond&Myolie is popular from SL. I’m just looking forward to Chilam&Myolie more since it will be their second collaboration while Raymond&Myolie has paired up many times already (SL,DOL&Tai Chi).

        Sammul is busy being popular in the mainland. Bye Bye TVB for him.

      5. Being in mainland series gives better future than TVB. Those artists who left are smart for not signing with TVB.

        I think in TVB only LF got the privilege to choose series so far.

      6. where do you see Lam Fung choosing series? If yes, he would have picked better series than the ones of his that aired this year Sister Fa and Men without Shadows where they both suffer from dismal rating.

        Ia with Mainland. With Mainland series, if your series is popular, you can immediately go to films. Prime example: Feng Shao Feng’s popularity from Gong allowed him to move directly to films like White Vengeance with LYF.

      7. The privilege to choose series of LF started from 2012 with the new contract.

      8. @krize150

        as Fox said the privilege started from next year

  16. I like they add Chilam to the cast. If there is Kenneth too then it’s the best.

  17. Nnadia is pretty and especially prettier in the ancient series like “The Legendary of Four Aces” and “Happy Ever After.”

  18. the only ppl missing is Kenneth and Nancy and this cast is perfect for me 😀

    Hope the cast is fixed and I get to see:

  19. I’ll hate seeing Myolie in a wheel chair. I like seeing her all dress up- she has GREAT fashion sense! How can she do that from a wheel chair???
    Sigh…. anyway still looking forward to the series.

  20. A fan asked LF and he said that TVB only required him to act the Sale presentation. As for the series, he is still not sure.

    1. Maybe it’s better that he doesn’t take part. I really want to see him pair up w/ fala for a fresh pairing. But if it’s myolie again and he ultimately loses to chilam, it will be disappointing. Like how his character was a love-sick puppy in “tai chi” or MR.

    2. Me thought different though lol. I wish LF would be in the series and engaged in some love triangle with Myolie and Chilam. Not that I want to see LF losing to Chilam, the idea of being in a love triagle sounds intrigueing.

      Me too agree with ya Josie, would like to see new pairing such as Fala and LF. if i rmbr correctly, don’t think TvB has ever pair them up.

      1. Yes, never. Ah, can say tat a bit in 72 movie (dun rmb its name) but just few mins.

      2. lf and fala was rumored to be a couple waaay back like 5 or 6 years ago i think

      3. When did LF and fala first work together? B/c during HOG time, wasn’t Linda already the rumored one.

        I did remember that amigo revealed on his “my name is bong” show that he, LF, and I think KC were talking girls. Who did they prefer- ferrari fala or lamborghini Leanne Li.

    3. I also noticed that whenever Rayolie acts lovers, Myolie is either be dumped (EH and DOL) or be in a wheel chair (Taichi and the TITS2 sale clip). The only exception is SL1.

      1. yes, Myolie was either being dumped or chasing LF like the old series where LF paired with Charmaine (can’t rmb the series name but Myolie was like liking LF, just can’t get him only lol)

        Maybe LF’s looks give ppl an impression that he’s hard to get aka hot stuff? 😛

      2. Nope, LF chased Myolie in SL1 and Taichi. He is chased by Myolie twice in EH and DOL (the series you are referring to).

      3. Fox, is Myolie the actress(in their generation) that collaborated with Raymond the most? I didn’t realize Raymond and Myolie have cooperated many times.

      4. I’m not sure whether is Myo or Tavia but Tavia does look alot pairing up with LF. Dunno y. Does tvb thinks they’re matching?

      5. @Masaharu: I think the one who collaborated the most with him is TY. ATOL (she is cameo), EH, GF, TOB, Yummy, FTF, HOG, MR, MOL, MWNS, 3Kingdom. However they are just ended up as couple in 2 series GF, MOL, couple in TOB, MWNS but not end up together.

        Myolie just becomes couple with him twice in SL1 and Taichi. EH and DOL, they dun become couple. She is his sister in GF, mean 5 times while TY is 11 times.

        Charmaine is the one who ended up with him the most with 3 times: LWOLAP, DOL and Fa sister.

        The most kissed is Tammy in NBOL. Just in a series, they kissed 6 times, lol. Eva followed with 4 times in a movie.

