Latest 2013 TVB Anniversary Award Predictions – Chilam Cheung Still Reigns

With the 2013 TVB Awards Presentations being less than a week away, the Hong Kong media are hot on their tracks in predicting the possible winners for the annual award ceremony. Earlier, reports stated that Chilam Cheung (張智霖), having starred in this year’s highest-rated television drama Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄Ⅱ>, will be crowned TV King, while popular actress Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) for Brother’s Keeper <巨輪> fame will be given the TV Queen honor.

TVB Best Actor – Chilam Cheung has Highest Chance to Win

Though Triumph in the Skies 2 was unable to match the critical acclaim of its predecessor, the pilot drama was nonetheless met with popular success and maintained an average viewership rating of about 30.6 points, making it 2013’s highest-rated television drama of the year. Stars of the series, Francis Ng (吳鎮宇) and Chilam, are both touted as the main competitors for Best Actor, but as Francis has repeatedly stressed that he will not be attending the awards on December 16, TVB has reportedly decided to pass down the award to Chilam, who is more than ready to accept the honor.

Chilam turned down an opportunity to guest star on an episode of a popular mainland Chinese variety show – an appearance that would earn him 500,000 RMB – in order to attend the TVB Anniversary Awards on December 16. Chilam also confirmed that he would be starring in a new TVB drama next year, and publicly supported TVB when bitter TV viewers and fans of HKTV announced a boycott on the channel. Chilam has yet to confirm his appearance on the awards show, but he did state that he would try his best to “smooth out” his schedules in order to make the appearance.

The reports further predict that Kenneth Ma (馬國明) from The Hippocratic Crush 2 <On Call 36小時Ⅱ> and Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) of Brother’s Keeper fame as the possible dark horse candidates for Best Actor. Despite a surge in popularity last year with the role “Yat Kin Tau” from The Hippocratic Crush, a role that also garnered Kenneth a TVB award for Favourite Male Character, his character and performance were met with mixed reviews in the sequel. However, as Kenneth was quick in renewing his contract with TVB, while his colleagues were more indecisive, it is highly likely that TVB will hand down the Best Actor crown to Kenneth. The 39-year-old also reportedly turned down several mainland Chinese drama offers in order to shoot more dramas for TVB.

On the other hand Ruco Chan, one of the more popular breakthrough actors of 2013, is critically lauded for his performance in Brother’s Keeper. Despite strong support from netizens, Ruco is still considered as a rookie within TVB’s filmography, and it will be difficult to defeat senior favorites like Chilam.

Dayo Wong (黃子華), who returned in style with the popular Bounty Lady <My盛Lady>, is another popular candidate for Best Actor, but as Dayo specified that he no longer has a  contract with TVB, it is unlikely that Dayo will win Best Actor.

TVB Best Actress – Linda Chung vs. Kate Tsui

Linda Chung has been hot on the trail to win Best Actress since 2011’s Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir! <點解阿Sir係阿Sir>, but despite the popularity of her dramas, Linda only managed to make it into the top five nominations. In May 2013, Linda guest starred in Johnson Lee’s (李思捷) prank show Office of Practical Jokes <玩嘢王>, earning praise from viewers. Linda’s performance in Brother’s Keeper was also well-accepted, and TVB took this opportunity to start her Best Actress campaign. As Linda has signed a 10-year contract with TVB in 2010, it is very likely that Linda will win Best Actress sooner than later.

With the popularity of Bounty Lady, which premiered last month, Kate Tsui (徐子珊) is also tagged as a strong competitor for Best Actress.

Edwin Siu Competes for the First Time

Edwin Siu’s (蕭正楠) popularity has been on a steady rise since joining TVB in 2008. Taking him two years to earn an opportunity to be cast in a lead role, Edwin is currently nominated for Best Actor for Brother’s Keeper, Best Supporting Actor for A Great Way to Care II <仁心解碼II>, and My Favorite Male Character for his role in Brother’s Keeper. Although Edwin has been receiving TVB nominations since 2011, this year will be Edwin’s first year participating the TVB awards.

