Chilam Cheung Said He is Not a Sore Loser

What were Chilam Cheung’s (張智霖) true feelings in winning Most Popular Male Character, while losing out on TV King to Dayo Wong (黃子華)? Chilam gave the impression that he did not cherish the consolation prize due to his sarcastic award acceptance speech and leaving in a hurry after the 2013 TVB Anniversary Awards concluded. Today, Chilam responded that his behavior has been misinterpreted and that he was not ungracious over the results.

Although Chilam’s playboy pilot role in Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II> was extremely popular among viewers, he allegedly failed to win the TV King award because the majority of TVB’s professional judging panel, comprised of 807 staff members, voted for Dayo Wong and Francis Ng (吳鎮宇).

When Chilam realized that the TV King award had slipped from his hands, he said onstage during the 2013 TVB Anniversary Awards, “Does TVB not like me? Is it only possible to win the award through popular votes? Biological children are lovable, but when appearing at the necessary and right time, loyal children are very important too!”

Although netizens criticized Chilam’s ill-mannered speech, Chilam said, “I was only joking. I am not unhappy. I can’t pull a prank? I’m not afraid that TVB will be upset. I was only trying to liven the atmosphere; I’m not ungracious.”

Chilam added, “The results were the decisions of TVB’s 807 staff members’ preference and opinions; I will respect them.” Chilam said that he is satisfied in winning the Most Popular Male Character award since it was voted by viewers.

Chilam Left in a Hurry After Awards Ceremony Concluded

Even if Chilam’s acceptance speech may have been a wry attempt at humor, netizens questioned why he did not take group photos with the awards winners for TVB’s official magazine publication. This was a customary practice and Chilam’s non-compliance made him appear to be a sore loser.

TVB Deputy Director of Affairs, Tsang Sing Ming (曾醒明), said that staff would have notified the artists before and after the awards ceremony the need to take photos for TVB magazine. Mr. Tsang stated that Chilam had excused himself last night because he had something else to do. Chilam’s manager, Stephen Shiu, Jr. (蕭定一) said that there was a miscommunication, as TVB had only notified Chilam of the requirements for the TV King winner, but not the Most Popular Character Award recipient.

TVB Pulled Fake Democracy?

Since Chilam was the masses’ favorite for TV King, many wondered why Dayo Wong won instead. Bounty Lady’s <My盛Lady> ratings were weak and the cast lacked good chemistry together.  Some viewers cried that TVB had pulled a “fake democracy” on voters. Seven complaints were filed yesterday claiming that TVB had fixed the results.

Sources:; Apple Daily; Apple Daily

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  1. Yeah right, whatever Chilam. It’s so obvious that you’re a SORE LOSER.

    1. Well…. judging from his persona, I truly felt he was just kidding. I dont understand why this is even a big issue, after all he was such a sweetheart to love his wife and gifted her a present since he lost the best to his wife regarding the award.

      1. whether for his wife, daughter, mother, father or grandparents, thats not the way to start a speech. Bring a so called professional actor, if he thinks he is one, one should very well know what to and not to say. His expression says it all. He thinks he can win maybe by the fact that triumph in the sky won. In short, this sour loser must learn to accept losses.

  2. Um, sorry…I like Chilam, but I’m on TVB’s side this time. The ‘miscommunication’ thing is a lame excuse — come on now, I don’t work for TVB and even I know that the group picture thing with the TV King/Queen AND Most Popular Character winners together is a customary practice for TVB Magazine. Do we need to pull out the previous few year’s anniversary award edition of the magazine to prove it? Geez…

  3. Yep, “rigging” Dayo’s BA win helps promote Bounty Lady and boost ratings. There were actually more than one “rigged” award to promote Bounty Lady.

    1. Compared to the past awards, you will notice the majority as reflected by their opinions on here and elsewhere. They all believe that TVB are being fair when giving out the awards. There were much more negativity in the past. Sorry your favourite didn’t win. I like Wayne Lai but he wasn’t up to scratch this year. Judge people by their performance please.

  4. I thought Chilam’s response was perfect and classic “Captain Koo”.

    1. I agree with u, he was upholding his character that got him the award. I don’t know why these people are making this a big deal.