      6. Fox, wow at your “database” :D. Oh so it’s Tavia.

        4 times in a movie is “more” based on kiss to minutes ratio hahaha…

      7. Hehe, I have kinda good memory :).

        Yeah but the ones with Tammy Chen is more passionate :P. He kissed her like an wolf in this one, lol.

      8. Fox, what is NBOL?

        I remember he and charmaine kissed quite a lot in DOL but I guess < 6 times then.

      9. @ Fox

        Hm… does this mean that Ray is most attracted to girls like Tammy Chen if he is the most passionate with her?

      10. He was acting his character. The chac in NBOL is a guy like tat.

      11. Yeah, I always have the feeling that LF always into his character, even the way his kiss show the characteristic of his character 🙂

      12. @ Fox and NX

        Hm, nicely done!

        That’s why we like Ray. He gives a 110% into his characters.

  21. Why is TVB filming this sequel again?

    I am betting it will never make it to 2012 airing if it is rush production with the on going delays…..

    1. Don’t see the big deal of being casted in this series. Not casted in TITS2 means not favoured? What about co-leading the 3 Kingdom series?

      1. Kidd,
        I think Kenneth Ma will be playing a prominent role in upcoming heavyweight drama, “Prominent Family.” As much as I think the “Prominent Family” script sounds formulaic, family disputes over the family fortune is what TVB is best at. Perhaps the series premise will be popular among the mainland audience as well.

        Thus, “Prominent Family” might be a better vehicle for Kenneth’s career than “Triumph in the Skies 2,” which is already very crowded with Raymond, Chilam, Ron, and Bosco in the male cast. If Kenneth joins “Triumph in the Skies 2,” he may be relegated with little to nothing to do. However, I don’t mind him playing a cameo role, just don’t write him in as a supporting character with little to do, which would be more insulting.

      2. @Jayne: Few weeks ago, I read an article that the Chinese now fed up with “prominent family” series that they made a lot 2-3 years ago. That’s why the newest “prominent series” has very low rating on CCTV8.

      3. Fox, Hehe really? I guess it also depends on execution. Hong Kong stars seem to still have a lot popularity in mainland China, obviously as they are used to headline a series. So maybe the Hong Kong flavor of a “Prominent Family” series may be well received in China….

      4. @ Jayne

        Is “Prominent Family.” set in pre-modern era? I would welcome a series like ‘家春秋’.

        ” just don’t write him in as a supporting character with little to do, which would be more insulting.”

        That’s practically Kenneth’s character in TITS1

      5. HOG and MR are not liked much in China, so does BTROC :P. Once when I went to China, my tour guide said that Chinese like to watch TVB series than the local series, but they only prefer the ancient ones to modern ones (including pre-modern).

        Talk more, TVB set up a channel in Korea and surprisingly (not really), the series that had high rating in TVB didn’t received well by Korean while the ones with low rating were liked. The BTROC cast went to Korea to promote (well, they received the award on behalf of the series The last breakthrough – I still think it’s ridiculous and overpromoted to BTROC), but when airing, BTROC didn’t like by them.

        And also depends on wat channel it is aired and timeslot :).

      6. Face Magazine today said Kenneth wasn’t invited for the sales presentation and when asked Kenneth said he hopes he can be in this sequel. The main roles in the sales clip will be Chilam, Myolie and Raymond. Ron and Bosco are kept in supporting and the magazine also rubbing sensitively at how Ron is relegated to supporting role when Raymond is added. I think everything will only become clear when the cast are confirmed.

      7. Some Ron fans will be itchy and poor LF’s wikipedia, it’ll be edited again. Haizz, I want 2R but whenever 2R and Ron has less screentime, some fans will make trouble. Glad that I still have 2R fans (fans of 2R as a couple ah :P). They are so cute on comments.

      8. Kidd,
        “Is “Prominent Family.” set in pre-modern era? I would welcome a series like ‘家春秋’.

        ” just don’t write him in as a supporting character with little to do, which would be more insulting.”

        That’s practically Kenneth’s character in TITS1”

        “Prominent Family” is set is the 1930s and will film in Shanghai. Tavia will marry Damien Lau and become his 4th wife, while I presume she may be actually in love with one of Damien’s sons, either Kenneth or Ron Ng? Father and son fighting for the same woman, man secretly harboring love for his non-biological mother sounds like the proper TVB mechanism to set off some tortured love geometric shapes. Will TVB dare to have the son actually cheat with his father’s wife and betray his father as a result??