“In the past I was always arranged to shoot dramas during the awards. I would steal a glance at the TV while I’m working, and I would admire my nominated colleagues. They all dress so smartly and get so nervous. I will carry a rookie mentality with me to this year’s ceremony. I am happy to have the opportunity to participate. It’s definitely luck. I have four nominations this year, and I know I’ll be competing with a lot of my seniors, especially in the Best Supporting Actor category. I am very honored to be able to stand on the same stage with these talented actors, because that means the audience has accepted my acting.”

Reported predictions:

Best Drama – Triumph in the Skies 2
Best Actor – Chilam Cheung for Triumph in the Skies 2
Best Actress – Linda Chung for Brother’s Keeper
Best Supporting Actor – Edwin Siu for A Great Way to Care 2
Best Supporting Actress – Nancy Wu for Triumph in the Skies 2
Favorite Male Character – Wong Cho Lam for Inbound Troubles
Favorite Female Character – Niki Chow for Sergeant Tabloid
Most Improved Male Artist – Vincent Wong
Most Improved Female Artist – Grace Wong

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  1. I saw this:

    Favorite Male Character – Wong Cho Lam for Inbound Troubles
    Favorite Female Character – Niki Chow for Sergeant Tabloid

    and knew that their predictions are going to be wrong.

  2. What I hope for is far from my predictions, but here are my PREDICTIONS:

    Best Drama – Triumph in the Skies 2
    Best Actor – Chilam Cheung
    Best Actress – Linda Chung
    Best Supporting Actor – Louis Yuen/Ron Ng
    Best Supporting Actress – Nancy Wu/Elena Kong
    Favorite Male Character – Kenneth Ma
    Favorite Female Character – Kristal Tin
    Most Improved Male Artist – Edwin Siu/Vincent Wong
    Most Improved Female Artist – Eliza Sam/Grace Wong

    1. But my personal choice would be:

      Best Drama – Brother’s Keeper/Bounty Lady
      Best Actor – Francis Ng/Ruco Chan
      Best Actress – Kristal Tin/Joey Meng
      Best Supporting Actor – Benz Hui/Louis Yuen/Pierre Ngo
      Best Supporting Actress – Nancy Wu
      Favorite Male Character – Dayo Wong
      Favorite Female Character – Kristal Tin
      Most Improved Male Artist – Edwin Siu
      Most Improved Female Artist – Eliza Sam

      1. I support Kristal for best actress too. Or favourite character at a minimum.

      2. It’s very smart of him to carve out a solo career for hemlisf as Xia in an industry filled with boy bands.Not only is that a smart business move, but Junsu now has an alter ego in which to express hemlisf as a creative individual. Tarantallegra showed me that Junsu has a vision far beyond what most of us might think of him.

    2. I rather support Francis Ng as Best Actor more than Chilam.

      We’ll never know until the last moment.
      Best Actor: Francis Ng
      Best Actresses: Kristal Tin/or Joey Meng

  3. I agree with the predictions except Favorite Male and Female Character Award.

    If TVB doesn’t give Ruco Best Actor Award that he deserves this year, then I hope Ruco will receive Favorite Male Character Award.

    For Favorite Female Character Award, I hope Joey Meng will receive it.

  4. Bounty Lady is so “popular” that it doesn’t even have a wiki page yet (because ratings are lower than OC2).

    1. They have a Chinese wiki page. Just because someone doesn’t create an Englsh one doesn’t mean it is not popular. HK and China use chinese not English, please don’t forget that. Western Asians are not the main audience. Get over it.

      1. I’ve to clarify something, BL is not popular in China to be honest, Dayo Wong’s jokes are in Cantonese so the those who don’t understand Cantonese don’t really watch it, this leads to lower ratings on Youku (China’s largest site like Youtube) than OC2. I like BL tho, since I get the jokes lol.

      2. @Fox: Youku is bigger according to some research, the second largest site after Youtube. TITS2 on Youku has like 700 million views

    2. Bounty Lady has higher TV and myTV ratings than OC2. What are you talking about?

      1. Since Bounty Lady popular in HK at the moment,someone from Bounty Lady will win at least grab an award.

    3. Are you writing a sarcasm? Because the fact that either the TV rating (28 vs 25,26) or MyTV’s viewership (BL tripled OC2) of Bounty is much higher than On call 2.