    2. Seriously, we are the minorities here.

      I personally find chilam overrated. He’s a mediocre actor with extremely good looks. He doesn’t have to work as hard to get up there with those assets. Regardless, his speech was great. It was honest with some sarcasm. There was no sore loser emotions reflected by me. His remark of, “biological children aren’t the only great ones” was epic. He depicted how faithful several other artist has been to TVB and him getting the aware shows that even the non-biological son can get an award. Let’s be real, if TVB didn’t want him to win, they could have limit who can get nominated to be part of the ballot.

      ugh .. I can’t understand the hate against his speech anymore.

      1. Couldn’t agree more! All of sudden there’s all these dislikes, lol

      2. I wholeheartedly agree with his speech – I just also think it was laced with some bitterness.

      3. Agreed, nothing wrong with Chilam telling TVB what netizens have been saying all along (their award system is biased). And, they “use and abuse” the loyal uncontracted actors/actresses who help TVB when they are in trouble.

      4. @advo –

        The bitterness is likely from the many years of frustration.

        Another point I want to add, Dayo’s speech was even worse than Chilam. Dayo blatantly disregarded the award if it was selected solely by TVB management. He pretty much implied, wait… before i get too excited, who gave me this award again?

        seriously and the media is not getting upset over that?! what in the world is the media smoking? I love Dayo. His speech had the same effect as Chilam but Chilam got all the punches! So ridic.

      5. @ Pandamao

        Also Francis posted on Weibo or maybe said it in an interview that now his debt to TVB has been paid. Presumably alluding to his surprise attendance? I feel like people are being unfair to Chilam – even if he is being a diva – because they are totally okay with Dayo/Francis being dismissive of TVB. So if YOU think Francis/Dayo are good actors, then they are allowed to criticise very legitimate problems in TVB, but not an “inferior” actor such as Chilam? Even though he raised a just as legitimate issue?

        I’m fine with people thinking Chilam is a sore loser for not engaging with the custom winner obligations such as posing and interviewing, but as for his speech itself – he was on point. Sure there’s a time and place for everything, but who knows when there’s an opportunity like that again (to be hear in such context)?

      6. @Advo –

        Right on.

        If the media wants to twist the words of chilam, at least apply some consistency and twist Francis and Dayo’s words as well.

        I’m glad Chilam has gain some recognition where he’s not too far from Francis and Dayo’s popularity and performance.

        Kudos to Chilam for having the balls to give such a great message. It was heart felt.

      7. @pandamao, advo,
        Yeah, poor chi lam. What he said wasnt even half as critical as what francis or dayo had said before about tvb. It’s all about saying things in the right context….

  5. I guess even when this year’s results seem pretty fair, people are still not satisfied..

    And personally, I don’t have an issue with Chilam’s speech :3

  6. haha bounty lady poor rating? haha. Btw cannot compare TITS2 with bounty lar. Totally different drama. But Dayo definitely better than Chi Lam. So its fair enough by voting to determine it just like General Election. And somemore 50% by professional bodies. Not by noobie or poorfag or whatsoever. haha

    1. Not to burst your bubbles but the so called professional bodies were staffs of TVB LOL. Did you even believe that can find a bench like in the HK Film Awards which is really professional? And it’s made up of 807 people?? Well TVB is still controlling the game after all.

    2. Raymond, try asking Dayo to do Captain Cool’s role, and see if he can do as good as chi lam.

      1. hahaha well i guess acting skills is a matter of perception, yummysukiyuki. You seem to have so much anger when I mention about Chi Lam. Chill. Besides, we are comparing Dayo and Chi Lam, why bring Ruco up? You are funny indeed.

  7. TVB can’t do anything right. When favoring biological son, it is so obvious. Now, they give it to Dayo and even Dayo Wong was mocking the so called professional judges. I think Francis should have won then.

    1. If Francis won then netizens would spark ideas that TVB is so desperately trying to get him to come back for a contract or more series or whatever they can come up with. Not everyone can be pleased.

      1. well, if based on likeability, sure people will choose dayo. For acting skill, chi lam can be said totally out. So he is a sore loser. haha.
        So its logic francis wont be winning because 50% professional judges and 50percent viewers. This confirm not rigged. Try to analyse critically but of course not everyone can get A in critical thinking subject, I just got A- last time @@

  8. I still like Chi Lam. I love men who has a spine and isn’t willing to succumb to social norms (in this case, how an employee should react to their employer). It’s odd really, but I like it. Just some guts he got there when I heard his short speech. Reminds me of his wife.