        “Yesterday’s Glitter,” which was cited as the inspiration for “Prominent Family” spoke about class prejudices and love struggles among people from different backgrounds and try as they might, such prejudices are difficult to overcome. Wonder if they will continue with this theme in “Prominent Family” or whether it is not considered dramatic enough.

        Kenneth was indeed more of a prop than a true living character in “Triumph in the Skies” that’s why featuring him in “Triumph in the Skies 2” would be almost similar to writing a completely new character in the series. I’ll like to still see him as a cameo, but as a supporting character, he will likely not have as much screen time as the other male cast.

      9. @Jayne: Kenneth is only son of Damien in PF. Fala will be the one who involved and have the love of both Ron and Kenneth. She is said to the main lead.

      10. Fox,
        “Kenneth is only son of Damien in PF. Fala will be the one who involved and have the love of both Ron and Kenneth. She is said to the main lead”

        Okay maybe I was the only one thinking along cliches hehe. Hopefully we get some new material in “Prominent Family” despite it getting inspiration from “Yesterday’s Glitter.”

      11. @ fox

        “The BTROC cast went to Korea to promote (well, they received the award on behalf of the series The last breakthrough – I still think it’s ridiculous and overpromoted to BTROC)”

        Ok, that is really silly and overpromotion. LBT won the award. LBT cast and crew should go and receive the award. It’s ridiculous to send another team to accept the award that is not related to them at all.

        I’m not surprised that BTROC didn’t do well since Korea themselves already have a much higher quality original version in the form of ‘Da Chang Jin’.

        “Some Ron fans will be itchy and poor LF’s wikipedia, it’ll be edited again. Haizz, I want 2R but whenever 2R and Ron has less screentime, some fans will make trouble. “

        Ron fans shouldn’t do that to Ron’s good brother.

      12. These Ron fans’ comment: 2r fans are not Ron fans :P. Must get mad at LF to be Ron’s true fans.

        Uhm, it’s true that the war between Ron and LF’s fans existed, from TOB to now. Many of them dun get a long well. Last year I was treated coldly by some Ron fans in HK after they fought out I’m LF fans.

        For the Korean incident, it’s ridiculous. At least let the director of TLB to come and receive the award if all the cast are busy (Sonija isn’t busy at this time =.=). None of BTROC main cast are in TLB.

      13. @Fox: Just like what happened last year after Ron isn’t among BT3K finalize cast?

      14. @lol: Yes, and wonder if some Kenneth fans will do the same thing as some Ron fans last year.

        Fala denied that she’ll lead over TY.

      15. Just check wiki entry of ‘Prominent Family’. Ron play the younger brother of Tavia. Will Tavia be upset? She used to play Ron’s love interest (many say Ron has the best chemistry with Tavia because they have been good friends for a long time), now, she played his older sister.

        Between Kenneth and Ron, I think Kenneth is more lead. So many girls love her.

      16. @Fox: Of course Fala will deny and I bet she ‘s saying they are equally important. Based on the storyline Fala looks more lead.

      17. Should Jazz upset for Tavia calling her 2nd brother in MOL 😛

        Ron younger than Tavia is fact. why TY need feel sad. Even just 2 day younger.

      18. @Kidd: Will she feel hurt? She just played his love interest in YSSS and now she suddenly becomes ‘older’.

      19. LOL, wont be long before current fadans will have to play current siu sangs mothers 🙂

      20. @ a-pop

        “Should Jazz upset for Tavia calling her 2nd brother in MOL “

        Women are more sensitive about age and looking old than men. Women lost her attraction when she gets older. Youthfulness in women are prized. Men, on the other hand, can become more attractive as they age.

        For a man like Jazz who look like a kid, I think he will be more glad than upset to play older brother to Tavia. But, Tavia playing older sister of Ron means she looks older than Ron. That is something to be upset about, unless they play Twins.

      21. Must be a different egg twins :P.

        BTW, she looks his older sister, especially with the current heavy makeup.

