Chilam Cheung and Amber Kuo’s Bath Scene in “Triumph in the Skies 2” Movie

Chilam Cheung (張智霖) reprises his role as sexy pilot Jayden in the Triumph in the Skies <衝上雲霄> movie, which will open in theaters on February 19. In the movie, Chilam will share a heartfelt romance with the adventurous and thrill-seeking Kika, portrayed by Taiwanese actress Amber Kuo (郭采潔).

According to Chilam and Amber, one of their most unforgettable scenes together together was a bath tub scene filmed in England. As the movie was filmed in the winter, Chilam and Amber shot the bath tub scene at 36 degrees Fahrenheit. To prevent heat from fogging up the cameras, the water in the tub could only be kept at lukewarm temperature. Chilam and Amber filmed the scene for eight hours straight. “It definitely was not as enjoyable as it looked,” said Chilam.

“The sides of the bathtub were slanted, so it was impossible to sit straight. If you stay in that position for a long time, it is really uncomfortable. [Amber] kept on slipping down the tub like the Titanic, so I had to use my feet to push her back up to prevent her from slipping again. Both of us weren’t that close initially, but after that scene, we got close!”

Amber said, “Before shooting the scene, we spent hours testing out camera angles and positions. Chilam and I did every possible stretching exercise in that tub. It wasn’t romantic at all.”

Another unforgettable scene for the pair was one of the last scenes they filmed, in which Amber’s character Kika had to undergo a risky surgery for her illness. Chilam could not hold back his tears and cried.

“The director didn’t ask me to cry, but once [the cameras] rolled, I couldn’t hold [the tears] in,” said Chilam. “I think it’s because we had shared many heartwarming scenes together beforehand, so I became invested in our characters’ relationship.”


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  1. Looking forward to watch this romantic movie.
    Happy Chinese New Year.

      1. Also, who is Amber Kuo? Never heard about this girl before…

  2. chi lam best looking artist in hk good actor good singer all he needs is better scripts he should do some soft core porn like simon yam if he wants to become a movie king

      1. No!!!!!! I’m not gay!!! I”m a female!! Gosh!!!! I’m just saying that I’m not interested in this part of the film!!! Get it!!!

  3. The trailer from this movie is eye-catching. Can’t wait to view this during CNY. And Chilam is definitely awesome and good looking. He has the charisma that attracts you like a magnet. Really a “coolman”!!

  4. Wow, I wanna watch this movie. See how good it would turn out to be. During CNY break it is good time for movie.

  5. The Director should hire Taiwanese Actress Joe Chen instead Amber Kuo. Chen is more popular than Kuo.

  6. I’ve always liked Chilam’s acting and thought he’s good looking, but he’s far from sexy IMO. He’s cute and adorable with a baby face, but definitely not sexy. Captain Cool is just tht, a cool and player, but Captain Hot and Sexy lol.

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