Fans Surprised at Francis Ng’s Best Actor Loss to Dayo Wong

Though the majority of winners in the 2013 TVB Anniversary Awards were satisfactory, many viewers were shocked at Francis Ng’s (吳鎮宇) loss for TV King. Due to Francis’ strong acting skills, losing TVB’s Best Actor to Bounty Lady’s <My盛Lady> Dayo Wong (黃子華) was a surprise to viewers.

Francis, who made a climactic return to TVB a decade later to shoot Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>, was credited for aiding TVB’s slumping TV ratings through his well-received performance of Captain Sam Tong in the pilot drama. Though the series received mixed reviews from critics and fans, Triumph in the Skies 2 was 2013’s highest-rated drama of the year, earning an average of 31 points and peaking to 41 points – the only 2013 television drama to do so. Triumph in the Skies 2 also broke past 1 billion online views in mainland China.

While Francis stated earlier that he did not plan to attend the TVB Awards, Francis made a surprise appearance at last night’s ceremony, just in time to witness Triumph in the Skies 2 win Best Drama. During the show, Francis professed that he supported his good friend Dayo Wong to win Best Actor, while other Best Actor nominees – including Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Kenneth Ma (馬國明), and popular favorite Chilam Cheung (張智霖) – voted Francis Ng for Best Actor. After Dayo’s win, Francis expressed that he is very satisfied with the results. Asked if he was disappointed that he lost Best Actor, Francis said, “There’s always a reason to it.”

Netizens Support “King” Francis Ng

After the ceremony, Francis took to his Weibo to thank his fans and viewers, writing, “I’ve already paid back what was needed. Thank you to all the voters. I have (finally) appeared on television.”

His message attracted over 5,000 comments, all leaving behind supporting comments for Francis. One wrote, “Boss, you are our king. Always our king.” Another expressed, “A king will always be king. No need to show it,” and “Whether it’s television or film, you don’t need an award to be recognized for your talent!” Even former NBA star, Yi Jianlian (易建联), was surprised at Francis’ loss, writing, “Why isn’t the TV King Captain Tong?”


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    1. I agree…they both very great actor…either one win is fine….Francis has very great EQ too…he show very supportive with or without prize…I am not they fans…but really respect them for their high EQ!!!

    2. It is a joke that Dayo Wong got the award…….the guy is a loser, despite his so-called “acting skills”.

      What can you expect from TVB?………a real award?….doubt it.

      1. Dayo won the award in exchange to be the lead in BL. He makes good $$$ out there in humor shows – 棟篤笑 (series are so tiring and less $$$) so to compromise TVB has to give Dayo TV King award. Don’t think it is a fair result…If the results goes by public votes don’t think his acting is better than Francis or Ruco in IMO

      2. What I mean is Dayo will not film “My盛Lady” if TVB don’t promise him for TV King. (eg.; do you think 古天樂/劉青雲(影帝级)will film series again? both make a lot more $$$ in movies

      3. If the results goes by public votes don’t think his acting is better than Francis or Ruco in IMO

        If the public vote announced is accurate, Chilam is the winner, not either Francis or Ruco.

      4. IMO based on acting, Ruco is better than Chilam but based on look I definately vote for Chilam.

      5. Jessica, I beg to differ. If I am TVB, I wouldn’t give Dayo the award just for filming Bounty Lady. Dayo has already confirmed that his schedule would bebop led the following two years, so would you give an award to him just for that series and not to Francis and Chilam who’s schedule aren’t that packed?
        Also, while stand-up comedies are probably more profitable, it isn’t much easier than filming a series. Dayo scripts the whole 2 to 3 hour show himself, and the script cannot be ’empty’ like what we usually see on dramas for the purpose of dragging the whole show to fill up time, because stand-up comedies only consist of one person performing. Dayo himself said that it takes almost a year to just get ready for a show like that. By filming series, although you have to rush sometimes, but there is the big production crew and the series is already scripted and planned, Dayo just sometimes edits the script.
        And frankly, both Francis and Dayo do not care about the award, so I would find it hard to believe Dayo would accept a deal like that from TVB.

    3. Poor Dayo, getting backlash for his BA award this year. If you guys want to blame, blame it on the 807 staff of TVB. I believe that Dayo has never intended to win the award. He was stunned when Dodo informed him about it.
      Besides, this year’s results are at least better than 2011’s and 2012’s.

    4. They are really great legends to tvb. It was a surprise to him. Don’t criticize his acting he is more of a comedian than a actor. I guess people like comedy better then Serious.