    If anyone really wants to blame, blame the media or TVB for milking media with all this hype. The same happened to Raymond last year and he was all ‘I’m going to venture out elsewhere’ which he did…another soul with a spine.

    Either way, I’m satisfied with the results this year. It is so much better than the previous, starting from 2006.

    Shout outs to Kristal Tin and Elena Kong for a great win 🙂

    1. because this is a voting process. So it so stupid to hype up anything. ANything can be different as they even can change their vote as well.
      But for raymond lam, confirm impossible can lose to wayne lai if 100% votings by citizens. Last year definitely was rigged as results not shown like this year.
      Raymond was just throwing tantrum,its ok for that, but unlike this chi lam being ungracious. Many people wants award also dont have!!!!

      1. Ugh I’m not offending Raymond. I’m just saying he has a spine too which is a good thing for a man.

      2. @raymond
        last year Wayne & Tavia also won fair and square. you think that people don’t know how to vote and only voting for their idol. That is too naive

      3. I felt Wayne ‘s acting is more superior than Raymond, so I feel last year result is fair too . Funny , It is ok for Raymond to throw tantrum , but not for Chi Lam . Talk bout Bias.

      4. @Ling: more funny incident is happening: ppl felt ok with TY winning by mediocre/flop SSSS but having problem with Dayo’s at-least-quite-successful Bounty Lady. See, sheldon said it’s fair and square.

        I blv ppl wouldn’t have let LF free of bashing (in fact ppl bashed him frequently for even more nonsense reasons) if he really thrown tantrum to the public. Do you see ppl saying anything about Linda’s disappointed expression during the end of the show on Monday?

        We are talking about biased reaction and here is an example.

    2. Chi lam is only acting in such a condescending manner because he has NOTHING to lose. He knows he has plenty of opportunities in Main land china so he’s not even slightly worried about angering TVB.

      If it were 10 years ago back when he still relied on TVB financially, he would never make such a remark.

      1. @steves, you are right. While I think it’s great for him to speak up (albeit in a sarcastic style representing his famed character), I also think he could do so as he does not need to rely on TVB.
        Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with his speech except the media making a big mountain out of a mole hill.

    3. Yes Crystal, finally elena and Kristal get the recognition they deserve! As for chi lam, I second every thing you have said. You should write reviews for movies. I notice you have been fair at your judgment!

      1. Hm reviews, I’ll think about it. But with my schedule, it’s had to squeeze in one or two hour of writing thinking cap. But thank you for your kind words. 🙂

  9. “Bounty Lady’s ratings were weak and the cast lacked good chemistry together. Some viewers cried that TVB had pulled a “fake democracy” on voters. ”

    What is weak in this case? I was looking over the ratings for Bounty Lady and TITS2 and BL has an average of 28, peaking at 31 the highest. TITS2 averaged 30 and peaked 41. TITS2 did on average have higher ratings. TITS2 was also more anticipated than BL. BL was only anticipated because of Dayo.

    And if there is a fake democracy, what is TVB’s motive for giving it to Dayo? Wasn’t there rumors that Chilam will film another series for TVB next year if he won Best Actor? I don’t think Dayo has interest to film for TVB in the next year.

    1. I hope dayo will film drama with tvb again or else he is the first best actor in tvb award that not filming any drama the next year. This is a new history. haha

      1. @raymond: That’s actually not true — you may want to read up on TVB history before you post stuff because you seem to make alot of generalizations about stuff that don’t have any basis in fact.

        Louis Koo left TVB after winning his 2nd TV King award in 2001 (for A Step into the Past) and didn’t film any series for them after that….so even if Dayo doesn’t film for TVB anymore after his win yesterday, he definitely would NOT be the first TV King to do it, since Louis already did that years ago….

      2. llwy12, it’s true but Louis confirmed that he still owes Txb 10 eps of series.

      3. ^ Which seems to be forgotten…TVB is not rushing him to pay it back and Louis already said he doesn’t have time for series. He’s VERY picky about the script as well.