      1. Apparently, OC2’s peak is BL’s average rating while BL’s dip is OC2’s average rating.

  5. Best Drama – Triumph in the Skies 2
    Best Actor – Chilam Cheung
    Best Actress – Linda Chung
    Best Supporting Actor – Edwin Siu
    Best Supporting Actress – Elena Kong / Eliza Sam
    Favorite Male Character – Kenneth Ma
    Favorite Female Character – Kristal Tin
    Most Improved Male Artist – Vincent Wong
    Most Improved Female Artist – Pricilla Wong

  6. If the above predictions are correct, I feel sorry for Kristal Tin who does not even yet “Most Favourite Female Character”. In terms of loveliness and acting, Kristal Tin surpasses Niki Chow by miles, and Kenneth should surpass Wong Cho Nam in “Most Favourite Male Character”.

    1. Surprise media only predict Linda and Kate to win BA and not Kristal.Maybe Kristal not the 5 fadans. Kristal Tin popularity will win something, TVB have to accept this fact

  7. Best Actor: Ruco chan
    Best Actress: Kristal Tin
    Best Supporting Actor: Edwin Siu
    Best Supporting Actress: Elena Kong
    Favorite Male Charactor: Chilam Cheung
    Favorite Female Charactor: Tavia Yeung
    Most Improved Male Artist: Vincent Wong
    Most Improved Female Artist: Eliza Sam

    1. Agree for everything except Ruco for BA. Okay imma big Kenneth fan.

    2. Totally agree with you, Ruco really acted excellent and deserve the tittle of the best actor~~

  8. Francis Ng beats Chilam any day if it is really down to acting skill and I love Sam Gor!!! I like Chilam as well but just can’t stand his character Jayden in Triumph in the Skies 2!

    Fala Chen as Holiday Ho is also much better than Linda in Brother’s Keeper!

    TVB awards are usually rigged and will be given to actors or actresses who TVB wants to keep happy / reward for doing something.

    1. Can’t agree more.

      Francis beats Chilam
      As Fala(in TITS2 and Will power) beats Linda in BK.

      1. Definitely …
        Love both Francis n Fala……their acting skills were really impressive …

      2. No doubt about Francis but not sure about Fala though. She didn’t impress me in TITS 2 at all. Can’t comment on Linda either as I barely watch any of her dramas.

    2. Fala Chen’s acting in “TITS 2” was not super great, but Holiday is a very difficult character to act ………… with too many layers of developments. Her acting was still better than Linda Chung’s bland acting in “Brother’s Keeper”.

      1. not necessarily better acting from Fala but i guess her role was more interesting than Linda’s.

    3. Agree with you. Francis Ng is a very good actor. Linda Chung cannot act well even though she is sweet and pretty. I just cannot stand her in BK.

  9. “Linda’s performance in Brother’s Keeper was also well-accepted, ”

    Wondering where this train of thought came from. I felt that when BK was airing, Linda’s response was neutral at best, but when the anniversary awards came along, more viewers lashed out for saying she doesn’t deserve it.

    1. AS BK was aired, no one was talking about Linda’s character, like no one notice her. It was more of Ruco, Kristal & Edwin (Mostly Ruco & Edwin)that was mostly discussed

      1. True. All people remembered Linda Chung was her 3 words “Oh My God”.

      2. ^ And if Linda wins, a lot more people will say “Oh My God”

      3. Actually edwin wasn’t discussed much. It was mostly Ruco followed by Kristal in various forums like asianfanatics and tvb.

      4. But Edwin Siu did really well as Ah Shun in “Brother’s Keeper”, especially in the first half of the drama series.

      5. @sandcherry
        i can see you have a very soft spot for Edwin 🙂

      6. I think I liked him as a singer when he first started many years ago, but not lately.

        In fact, I just enjoyed his interactions with Ah Ying (Kristal Tin) being a super filial and hardworking son in “Brother’s Keeper”.

      7. I thought Edwin’s character in BK was rather wimpish and wishy-washy. Ruco really outshone him as Sam Sir. But I love their chemistry in BK. I like how in interviews they’re always supporting each other and Edwin always calls him “Ah Gor”.