  1. Agree. If Dayo Wong won Best Actor award with no facial expressions and inner emtoions in his “Heung Kong Nam” character, why didn’t TVB give it to another well-recognized and reputable veteran, Francis Ng, who acted Captain Tong? Francis Ng at least acted with good facial expressions and inner emotions and his acting should surpass Dayo Wong. Personally I think that Dayo Wong is more a theatre or talk-show performer than an excellent actor on screen.

    1. From how I see it, tvb is probably afraid of what Francis Ng may say in his speech, since he is known to be unpredictable and outspoken at times.

      1. It’s too bad,I like him and would have loved to hear what he would have said in his speech if he had won. I have nothing against Dayo winning, if only it was more justified with the series finished?

      2. Louis Koo won the BA award in 2001 when his series ” A Step into the Past” was still airing during that time. Roger Kwok also won TV king in 2005 even though his Ah Wang series hadn’t finished airing. (If I’m not wrong) 😀

    2. I disagree. Dayo was that character was superb. He won FOR THAT character not his body of work. Either Francis or Dayo winning is still ok.

      1. As far as I know a clear majority agrees with the results, for once. So what is the issue?

      2. I don’t disagree. Since people here raised the issue, I just posted my personal opinions.

        Perhaps all those people, who disagreed with the results, should learn to accept it.

      3. I agee with Funn. Although some say that Dayo’s acting has not much differences, just look at how much dramas he acted in as an important character? Not much at all. Plus, the roles are similar. And they should have won an award a long time ago. To me, his acting skills are very natural. But Francis isn’t bad, not at all. If you ask me to choose, i would be in between both of them (and Ruco, but the two of them first). You cannot compare their acting skills because both are acting in very different genres. One is drama while the other is comedy. Of course in drama you have more chance to shine, since its already stated: DRAMA.

        However, if you were to ask me to choose for THIS YEAR, I would choose Dayo. Why? Because I enjoyed BL and Dayo’s role in it more than TITS2 and Francis’ role in it.

        Of course, everything is just my opinion, not meant to offend.

      4. although both are good actors i think the difference is francis can do all kind of roles and convincing as well,i cant imagine that dayo can do a villain role too,his strong point is as a comedian just like stephen chow.

      5. I think Dayo Wong can act villainous roles as well. I don’t challenge him for good acting, I just say that he did not do much acting in “Bounty Lady” for his TV King award.

        It is just between Francis Ng’s role (Captain Tong) in TITS 2 vs. Dayo Wong’s role (Heung Kong Nam) in “Bounty Lady”, not their acting in general. Both of them act well.

      6. @kolo: Francis’s comedic side, so far I only saw him in Old time buddy. His chac is a quite serious/nerdy person, which make him funny as he is the only serious. Somehow similar to Sam Gor in TITS (TITS2’s Sam Gor is more boring, less funny). Have him ever tried to act in a real comedy character?

        Dayo did do serious roles, and in fact even though his series are mostly comedies, there are serious moments. Well, I don’t have a doubt that he can act serious roles.

      7. @fox,francis best comedian performance was in “the combat” with stephen chow.francis portrayals as an hillarious villain was better than dayo as a stand-up codedian.

      8. Are you referring to The Final Combat? That role is similar to Old time buddy, the type of serious but nerdy type to make ppl laugh (because he is serious in wrong moment or his serious actions are unsuitable for the situation). I think his only change and the most hilarious moment he had in The Final Combat is the last scene when he acts “his son” to play with Stephen Chow’s “son” and makes old Stephen Chow’s pot exploded. But it wasn’t the stand-up comedy style, rite? So they (Francis and Dayo) have never shared same types of comedy roles to compare.

      9. It is really hard to compare Francis Ng’s and Dayo Wong’s acting. They have their own strengths. The only thing I think highly of Dayo Wong is:

        Good and articulate in his dialogues vs. Francis Ng’s mumbling sometimes.

      10. Wait, didn’t Francis and Dayo do a stand-up comedy act together years ago (along with Cheung Tat Ming) at the HK Coliseum? I recall that it was through that collaboration that I found out Francis and Dayo were actually really good friends.

        @kolo: Dayo can definitely do villain, as he played villain role in his first TVB series Justice Sung II. I haven’t watched any of Dayo’s movies, but I know he’s done plenty of ‘serious’ roles in movies throughout his career.

        As for Francis’ comedic side — well, aside from Old Time Buddy, the other instance that comes to mind is the sitcom Family Squad from 1992. With that said though, I also agree that we can’t really compare Francis and Dayo because their genres are so different — even if Francis does a comedy, it’s not going to be the same type of style or ‘humor’ as Dayo’s comedies.