      22. How can Ron being Tavia bro when she is Damain 4th wife and IF Ron was Damian sons?

      23. @ Fox

        “Must be a different egg twins “

        Fraternal twins are from different eggs.

        @ a-pop

        How can Ron being Tavia bro when she is Damain 4th wife and IF Ron was Damian sons?

        Simple. Ron is not Damian’s son.

      24. @Fox

        That is very misleading. BTROC team did not accept the award for LBT in Korea. They didn’t even appear onstage, just attend as guest to show support. It was TVBI exec who accepted the award. The only show that BTROC cast appear onstage to promote the series was Chin Chin Song Festival. The rest was attending the TV Festival at a convention centre.

      25. @sehseh: If TLB dun win, BTROC won’t be sent to there.

        I think it’s TVB’s ridiculous action, and maybe clearer, it’s a way to overpromote BTROC. To talk, I kinda dun like the way Lau-Mui couple promote their series these days.

      26. @Fox

        Now you are saying they were in Korea because TLB won? TVB already promote BTROC contest in TVB Korea site with contest to win tour to HK. The cast were there to promote the series in a huge tv festival, not for the award ceremony. The award was just a surplus, they only sat in audience.

        Please get your facts right, don’t simply put your assumptions as fact just to substantiate your claims.

      27. @ Sehseh

        Thanks for your clarification. Now, the action of TVB seems more reasonable.

      28. I didnt say, Kevin said. His woord: we come there to collect the award for TLB.

        He said tat before going in takungpao.

        Then I guess I can consider the festival is an addition event which is happened at the same time?

        Both has been purposed to hold in the same time and even they are just stood there as audience, it is TxB’s biased.

      29. Haiz typo. I meant biased treatment to somethimg they want to hype up.

      30. @ fox

        “Both has been purposed to hold in the same time and even they are just stood there as audience, it is TxB’s biased.”

        I believe both events were not organised by TVB. TVB would not have the power to decide the time and date of the events.

      31. No, I meant TVB decided for BTROC to attend both events, which were held at the same time.

      32. @Fox,

        Don’t try to twist the fact. Kevin might have jokingly said so in the interview, since Nick Cheung (and TLB cast didn’t attend). But please, show me the Takungpao news link and also show me that BTROC collected the award on TLB in Korea.

        The TV festival is NOT an additional event for BTROC. It was the main event + Chin Chin Festival. Instead, the award ceremony is the one who was surplus they attended as TVB stars, sitting in among the audience.

        TVB might have promoted BTROC to death, but they were there to promote the series, not collecting the award in a minor cable tv award ceremony like you claimed.

        Btw, BTROC wasn’t as badly received as your friend said.


      33. Correction. By what I mean minor is that the Korean media barely reported the award won by non-Korean production. Korean entertainment hardly highlight other countries in their news.

        The events they attended is KCTA 2009. It was 3 days exhibition and award at the last day.

        This is the ONLY part they appeared in the award. No mention of BTROC or representing TLB. I think Virginia Lok and another TVBI exec accepted the award.

        The first 3 days the trio promoted BTROC at the exhibition (tv festival) and Chin Chin Song Festival. Not related to TLB at all.

        BTROC was TVB heaviest investment that year, why wouldn’t they feature the series in their 1st major exhibition in Korea? TVB didn’t organize KCTA btw.

      34. @sehseh: I’m not sourceful as you and I can’t find the link to this quote of Kevin. I also dunno he was joking or not, but he did say that. Maybe in my opinion, he is serious. That’s all.

    1. i reckon linda would be the one last standing since she is the youngest and it shows in her looks.

      1. Hey, the girls like Cilla has younger look ah. The tiny one like Sire Ma will also maintain the younger look longer. They are only 2 years younger than Linda.

  22. I wonder who is going to sing the theme song for TITS 2 as there are so many stars in this series

  23. Raylan, I am glad you have brought us back to the subject of our intended discussion and that is, TITS, because by the time I finished reading all the comments I got really lost! Anyway, I would just like to say that with such a powerful and apparently well chosen cast it looks like the series should do very well. It is such a pity, though that a few of the original cast will not be there like Francis Ng, Sammul Chan and Kenneth Ma. I liked them in TITS1.Chi Lam will certainly be a big draw. Good luck to the series!

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