  10. I am a Linda Chung fan but I think she should not win it for “Rachel”…1), because all her past roles were better (Journey Called Life, Gem of Life, Yes Sir No Sir, River of wine, etc.) and 2)she is going to suffer too much backlash if she wins for this role which is unnecessary because in my opinion, she is a good actress

    1. yes…you are correct…I am not her fans…but i am not against her…she is a good actress and very pure lady…but the character “Rachel” really no special at all…can’t show her acting as the queen title…but I think TVB is promoting her this year…so I think she will get the award…

  11. The predictions for most favourite made me laugh. Niki’s role in sergeant tabloid was couldn’t have been more mediocre and while cho lam’s a talented man at comedy, Chilam’s popularity surpassed his by miles. Will power is hands down the best series of the year. Tits 2 was a flop and the dramas this year had been pretty bad. BSA should go to Vincent Wong but for god knows what reason TBB just didn’t want to nominate him for that. And Linda – all the other main leads (ruco, Edwin and Krystal) outshine her in BK and their characters were more likeable than ‘Rachel’, I don’t see why she should be awarded BA. Even fala who was horrible as holiday and subsequently redeemed herself in will power as Eugene, seems more deserving.

    1. I also think “Will Power” is the Best Drama Series in 2013, with excellent acting and a well-paced and entertaining storyline. “TITS 2” is a terribly-written storyline with some good acting. Even “Brother’s Keeper” is better than “TITS 2”.

    2. If Kristal Tin, Ruco Chan, Edwin Siu, Louis Yuen, Louise Lee all outshone Linda Chung in “Brother’s Keeper”, how could she get Best Actress award? If Linda gets BA, all the other above-named artistes should get SUPERIOR BEST ARTISTE awards.

  12. These are my predictions for who will win, not necessarily who should win:

    Best Drama – Triumph in the Skies 2
    Best Actor – Kenneth Ma
    Best Actress – Linda Chung
    Best Supporting Actor – Edwin Siu
    Best Supporting Actress – Elena Kong
    Favorite Male Character – Chilam Cheung
    Favorite Female Character – Krystal Tin
    Most Improved Male Artist – Vincent Wong
    Most Improved Female Artist – Grace Wong

  13. This just shouts RIGGED!!! For the life of me, I just can’t understand why TITS2 keeps winning for best drama? If it’s based on ratings, then just call it fave drama for gawd’s sake! BK deserves best drama more than TITS2 and Will Power; it has better word of mouth and reviews.

    1. They should get critically aclaimed directors(outside TVB)to be the judges if they are genuine in rewarding and recognising talents.

  14. Similarly for tv king and queen shld just rename to fave actor and actress since acting ability is only a secondary consideration.

    1. Agree! They should just cancel out the best actor & actress award, since they already have the my favorite awards

  15. rooting for FRANCIS NG all the way!
    without Francis as Sam Gor, Triumph in the Skies wouldn’t have come so far

    1. TITS2 was riding on Francis’ name but Chilam’s getting all the attention! Haha, poor Francis.

    2. agree with you guys. Without Francis’s character, TITS2 wouldn’t have come so far.

    3. Captain Tong shud be the TV king…..full support 4 Francis Ng…love Samuel Tong….:-)

      1. … Daniel,Thanks. I meant do you have the same belief in FANS\’ cousnlcion – last two paragraphs?To a large extent,I strongly agree with Fan\’s view,however,one\’s couragement should be appericated whether it wil be succeeded or not.For Erica\’s situation,she can go away in quiet and take no action as most of the actors or actresses got no relations with her,right? Daniel.

      2. In my 3 trips there, over the course of 15 years, I had the same judge every time. He’s a sour-faced, sasiartcc jerk who mocks the defendants and kowtows to the police. The one time I saw a defendant win was when he brought an attorney who happened to have gone to the same law school as the judge.