      11. Dayo, Francis, and Cheung Tat Ming did trio stand-up. It was called “Shogun Show” or something.

        They’re good friends. Francis attends Dayo’s shows. I think if Francis were to lose to someone, only Dayo can be that ‘someone.’

        Imagine the possible outrage if Francis lost to Chilam…

      12. I love what shrimpboat up there said. If Chilam were towin the BA over Francis… DX

        RAGE UNLEASH!!

    3. I fully agree that Francis Ng should have won the best actor instead of Dayo Wong. Why is he also voted for TVB King especially he just acted for one comedy series. His acting is only so so and TVB King should be given to either Moses, Kenneth or Chilam?

      1. FYI Moses didnt even make it to Top 5 so how can it be given to him???

      2. In fact, Wayne Lai and Moses Chan acted better in “Will Power” than Kenneth Ma in “TC 2”. Can’t remember who was the 5th one besides Francis Ng, Chilam Cheung, Dayo Wong and Kenneth Ma?

      3. okay. Thanks! Ruco Chan did well in “Brother’s Keeper”. He was lucky and good enough to get to the top 5.

      4. @sandcherry,
        There’s really no need to add a condescending qualifier “He was lucky” when you’re praising Ruco. Been here long enough to know where your bias/favoritism lies. It would reflect much better on your so-called impartiality (as you’ve time and again emphasised here) by just saying that he was “good enough to get to the top 5”.

      5. Ruco fully deserved to get to Top 5 based on his acting alone. Agree with Funn that luck never favored him. With his acting skills, he can easily win BA one day except for that “luck” factor which may not be on his side.

  2. I would choose Francis as Best Actor, and Dayo’s Heung Guang Nam as Favourite Character. Dayo is great, but Francis’ portrayal as Sam is irreplaceable. On the other hand, Dayo’s character is very likable and funny. Chilam should not win any of the 2 awards. Acting wise, nothing special as Captain Cool and also nothing likable about his playboy character, just showing off his good looks. Feel sorry for Francis being empty-handed, but glad that he’s humble and modest about it.

    1. LOL if there’s a Jaynestars TVB Awards, my vote would definitely go to Francis for BA ;D

  3. Personally I would vote Francis Ng as Best Actor for his excellent portrayal of Captain Tong and his popularity in TITS 2, and Chilam Cheung as Most Favourite Male Character because his character really attracted many viewers.

    Dayo Wong is a good actor in comedies only. Comedies are funny and entertaining, but hard to showcase an artiste’s acting skills. It is all over-exaggerated ………….. not that difficult to act.

    1. HAVE YOU EVER ACTED IN A COMEDY?! NOT EASY TK ACT IN?! You have to residt laughing and laughing when acting, you know…

      Not meant to offend, I was just joking. XD Personal opinions…

      1. It is true that it is not easy to hold the laughs, but not hard to exaggerate. It is a lot harder to act a serious character in a drama series to convince his/her audience. That is why comedies are not highly recognized for awards winning (you can check the awards winning history).

      2. Different categories, so it’s hard to argue who is better, plus Dayo’s not exactly a normal comedy, most of his lines are his famous ‘ Dong Duk Xiu’. I hope they set another category for comedy and sitcom, just like in some other countries. I’ve never seen Dayo acting seriously actually, Francis on the other hand did in Old Time Buddy.

      3. That is really a new category ……. “Talk Show Series” perhaps!

      4. Actually, looking back at TVB awards history since it started in 1997, there were plenty of comedies and comedic roles that won awards, so I wouldn’t say that genre isn’t highly recognized.

        And I definitely agree that it’s harder to do comedy than drama…many people equate comedies with exaggeration, but to me, that’s erroneous because not all comedies require exaggerated acting or expressions….for me, the best comedies (and comedians/comedic actors) are those who have the ability to make things truly funny WITHOUT constantly exaggerating — it’s a skill that not very many people have nowadays and in my opinion, Dayo definitely has that skill and he knows how to utilize it when he needs to…

        Oh and for those who feel that Dayo can’t do ‘dramatic” — of course he can! He had plenty of ‘dramatic’ scenes in BL as well as in his previous series.

        And those who are interested in seeing another side of Dayo, I recommend watching his very first TVB series: Justice Sung II from 1999….Dayo was a villain in that series and his performance was excellent (as was Cheung Tat Ming’s performance) even though the series itself was mediocre.

      5. Yeah, I have watched that drama series. I wouldn’t say Dayo cannot act. I just said he did not do much acting (the proper acting to me) in “Bounty Lady”.