      4. @Fox: Yes, but I highly doubt he’s going to fulfill those ‘owed’ shows. Stephen Chow supposedly still owes TVB ‘shows’ as well (as do many former artists who left TVB ages ago), but there’s no chance in hell he’s ever going to ‘repay’ those shows either. Fact of the matter is that once these artists leave TVB and establish a name for themselves outside, it’s very difficult to get them to come back…which is why I always say that TVB should count their blessings and cherish the talents that they still have.

    2. Dayo actually already said that this will most likely be his last series with TVB — he said it during the promo spot for the awards as well as in various Media interviews in the last 2 weeks. This actually isn’t surprising because Dayo has that type of personality — he’s very picky about his scripts and what he chooses to film or not film. That’s one of the reasons why people look forward to watching Dayo’s dramas, since it’s pretty much one of those ‘once in a blue moon’ type of situations…

  10. I find this year result is fair and square and some people still file a complaint lol.

  11. the popularity of Bounty Lady cannot be deny.. when the best supporting actor won for BL, the public was applauding and singing the themesong so happily.. I can’t help but think that the popularity of the show also helped the actress gain votes and support for her to win for best supporting actress even though she won technically for TITS 2..

  12. You know what, no wonder everyone’s leaving TVB…you can’t say ANYTHING out of line, even if it’s a stupid joke or else upper management will get pissed. Talk about limited freedom of speech.

  13. I am glad there are others who don’t find his speech rude or being ‘ungracious’. He has wry humour and I like that from men! Not everyone has to cry, get emotional, or talk about how thankful they are.. People have different ways of communicating.

    1. Exactly my thought. I can’t get why everyone got so sensitive towards his honest remark. That’s just his way of speaking.

      He went to celebrate with his fans right after he left the ceremony, and that “showed” that he was thankful and appreciative towards his fans. Action speaks louder than words.

  14. I personally really like the voting system this year. I’m glad TVB showed the rankings of how the results were determined. From the numbers, it’s quite clear no actor had a big lead in public voting. There was less than a 5% difference between first and third. For comparison, Krystal won with close to a 20% difference between first and second in public voting. I think Chilam was definitely too confident in himself. It would be interesting to know who placed second in the favorite male character category. If the best actor voting is any indication, Chilam probably did not win by a large margin.

    1. Chilam only got 70-something thousand votes. They received over 900000 votes for both male and female favourite character. Assuming male got 400000, that was still only under 20% of the votes. Unless the voting was spread that thin, the margin must have only been 1 or 2% of the votes

    2. It’s a move towards more transparency which I can only applaud.

  15. I support Chi lam’s speech; he has the right to express his feeling.

  16. Nonsense! I don’t believe is true. It is quite humiliation & definitely false.

  17. Wow, this so called joke of his made the entire ceremony so awkward. Even dodo and amigo were flusteted after his speech

  18. Kinda like his attitude so coooooooool n its always a game for TVB awards u know at d end of it TVB is d last man standing lol

  19. I am very happy with the award result this year…everyone is well deserved his/her award.

  20. There is always going to be people who don’t agree with the results, but compared to the past few years, this year seems to have the least complaints, most people are satisfied.

    And obviously Chilam is going to deny being ungracious and a sore loser, you think he would admit it to the whole world?!

    BL is a great comedy series, cannot compare to TITS2, they are different genres. I personally like TITS2 but there were boring parts, whereas BL makes me laugh every episode! To be fair, TITS2 is not best series in terms of its script. It’s popular because it’s been highly anticipated, because of the star-studded cast and because of the beautiful filming scenery. That’s where the high ratings came from. My vote would go to BK or BL as best series this year.

    1. Definitely BK. But when you shortened Triumph in the Skies II to TITS2 no offense but sounds like porn. LOL

  21. Fake democracy or not, clearly TVB is looking at the ratings game big picture. With this being the final week for Bounty Lady, Dayo’s win will surely pull in free publicity for the series to finish on stronger rating.

    Personally, although I enjoy Bounty Lady, I feel it isn’t Dayo’s best work for TVB. If TVB were really sincere in awarding Dayo the TV King title, they should have done so 4 years ago with You’re Hired. That in my opinion is one of Dayo’s best TVB series, up there with War of Genders.

    Bounty Lady’s comedy sometimes tend to go overboard and will also err towards the more slapstick side. But it is much better than Men Don’t Cry which is the worse Dayo series ever.