    1. although I love Kate and I think she did well with Jennifer in Bounty lady but I think her chance of winning TV queen is high – she stands a chance but not really high in my opinion – because through 14 episode I feel like she just appeared here and there, I think Sharon Chan has more screentime than Kate. Kate said her story is on the later part of the drama maybe the last 5 episodes, but then The award will have taken place already so, I think there small chance for her to win

  16. Tv king should be changed back to favorite actor in a leading role that’s what the award was called when gallen won it back in the old days

    1. Daniel,I think there are reasons for evhyiterng and there are reasons for the changes. If your guess of Erica’s intention is correct, what she is doing is fueling the change.I don’t think Erica = Daniel. Daniel is a more humble person and Erica writes better English. p.s. I am far from being humble and decent and my English is not good.

  17. anybody knows when and whichtv chanel that the award ceremony will be aired? I never watched it and I do really want to see!!
    thanks a lot!

  18. Chilam vs Ma Ming = Safe game vs Favourite biological son.

    Linda vs Kate = Catherine Tsang vs 620.

    1. After all, it is just a political game played by executives in TVB.

      1. Thks. And between those fights, if having to choose, I’d rather see safe game and 620 wins as they are better than the other 2 despite not the best.

      2. me too, although I don’t think Kate is super great with Jennifer but She’s doing well with those little screentime given. If you ask me I would say Kate is a better choice than Linda to me. And Chilam too, I wouldn’t mind him to win, Captain Cool is cool 😀

  19. My prediction

    Best Drama – Triumph in the Skies 2
    Best Actor – Chilam
    Best Actress – Fala
    Best Supporting Actor – Edwin Siu
    Best Supporting Actress – Nancy Wu
    Favorite Male Character – Chilam
    Favorite Female Character – Linda Chung
    Most Improved Male Artist – Edwin Siu
    Most Improved Female Artist – Eliza Sam

  20. my wish list:

    best actor – Francis Ng
    best actress – Joey Meng


  21. Best Actor : FRANCIS NG

    if TVB were to hand the award to Chilam this year, it’s gonna piss the hell out of me because that is a complete scam. That’s cheating and I don’t like that.

    1. They have to hand the award to Chilam, totally undeserving as he is, otherwise where is this guy going to hide his haughty face?

      1. Agree that Chilam has a haughty face and doesnt look approachable at all. He will turn up only if he’s already promised the BA cos fave character just isnt worth his time.

    2. I agree. I like Chilam but his acting was rather superficial compared to Francis Ng. Francis made me cry T_T. Chilam just got lucky with this prince charming role.

      1. Chilam should take the favorite character award and not best actor. same go for Linda who should get favorite character(which I don’t think she deserves it either)and not best actress

  22. If Chilam an outsider to win Best Actor award what about tvb biological son like Kenneth M and others. This will stir-up their long contact artistis with tvb in-future. This is a hard decision that tvb has to consider mannn.

  23. My opinion of the deserving ones:-

    Best Drama – Will Power/AGWTC2
    Best Actor – Francis Ng/Wayne Lai/Ruco Chan
    Best Actress – Kristal/Tavia
    Best Supporting Actor – Louis Yuen/Sammy Leung/Him Law
    Best Supporting Actress – Elena Kong/Sharon Chan/Nancy Wu
    Favorite Male Character – Chilam/Kenneth
    Favorite Female Character – Tavia/Kristal
    Most Improved Male Artist – Benjamin Yuen
    Most Improved Female Artist – Samantha Ko

    1. Benjamin Yuen over Vincent Wong ………… sorry I don’t agree. Benjamin Yuen acts like a log of wood most of the time.

    2. Also Best Supporting Actress ……….. Edwin Siu or Louis Yuen would be my choices.

    3. AGWTC2 is deserving? It is boring, bad written and cant ride the hype made by AGWTC. I thought most ppl agreed that AGWTC is miles better than AGWTC2 although AGWTC wasnt an epic itself.

    4. Agree with you for Best Drama and Best Actor but I think Vincent Wong is more deserved for MIMA than BY.

    5. David, I think you’re on to something. Alison and her team may have rehusd the 2 spots out the door, but they were very deliberate in their avoidance of the party name. If the final version of these ads hits the airways without once mentioning “conservative” we’ll have proof that Alison is trying to recreate the conservative party and the first step in the process is to pretend it no longer exists.

  24. i hope for chilam that he wouldnt be another raymond lam the top favourite of last year, but ultimately defeated by wayne the dark horse.but if he would be defeated then please by one that really deserve the ba award,:ruco chan.