      6. I would like to add that acting in comedies, one must know his voice well, like almost master it. It can’t be too exaggerating, it can’t be too mellow, it has to be perfect. Because too exaggerating just shows youre acting and unnatural. I think Dayo is outstanding in his comedy roles for how well he knows how to use his voice, when to be sarcastic, how much sarcasm is needed for it to be natural and etc.

    2. I would argue that BL is not JUST comedy. There were many very touching and endearing moments where actors/actresses were required to shed tears, and that requires effort. An actor/actress in comedy needs to learn how to exaggerate but not overact, and I think it takes impeccable skill to find that fine balance. I don’t think it’s cakewalk doing a comedy at all.

      1. Everything is over-exaggerated in “Bounty Lady”. I doubt that you can see the same incidents in every day life. If it is not a comedy, where does it go?

      2. What do you mean by “where does it go”?

        I personally watch a TV show to escape “seeing the same incidents in everyday life”. If I want to watch “everyday life”, I’d shut off my TV.

      3. I meant it might be considered as a “talk show series”, if not a comedy. All the other characters were exaggerated, except maybe Dayo Wong’s and perhaps Kate Tsui’s.

      4. and why should someone’s efforts be devalued just because they acted in a “comedy”?

      5. That is my personal opinion only. It is much easier to act in a comedy because there is no limit to a person’s acting.

      6. Then kudos to the cast of Bounty Lady for their limitless acting skills!

      7. After watching the new series “The Return of the Silver Tongue” and Roger Kwok’s character in … I highly appreciate Dayo’s performance in Bounty Lady even more. I always though exaggeration is fine, since sometimes its hard to catch what the actor/actress is trying to emote if he/she does not exaggerate, especually in comedies in which its harder to portray emotions than in comedy. After watching TROTST, especially Roger’s overly exaggeration… applause to Dayo and how he moderate his acting skills so that it is not highly exaggerated. Also, I cannot help but love the sarcasm!

  4. I will support you Francis Ng! You a are a superstar actor. No need to be crown as TV King. You are already a King among all the actor.

  5. I think that Francis and Chilam split a lot of the votes since they worked with a lot of the same people behind the scenes of this series, while also splitting some of the fan votes for those who liked the series. If you looked at the top 3 votes (which they showed during the show), the person who had the 2nd most professional votes was not in the top 3 overall. My guess is that person is Francis.

    1. Personally I though that Dayo and Francis’ fanbase cannot compare to the fanbase of stars like Chilam and Kenneth. I mean, they appeal to teenagers and youngsters, which I presume is the majority of the voters. Which is why I was surprised when Dayo got the BA and 3rd (is it?) in the netizen’s voting. Not that I don’t like it… because if you were to ask me who I’d choose, its either Francis or Dayo.

    1. Francis Ng shud b the tvb king…..fully support 4 Captain Tong:-)

  6. I hate TVB; if they intend to give TV King to Dayo Wong they should not call Francis to attend the ceremony.

    1. Agree. It is not very nice for Francis Ng to attend the ceremony and find out that he lost it to Dayo Wong.

    2. Give me a break, you might as well call everyone else not to come then if they don’t win an award. It’s just an award.

      1. No, usually a reputable veteran won’t attend any awards ceremony unless he/she will get an award or recognition.

      2. @sandcherry: I disagree. First of all, Francis got invited to the awards as soon as the nominations came out, just like everyone else was….he was NOT called up last minute to attend as some people have tried to erroneously insist. Dayo also received an invitation, it’s just that he chose not to go because of work.

        Second, Francis actually stated in an interview right after the ceremony that part of the reason he attended was also to satisfy the fans who had been asking about his attendance — he even told the fans to make sure and take pictures cuz he dressed nicely…haha….it was quite obvious that Francis decided to show up in order to please the fans as well as repay his debt to TVB…he’s been through enough of these types of awards show on the movie side to understand how this stuff works, so I highly doubt he attended for an award or recognition.

        By the way….Kathy Chow and Lawrence Ng also attended, despite knowing full well they had no chance at winning anything — both are non-TVB contracted artists and also reputable veterans (at least in my book).

      3. llwy12
        I am not saying that Francis Ng attended the ceremony just for the award. I was just surprised that he attended the Awards Ceremony. Usually it is pretty hard to invite Francis Ng unless he wins something big. I guess everything can happen to Francis depending on his moods.

      4. I don’t recall that Damian Lau attended any awards ceremony.

      5. @sandcherry: Damian Lau is an exception to the rule, as he doesn’t attend no matter what (in fact, there was one year when he was actually in top 5 and didn’t attend, even though he was actually at TVB City filming stuff). He truly doesn’t care about awards or any of the politics stuff, nor does he care what people think of him….basically, Damian is at a completely different level altogether.

