Betrayed By “Good Friends,” Francis Ng Was Arrested By Police for Theft

The entertainment industry was often regarded as a complex environment, a difficult place to find true friends. Possessing a strong personality, Francis Ng (吳鎮宇) found three good friends in Sean Lau (劉青雲), Anthony Wong (黃秋生), and Nick Cheung (張家輝). Although the four men did not say much when they gathered together, they were extremely good friends. The fate of friendship was difficult to discern. However, in Francis’ youth, he had misplaced trust in his “good friends” which resulted in the police pressing theft charges against him.

Francis revealed, “Many people often say that my good friends, such as Anthony Wong, Nick Cheung, and Sean Lau possess very odd personalities. I want to clarify that I am different from the rest of them, where the three guys are only pretending to be this way. Everyone knows that I do not cluster to crowds, while they do. They are only pretending to be different, ha ha!

“The four of us have known each other for many years. Do you know that by only knowing Sean Lau and Cheung Tat Ming (張達明), it represents knowing the entire entertainment industry for me? Anthony collaborated with Sean and got to know the rest of us, and Nick joined us soon afterward. The funny thing is that they often ask me why I do not return calls. Actually, I do not return anyone’s calls, but Nick was not used to other people not calling him back!

“When the guys get together, we only meet for drinks to talk about things. The greatest ‘pretender’ is Anthony! He is a skilled person and is able to address the crux of the matter in one sentence. I have to say that after he drinks alcohol, he is definitely a good friend. It’s odd that Anthony did not drink in the past, but now he drinks whiskey. I wonder if a particular experience had changed his habits?

“People say that good brothers are like your own limbs, but I was betrayed by several so-called ‘good brothers’ in my youth. At the time, I was a mere employee in a company. They asked whether I wanted any sneakers and I gave them my shoe size. Afterward, they handed me a pair of sneakers. Shockingly, the owner called the police upon discovery of the incident. The guys immediately put forth the stolen goods and I was considered to be one of the thieves! We were arrested by the police on the spot. The funny thing was that the guys advised me to maintain a cheerful smile before the judge. Unexpectedly, I was told by the judge that ‘I did not possess any regret and inclination to change my actions”! My case was retained on police records.

The Price of Greed

“I remember the judge addressed me in this manner, ‘What is so funny, Mr. Ng? Is it that you do not regret your actions? Do you think it’s funny to be at court?’ I quickly glanced at my friends and did not know what to do…. This incident made me realize a truth that this world did not have provisions and you cannot control fate. Due to my greed, I was punished in a manner beyond my expectations.”


Many people often commented that Francis Ng was a strange person. However, this was not the case in the reporter’s mind. It was true that sometimes you will not understand what Francis Ng was saying. However, when he spoke about his innermost thoughts or his 3-year-old son, he turned into another person and talked endlessly, even revealing his youthful side. Perhaps this was a side that readers have not seen of Francis Ng, but the reporter witnessed it!


Source: Oriental Daily

Jayne: The four best buddies are all winners of the HKFA Best Actor Awards in the past! The friendship described between Francis, Sean Lau, Anthony Wong, and Nick Cheung seem so easy-going and low maintenance. Do you think guy friendships are easier to maintain? Sometimes I think female friendships carry too much weight, in which we will fill in the blanks about what was not said as much as what was said.

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  1. how about francis ng, paring with kitty lai mei han in Triumph in the Skies 2. they look so good in the past…

    1. I love this IDEA,,,,, I think they’re look so cute together,,, Kitty has a sweet face and great actress

  2. Francis is one of my favourite Chinese actors and I hope to see more of him, especially the new TVB series !~

  3. In what series were Francis and Kitty paired together in the past?

      1. Would you happen to know the English names to these series so I can look it up? Thanks

      2. When Things Get Tough 午夜太阳
        Ling Sing Kuet 连城诀
        Land of the Condors 大地飞鹰

  4. Great to know that there are still true friends in the circle. I am glad to know that Francis has such great friends within the circle. It is true that it is hard to find good and true friends in the circle but in real life as well…I guess guys’ friendships are more low maintanence while girls’ friendships require a lot more work. I think it also depends on the person too.

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