    1. As you know Wayne is much better in acting than chilam & Ruco. Those two are not comparable with Francis & Wayne

      1. Com’on i bet you didn’t even watch BK. Francis and Wayne are not the only great actors around. They’re not unsurpassable you know.

      2. Can you imagine Wayne and Francis doing Ruco’s action scenes in BK? Oh, i forgot, you didn’t watch BK? This year, Ruco’s role in BK is much more challenging and has greater scope than either Francis or Wayne in TITS and WP. These 2 didn’t even win anything in the Malaysian or Singapore awards this year.

      3. Penny, I do agree with you. ruco as an actor has yet to reach that level that Wayne or Francis is but to be fair he is hotter than Wayne and Francis. In time he will probably be better but surpassing them may be quite an issue. However Ruco by himself is already a very good actor.

        Oscar Wayne and Francis can do Ruco’s role in Brother’s Keeper and I am sure Francis must have done such a role in his vast and long fruitful career.

        But Ruco can’t do the Pig role in JTTW. As much as I love ruco, he is not the most flexible actor.

      4. Funn, i beg to differ. I don’t think Wayne and Francis can do the BK action scenes and look as cool as Ruco (not even when they were his age). Ruco’s a “child” in terms of age and years in acting compared to them of course; that doesn’t mean that he can’t be as good as them now or in the future. I’m certain that Ruco with his natural acting ability can be just as flexible or versatile. In fact, in his ATV days he did some comedies as well, not the slapstick type but still kinda comical characters.

      5. agree with funn,what wayne and francis make them a better actor than ruco is that they are more versatile and more experience. but i doubt if ruco cant do the pig role in jttw,because he never done it.
        before roger kwok who portrays ah wong i didnt know that he could do that kind of i think time will tell how good he is.

      6. @oscar

        Stop with the cool and good looking here. We are talking about acting, not the looks.

        I agree Ruco is a good actor, but not as versatile and good as Wayne and Francis.

        The Malaysian award is just picking the FAVOURITE ACTOR/ACTRESS NOT BEST ACTOR/ACTRESSES, it does not mean their acting is great

      7. @whoa shelly!who do you think you are to order me around? Just becos you think Wayne and Francis are the greatest doesn’t mean everyone else does too. Ramming your opinion down someone’s throat doesn’t mean you’re right. From the many comments I read here and in other forums, not everyone is as impressed with Francis as you are. In fact many said that he was nowhere near memorable or even good in TITS2, in other words, over rated, just becos people get so overwhelmed by his name (like you). Why do you think all the focus is on Chilam instead of him? Btw, speaking of achievements, your great Francis and Wayne cant hold a candle to Tony Leung. And why cant talent and looks go together? Ruco’s still a young man and has lots of potential. You obviously don’t know the meaning of “I beg to differ”!

      8. @oscar

        You are just so shallow, always looking on the outter appearance of others. If it wasn’t for Francis in TITS2, it wouldn’t have come so far. With chilam only in the drama, it would just be another average drama. Ruco is still need improvement in acting

      9. @penny, who said i’m shallow? You don’t even know me to pass such judgement. Honestly i don’t care who leads over who or who’s basking in the glory of TITS2. I’m not saying Chilam’s better than Francis in TITS2 becos he’s better looking (though no one will dispute that).

        “With chilam only in the drama, it would just be another average drama”.

        sorry to say, i disagree with what you wrote above. To me, it should be “Even with Chilam and Francis in the drama, TITS2 is just another average drama”

        As for Ruco, i actually appreciated his acting first before his looks. So who are you to call me shallow?

      10. Oscar, if you are into super cool action + impeccable acting, i recommend you watch The Mission or Bullets Over Summer- both movies from 1999. Compare that to the Francis Ng in TITS1. And then maybe u will understand why people are so impressed by this guy and what it means to be a versatile actor.

      11. just wanna add that even if he’s that awesome in those films you mentioned, doesnt mean he’s awesome in every movie or drama. A lot depends on the script and the ability of the director too.

      12. @moonriver, i watched this clip on YT

        Sorry, i just had to laugh. So exaggerated that it’s bordering on ridiculous. Longest 4.53 min for a gun fight scene, almost fell asleep. Sorry, same words “i beg to differ”. Thanks anyway for the recommendation. If I have the time, i may check out the full movie.