      6. I just thought Francis Ng would be like Damian Lau because he also mentioned that he did not care about those awards and he’s hard to invite.

      7. @Tommy you really make laughing out my lung… your comments real funny. Ha..hs..

      8. “I don’t recall that Damian Lau attended any awards ceremony.”

        I thought he attended ATV’s award ceremony once or twice…

        His loyalties don’t lie with TVB. He wasn’t in Shaw either. Basically, his mother station wasn’t TVB, unlike Francis Ng.

      9. Kind of wondering… Were the professional votes done on the spot by colleagues because they were holding onto something in the awards ceremony?? If that is the case, they wouldn’t know the results beforehand except for the public voting. I could be wrong though.

      10. No that was just for gimmick and putting fellow colleagues on the spot.

    3. i actually hated that too but at the same time I was really happy to see him …

      for sure it takes a lot to decide whether or not to attend given that he is a reputable veteran. I like how he came for the fans.

      eventhough he lost, Francis appeared classy and humble which was what I admired most 😉

    4. Lol. Francis is not even unhappy with losing the tv king award. Why are you guys more unhappy than him? He even supported his good friend, Dayo Wong. Even though he didn’t win, he could also attend the ceremony to support his colleagues! So what’s wrong? ??

      1. @Coffee: Exactly! Very well-said! Though of course, I’m not surprised because alot of times with these types of situations, fans usually care more than the artists themselves. Nothing wrong with that per se, it’s just sometimes the emotions cloud logical thinking. Personally, I don’t see any problem, since both Francis and Dayo were well-worthy of TV King (and I like both of them)…if TVB had given it to someone else, THEN I would have been pissed.

      2. @llwy12: Agreed! Luckily the award was not based on 100% fans voting. If they gave the award to someone else besides Francis or Dayo, I would say that TVB rigged the results!
        Yeah, I like both of them too! Their acting skills are superb!

  7. I did not expect that Francis Ng would attend the Awards Ceremony. He said he did not care about the award. I thought he would be another Damian Lau.

    1. well I supposed he didn’t care about the award but he respected the ceremony that’s why he attended

      also don’t forget he’s the driving force behind the success of Triumph in the Skies I&II, therefore it’s not surprising if he came to witness Triumph in the Skies 2 won Best Drama

  8. This is the first time I am reading Francis was ever a serious contender. It was always Chilam, Kenneth, Chilam, Kenneth.

    Just because suddenly Dayo wins, it is now back to acting prowess when we always thought the awards was rigged for Chilam to win.

    What a non issue.

    1. I guess Francis Ng did not even expect Dayo Wong would win in a comedy series.

      1. Francis voted for Dayo and he said why he voted for Dayo is because it is a comedy series implying comedic actors never got the recognition they deserve.

      2. I guess Francis Ng did not even expect Dayo Wong would win in a comedy series …………. so he voted for Dayo Wong. Just a laugh!

      3. S: You have too many dislike comments. Let it go. Be grateful that Francis was there. Be happy for Dayo, well I am.

        Comedy is much harder than drama. People are drama already, it shouldn’t be that hard to play that role. Dayo did more than just comedy in BL.

    2. I agree 100%. It’s always easy to be critical after the fact. No one thought Francis would win so his appearance or his loss to Dayo is a nonissue. It looked to me like a lot of people attended this year.

  9. Support Francis, his message on weibo somehow indicated TVB’s poor management and all, I wonder if he was forced to attend? ‘Paid back what was needed’ I don’t think he’s gonna film for TVB again.

    1. I don’t see it that way at all….I see it more like Francis ‘repaying’ TVB for accommodating him (after all, TVB did push back production of TITS 2 to wait for his schedule to be freed up) as well as ‘repaying’ his fans and HK audiences for supporting him and voting for him. Despite what we may think, Francis actually CAN be swayed by fans if they are persistent enough (in a nice way of course)…remember that he agreed to come back and film TITS 2 in the first place because fans of the original kept asking him, saying that the sequel wouldn’t be the same without Sam Gor (and indeed, they were right!)….when TVB first approached him, he was actually undecided….it wasn’t until way later (after much persuasion from fans) that he agreed to do it.

  10. I wanted Francis Ng to win. But well if it’s not Francis, I would rather Dayo be the one to win Best Actor.

  11. With all these backlash Dayo is getting from Chilam and Francis’ fans, it’s a blessing in disguise that Kenneth lost this year. I mean, even someone respected like Dayo are getting winner backlashes.

    1. Agree. Kenneth Ma would surely get more criticisms if he won TV King award over Francis Ng, Chilam Cheung and Dayo Wong.