    1. Good point, I bet the ratings for Bounty Lady will increase this week. His best work was War of Genders, You’re Hired was good too, I was surprised at his chemistry with Charmaine, Kate is still lacking this, not everyone can be Dayo’s partner. I personally don’t really like Bounty Lady, some actions and lines are a little offensive for me, even though it’s a joke, but it really does go overboard. Bounty Lady is one of Dayo’s worsts, and yes with Men Don’t cry being the worst, I didn’t manage to finish that drama

  22. Captain Cool is a playboy and charm character BUt not really a leading character infact Captain Sam character is the leading one just because with all the captain cool charm views started to admire and adored him for BA. Winning for most popular award is just perfectly for Captain Cool. All tvb staff and artists are not stupid to differentiate.

    1. That’s why tvb staff and artists put as Dayo vs Francis = Dayo winner.

      1. If Ruco vs Dayo = ?
        or Ruco vs Francis =?
        Everone shd know the answers I guess. What tvb staff and artists chooses.

  23. i love dayo, don’t get me wrong, but i don’t think it’s fair that he got nominated and won the award when the drama is not even finished….

    1. I felt the same way too. Just too bad, ppl seem to forget how popular TITS2 awhile ago.

  24. If tvb pulled a fake democracy on the voters.. what does tvb gets in the end???

    Dayo isn’t a permanent contractual tvb artist so Dayo wouldn’t be impressed or will stay with tvb for long.. while Chilam is different, he might stay or film for tvb for another 1 or 2 series and will boost the rating

  25. I’m surprised that Dayo won the Best Actor. I like him and his performances but professionally-speaking, ‘Heong Kong Nam’ character is not difficult at all.

    As for Chilam, he’s worth the Most Popular Male Actor, but not Best Male Actor really. Again, ‘Captain Cool’ is a relatively easy character that only requires ‘being cool’,’flamboyant’ and ‘handsome’, which Chilam has them all.

    If you’ve not seen Brother’s Keeper, you should seriously consider watching it. Both Ruco Chan and Edwin Siu gave really good performance in their characters and I really vouched for either of them to get the Best Actor this time. Perhaps Krystal Tin has overshadowed both of them and I have to agree that ‘Yiu Man-Ying’ is a really, really good character to act in, and Krystal really got into the character really well. She’s definitely worthy of both the awards she got.

    I think Fala Chen deserves a mention for ‘Holiday’ and felt that it’s pretty sad that she didn’t even get into the top 5. Fala Chen carried Holiday’s jovial and carefree character pretty well.

    For me, the best 2013 drama would be Brother’s Keeper. Great theme song, great plot, and very hardworking casts (albeit not the typical favorites). Brother’s Keeper brought back the reminisce of the good old big conflict dramas back in the days of Gallen Lo. This drama appeared just when I feel that TVB is over-saturated with modern crimes/professionals and old times dramas and felt that a drama depicting the 80’s/90’s is very refreshing. A must-watch.

    Triumph in the Skies II, no doubt is popular among audiences as I’m a fan too, but to me it’s really just about watching the glamour and glitz of airport and cabin crews as well as the exotic travelling scenes. Characters are really challenging, although like I mentioned, Holiday is the only character worth mentioning in the drama. Elena Kong did pretty well and I guess she got it due to the fact that not any woman can act and accept a relationship with a younger guy, plus the kissing scene… 😀 I personally like Elena’s act and think that she did pretty good with ‘Shan Diu’ in Bounty Lady as well.

    All in all, I’d conclude that most fans only voted for the sake of voting but don’t really pay attention to the professionalism in the acting. I mean, the former holds true for Most Popular awards, but for Best Actor/Actress/Drama, it’s more to professionalism than just being favorites.

    1. Fala did make it too 5 along with Kristal, Tavia, a Linda and Kate.

    2. BK also has my vote for Best Drama, totally enjoyed it from start to finish. Although it has its share of boring moments in the first couple of episodes or so, once you get past that, you just can’t wait for the next.

  26. I myself believe him this time. He is disappointed at how he is used, but how come a sore loser since he didn’t really lose anything. He won’t get better price or contract with Txb even if he has won.

  27. I think that he was little disappointed. I would also be that, nothing wrong. And he has freedom of speech, doesnt he?