      13. @oscar
        Well no offense that u beg to differ .. but there are loads more great movies by Francis u havent come across.. Ruco might be good but to say that his versatility in acting surpasses that of francis would be an overstatement at this stage.

      14. @Donna, look people, Francis may be great to you fans but he ain’t great to me. Since you are all so persistent in ramming it down my throat that he’s the greatest actor that ever lived, let me tell you that i think he really sucked in Bride With White Hair. I don’t think he’s spectacular or outstanding in TITS2 either. There I said it. I didn’t want to say it earlier as i didn’t want to hurt any feelings. I don’t agree with you that he’s that great. Period. I’m not asking you to agree with me about Ruco either. To me, i think that Ruco did very well in BK.

      15. Wow so many comments here lol. I personally rather watch Ruco than Francis and Wayne. Maybe because I rather watch the younger actors and Ruco was so good in BK!!! He did a good job. The other 2 actors are good too but I have no interest in them.

  25. In my opinion,if TV King award is based on acting only then it should be given to Francis Ng and if Francis doesn’t care about the award then Wayne Lai is the second best choice for his outstanding acting in Will Power.

    1. အစ မရ စ မ က ပ မ ဖ ပ ပ တ အတ က က ဇ အထ တင ပ တယ sweet december က ခ စ တ မ န မ န

  26. For male actors, I like Edwin Siu, Ruco Chan or Raymond Wong. I like Edwin Siu’s comeback to TVB, and the handsome new comers.

    For female actresses, I like Linda Chung and Nancy Wu. I think their acting both improved quite a bit.

    1. His flirtatious character didn’t impressed me at all….differ than Sam gor.eventhough being harsh….at the end of the day, people will appreciate it even much better.

  27. “Linda’s performance in Brother’s Keeper was well received…”

    /doubles over coughing

  28. after watching EP 27 and 28 of on call 2, I support Him law and Eliza Sam to win most improved Actor/actress.

    Although I’m not a fan of them

    1. I couldn’t stop crying those 2 episodes! They surprised me and did a pretty good job.

  29. No more predictions. We will know the results in less than two days.

  30. I haven’t seen BK but I really believe that Tavia needs to win an award for her performance in THC 2. As for Kenneth, he’s really good in some scenes but it still doesn’t leave a deep impression.

    1. I did not watch THC 2 because the storyline was too scattered, so I can’t say if Tavia Yeung acted well or not. But I heard that she did not have very much screen time.

      Kristal Tin’s role in “Brother’s Keeper” was very heavy, almost in every single episode, and she acted really well. I hope she will win “Best Actress” though I know she is not one of those promoted young fadans in TVB.

      1. Well everyone has different views towards THC 2. I personally didn’t see that Tavia and Kenneth Ma didn’t have enough screen time. I felt that everyone was given almost the same amount of exposure per each episode. Almost every episode, there is a touching moment.

        And as for best actress, Kristal and Tavia are my picks for BA. But I really hope Tavia can win an award for her acting in THC 2.

    2. Tavia was great for the abortion scenes then after that I stopped watching this boring drama. Tavia should of won BA for this character in the first place! Never mind, she already is the best. No need the award.

      Kristal was awesome in BK. Can’t believe u did not watch BK! It’s so good! Ideally Kristal should win BA but tvb might not give to her which is too bad.

      1. JCLL,
        I didn’t watch BK because I had my exams and papers to write >_< But I do believe that I will catch up and watch dramasss during this winter break.

  31. I have a feeling tvb would crown Kenneth Ma & Linda Chung tonite for BA.

    1. Yes and then all the negative comments starts all over again in here. Those 2 will be attacked from the moment they win the award. It’s never ending.

      1. Fox does that mean Kate and Ruco might win Most Favourite Character awards and Linda winning BA? We know that Ruco’s fans are very passionate about polls, and Kate having a consolation prize, and Linda is in black.

      2. Perhaps.

        Up to now Benz and Vincent win make me satisfied. I think Eliza is a good choice, too.

        Oh so Elena won Supporting Actress. Another good award.

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