    2. It is a fact that if Chilam or Francis wins, he’ll be bashed as well.

      If Ma Ming wins, I think the criticisms will be more and I’ll be one of them. I think his acting is quite bad in the year 2012 and 2013. His performance in SSSS left deep impressions on me of how wooden he can be. And TITS 2 enhanced that feeling. Don’t blv that I think Ron is more pleasure to watch than him now.

      1. Agree that Kenneth Ma acted quite badly in SSSS. He did well in other drama series, mostly as villains.

      2. in SSSS, in fact in most of the dramas ma ming’s crying/emotional scene was not convincing. his kept putting up a frowned look which didn’t work for me

      3. I think he did worst in playboy roles. He can look flirty but his pouting style and the puppy eyes make his playboy roles look wrong.

    3. I think that no matter who wins, there will always a couple of people who will backlash the winner..

  12. Totally different subject. I totally enjoyed Anthony Wong speech, especially the part where he mentioned that Linda is still called a bb at her age. It was hilarious!

    1. also I was laughing so hard when Anthony Wong mentioned how he was being assisted by the lady on stage like the elders in the old folks’ home.

      cracked the hell out of me! XD

  13. There was nothing special about Sam’s character. Probably the role was just a continuation and there was no room for Francis to explore. So I don’t think best actor should go to him.

  14. Acting is subjective. However, the fact that Francis was able to act out a character that was created 10 years with amazing likeness and continuity should have earned him the award over Dayo. Just saying.

  15. From

    Best Actor-

    Executives and Staffs:
    1.Dayo – 28.16
    2.Francis – 17.92
    3.Chilam – 12.37
    4.Kenneth – ??

    TVBfun App Vote:
    1.Chilam – 24.37
    2.Kenneth – 21.94
    3.Dayo – 19.87
    4.Francis – ??

    Best Actress-

    Executives and Staffs:
    1.Kristal – 43.26
    2.Kate – ??
    3.Linda – 8.06
    4.Fala – 7.21

    TVBfun App Vote:
    1.Kristal – 39.63
    2.Linda – 17.94
    4.Fala – 9.62
    5.Kate – ?

    1. Kristal won easily in both Best Actress category shown by her high percentages but the Best Actor has tight competition in both categories.

    2. Wow…scary…Chilam and Kenneth actually beat out Dayo and Francis for TV King if it was left up to the audiences to decide. See, this is why I’ve never liked the whole audience voting thing because majority of audiences don’t know how to differentiate between ‘talent’ and ‘image’, whereas the professionals do.

      After seeing the numbers, I’m actually really glad that TVB did the 50/50 thing this year for TV King/Queen…otherwise, those of us who actually value talent over image would probably be throwing eggs at the TV right now…LOL.

      1. agree…i think both Francis and Dayo are great actor…either one win is fine and deserve it…
        to me Chilam is very handsome…but compare acting with Francis and Dayo, he is not as good as them…after his response after losing the award…i dislike him more…because his low EQ

  16. Are you sure he is a drug addict? What’s wrong with a comedian to win the BA prize?

  17. Both Francis and Dayo are great choices for BA IMO. Francis is a versatile actor while Dayo is a natural when it come to comedy. For those who said comedy is easy, I totally disagree. It really takes a person to make things funny and Dayo is that person. He deserve the BA award.. Francis too.. as for Chilam, I think he was OK but no I don’t think he should have gotten that award. The my favorite character award should be given to Francis since Dayo won the BA. Or should have been given to Dayo if Francis won BA.

  18. It’s quite funny when one article talks about how Cheung Chilam expects to win the award and now suddenly it is all about Francis Ng being the hot favourite and fans being surprised. Although it is not exactly worded like that but can be simply interpreted simply in that way.

    These headlines are just trying to grab attention and provoke reactions. Looking at Francis Ng and his past collaborations and friendship with Dayo Wong, you can tell he is happy with his win and seeing Chilam crestfallen.

    What is better than to see a rival who is in your face for the past year get shafted at the awards?

  19. Can you show some respect for others? Your comments really suck.

  20. I’m happy either Dayo or Francis or Chilam being best actor, they’re all great. Not someone I do not expect or like.

  21. the three of them are very good actors it doesnt really matter who wins they are all winners in everones eyes^^

  22. What’s the issue here? First of all, i don’t think Francis cares about the award since it is known to be rigged. Second, he probably wanted to show support for the TITS team who was expecting to get the Best Drama award, just like how he would show up at TITS promotional events as part of an actor’s commitment to a series. Third, Francis and Dayo belong to the same era, both are good friends who have worked closely together so Im sure they must know each other’s works well and respect each other’s talent. So if Francis is happy for Dayo’s win, even though both of them dont really care about the awards, then what are the fans fussing about?! And lastly, if Francis was given a tv king title, I would rather he got it for TITS 1, not 2. Because Sam Tong in TITS 1 was truly rocked. And thats also because the script was solid. Francis was great in part 2 as well but at times he looked like he was waiting for the script to get better and it never did. We are with you on that, Francis.