    It’s funny. I thought for a second that he played the character during his speech hehe. Sounds like what Jayden Koo would have said.

    BA should either go to Sam or Jayden. Just sayin’

  28. Nothing’s wrong with being a sore loser. Im a sore loser too!!!

  29. I like Dayo Wong and I love his acting, but it’s funny how he got the BA award when his show hasn’t even finished? I’m sure he and all the artists thought so too, which is why when the candidates were choosing who they think will win, Francis chose Dayo…”for humor sake” as he puts it.
    Personally, I think Francis Ng deserved it, but didn’t get it because TVB is afraid of what he will say during his speech, as he can be quite unpredictable and outspoken.
    As for Chilam’s speech, I didn’t think it was that bad. People are really blowing it out of proportion. If anything, I think he was speaking for Francis!
    They lost to Someone who was absent in a show that hasn’t even finished broadcasting .
    To me, he was merely stating that they should be grateful that despite how many times they get played with, they still remain loyal.
    Hi five to chilam! 🙂

  30. “Bounty Lady’s ratings were weak and the cast lacked good chemistry together. ”

    Where are they even getting this info from? Their ratings are higher than average and it keeps rising, and the 4 males have very good chemistry together. I actually think there is good chemistry between all the pairings too.

    1. Well compare to TITS2 its definitely weaker, it’s average is 28 right? while TITS2 was 31 or so. TVB’s definition of good rating as always been 30 and above. I like Elena and Benz’s couple the most! I still find Dayo and Kate a bit lack of chemistry

      1. Everything changed. Now they go to celebrate whenever a series reaches to 28 as peak. Peak! So 28 as average is considered as high.

        In the past, over 30 or 31 is still low. Must be 35 or 36 to be considered as high while peak must be 40++.

    2. Talking about ratings….TVB also has Dayo to thank for the high ratings for the Anniversary Awards program (average was 34 points, peaked at 40 points)….the 40 point peak rating was during Dodo’s phone call to Dayo….

      1. Yes, all credit goes to Dayo who was not even there. People didn’t tune in to see people that was actually there, like they knew all along that Dayo would win.

      2. perhaps someone can enlighten me, how do the viewers know when exactly to tune in at the right moment?

  31. I think people are overreacting, it’s a joke and a lil of sarcasm towards TVB. Calm down yo. But actually for me there’s nothing wrong being a sore loser, I mean that’s natural isn’t it? It’s a competition after all

  32. That is a very forced smile!

    Anyway fake democracy? If based on ratings, etc should Bobby win every single year?

      1. @lily,
        LOL. Yes that smile does have a problem. And that’s exactly how the person who published the photo wanted to depict chi lam.

      2. hahaha exactly! And suddenly ppl started commenting that the words “Loser” is written on his face? My eyes are definitely not playing tricks on me.

  33. Just to clarify Bounty Lady’s ratings weren’t weak compared to the ratings of this year’s series. I actually found the pairing couples rather refreshing and have quite funny chemistry (e.g. Benz and Elena)

  34. TVB Suck alwiz suck.. I only like to watch lam fung n chilam movie only.. others suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.. francis ng suck also

  35. Chilam’s popularity soared after captain cool and he gain lotsa $$. TVb practically boosted his career again ! It’s all thanks to this character, which apparently only he can act….. only for his baby face….

    It takes much more, as an actor to carry the comedy in HKN’s character, much more than a baby face, you need a face like Dayo… 😛

    1. Yes…Francis is a great actor…he did not get any award from TVB…look at him…he 有風度…keep smile and happy for others…He is a great actor…Dayo deserved a award too..

  36. That featured pic is as ugly as chilam’s true character. His smile looked very forced. Wonder if his fans still find him charming. What a bunch of morons! What’s the use of a handsome face when he has an ugly heart?

  37. agree…it is not his come home with an empty hand…he still given an award (that is a important award too)…what does he want…get every award so that no one else can get anything???

  38. When u did not win means u did not win. Don’t. Say tvb give fake result. It’s. Either win or lose. I don’t hate chue lam. Nor tvb. by the proceedings that wentby he should not have said that. Three words for chue lam “Please Grow Up”

  39. There is nothing wrong with being a sore loser..and Chilam has every right to be mad..

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