    Anyway, now that TVB is into “real acting chops”, how about giivng out ” Should-Have-Been Best Actor and Best Actress” awards for characters in past series which on hindsight should have been Best Actor/Actress? Dayo would win twice this year for his character in War of Genders.

    1. @moonriver: Well-said! (If I could ‘Like’ your comment, I would….LOL).

      And totally agree with you about the “Should-Have-Been Best Actor/Actress” part. I would totally have so many artists on that list! :0)

  23. Both Dayo and Francis deserve BA, but for Dayo to win, it shows that people are recognizing comedic actors’ abilities. Comedies are not easy to do, as sometimes actors look like they’re trying too hard, and it comes off as exagerrated and forced. What makes Dayo a good actor is that his humor comes off as natural and effortless. Not every male actor can portray that role. Someone like Kenneth or Chilam would not be able to play that role.
    Kenneth’s expressions are too exagerrated sometimes and that’s why he’s not ready for Best Actor yet. I mean for the Hippocratic Crush finale, when he’s in a coma, it’s supposed to be sad, but instead viewers were laughing because of that expression of his. He’s just not at that level yet.
    Francis handled his loss with grace, and I respect him for that. I remember when Tony Leung lost on the Golden Horse awards this year, Carina Lau said it very well in an interview, and basically she said that for an actor, it’s considered an honor and legacy when people are not questioning why you won, but instead wondering why you did not win. As much as any actor wants to win an award, I’m sure they can relate to that. If you win an award and everyone’s saying it’s undeserved and questioning it, I’d rather be the one that doesn’t win it but have the support of fans and netizens question why I didn’t win it. This is what Francis got, and I’m sure it means a lot to him than getting the actual award.

    1. Agreed. But I don’t get why suddenly all these things about Francis when leading up to that event, his name wasn’t even a contender? Or maybe I have been reading the wrong forum.

      1. I think it’s because Francis has always been so low-key that netizens automatically thought he would be out of the running since everyone thought he wasn’t going to show up, even though they know he is a worthy contender. In the past, if you were not TVB managed or weren’t showing up, you are not winning the award. And when he showed up, suddenly everyone got their hopes up that he would win. Same with Dayo. We knew he was probably going to be in top 5, but didn’t expect him to win because he wasn’t going to be at the ceremony. Everyone was giving all the hype to Chilam and Kenneth. One received a lot of popularity from his role, and the other is TVB’s biological son who is well liked by his colleagues, so all eyes were on them.

    2. “I’d rather be the one that doesn’t win it but have the support of fans and netizens question why I didn’t win it. This is what Francis got, and I’m sure it means a lot to him than getting the actual award.”

      This part I am confused. That is to say this belittles the win for his fellow friend and colleague and deep down he thinks he deserves the award and had to act gracious and be comforted by the fact that if this had been by fans then he would have won it. Exactly the situation with Chilam. In a way isn’t this false modesty?

      1. I don’t mean to belittle the win for Dayo, as I believe he is a well deserved winner, and most people agree with his win and are happy for him. I’m sure Francis is genuinely happy for Dayo. Winning the award is great, of course. It would have been great and well deserved if Francis won. However, even if he didn’t win, he still wins the fans’ support. For him, fans would be like “Too bad he didn’t win” or “how come he didn’t win” However, if Chilam or Kenneth or Linda won for Best Acting, then they would receive a lot of backlash, and I would not want to be in that position. Like when Gigi won in 2004 or Kevin in 2006? I wouldn’t have felt proud if I were them. I would have rather be in Sheren’s position where I may not have won, but I won the fans support. I’m just saying it’s great to win the award when it’s well deserved like when Sheren and Wayne won 2 years in a row, but an actor wants to get to a point of recognition from fans to ask why they did not win versus why did they win. As for Chilam, he won Favorite Male Character because his character was well-received and liked, but acting wise, he would not have been a well-deserved winner. That’s why the results were appropriate. Kenneth already got Favorite character for his role last year, so I doubt netizens would want to vote for that same character again, same with Francis’ role. If they had this award only given to one male character instead of the 10-12 actors they used to give them to years ago, his character of Sam would have snagged it. It’s hard to win for that same character in a sequel. Chilam’s character was new and fresh-and people liked that.

  24. I am glad either Francis or Dayo…even Ruco wins BA award…I agree not everyone can act well or natural in comedy roles.
    Perhaps Francis wins BA and Dayo most likable character award that would satisfy most opinion
    How about a mock poll for Jaynestars commenters on these awards next year…maybe close poll 1 or 2 days before actual awards ceremony,possible?

  25. TVB is suck; they gave the award based on sympathy not acting.

  26. Just appearing only in 15 episodes in a whole year and be given the TV King; what a joke!

    1. This is what true acting is. You don’t need to appear in 40 episodes to show your acting skills.

  27. Personally, I do not think that the reason why TVB called him to go back was for the BA award. I think it was for the Best Drama award instead.

    And frankly speaking, I admire Francis Ng’s attitude towards his loss (He should have won imo) and his acting in TITS 2.

    As for Dayo, I haven’t watched the series either, but I heard he did a good job and I guess it’s long awaited for him to win a BA award.

  28. I like both actors. They did their part well. However if the term ‘fresh’ comes to mind, I vote Dayo. My Bounty Lady is quite refreshing whilst Francis in TITS2 acts the same (no difference eventhou it’s been 10years). Not that it’s a bad thing coz how many guys can keep looking this good over 10 years? And I guess he is acting the same part?

  29. im still wondering how and why francis didnt win back in 03′ for TITS 1? who beat him?

  30. I don’t understand why dayo won. His acting is average as best. Nothing special. His has no style. Same old thing like what he did 4 years ago. Not that funny. It getting old. This is the reason why artists are leaving tvb. The voting system is rig. The award is a waste of time and it has no merit. Those that should have won didn’t. I am still befuddle over this year winners. Tvb has gone downhill since it was brought. Sad..

    1. See episode 18 of Bounty Lady. That is why he won. Amazing episode, funniest so far!

      1. I watched part of episode 1 and gave up funny but never like Dayo’s acting

  31. I really don’t mind Francis loss because it’s honestly unfair to place an award-winning film actor in the competition to compete against these actors that are still striking for recognition in the industry.

    Well, didn’t really expect Dayo to win… but at least it’s not Chilam. I would slap somebody if he wins the TV King.

  32. There is really no way to satisfy everyone. It is much harder to satisfy all than to have world peace.

    1. ahaha i think if we could satisfy everyone, then we’d have world peace

  33. TVB will be producing a Triumph in the Skies: The Movie next year. I can not wait to watch TVB management kicking themselves hard in the ass when Francis decided to NOT return for the movie.

  34. To prevent TVB from rigging the awards (for BA & BSA) in the future, they should change the format to be like how Fred Cheng won the singing competition [fans (not TVB) get the final say].

    1. That’s what TVB did last year, if I am not mistaken. As a result, Wayne Lai won TV King, again and Raymond Lam spent much of 2013 away from TVB in protest. A year without Raymond Lam is not the end of the world, whereas TITS: The Movie without Francis Ng is. I can imagine a few heads rolling in TVB Management if Francis doesn’t return for the TITS: The Movie.

      1. TVB deserves it if Francis lets TV King Dayo carry TITS (the movie). 🙂

        Between Wayne Lai and LF, I would choose Wayne too. Fans know how to choose once the professionals have done the screening.

      2. A TITS Movie without Francis won’t let the end of the world to come, I swear.

  35. This is really weird. Firstly the race was between Kenneth and Chilam with almost everyone predicting that Chilam would win. Francis and Dayo werent even in the race. Come awards night, Dayo wins and claws come out saying that Francis should have won and Chilam suddenly disappears from everyone’s radar. There’s just no pleasing everyone. Nevertheless, i do believe some politics were at play. Entertainment circle isn’t all goodness, innocence and fair play. Those who believe it is are simply too naive.

    1. “i do believe some politics were at play”

      Agreed, probably some “miscast” (who couldn’t deliver) whining to everyone and expecting the veterans to “help”, teach and be “patient” (by doing the scenes repeatedly) with her. Glad she’s on holiday from “lead” roles opposite veterans, who shouldn’t have to “waste” their valuable time/effort on incompetent unprofessional lazy actresses who don’t do their homework.

    1. This video is missing the part where Dayo mentions Chilam, which seemed to hint/warn/insinuate something. I think it was on one of the recent Scoop episodes.

      1. At least that video shows part of Dayo’s speech. It was hard to find as well.

      2. Thanks for the video links but neither videos mention Chilam’s fate/end (下場/xiàchǎng).

    2. Bubblez, thanks for the link! Seriously funny! And quite touching!

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