Nick Cheung and Artists Blast Benny Chan and Joe Ma for Harassing Rose Chan

Rose Chan (陳嘉桓) was unfortunately sexually harassed by Benny Chan (陳浩民) and Joe Ma (馬德鐘) while in Hengdian, China several days ago. Sunday Magazine’s publication of the photos chronicling the harassment incident ignited angry reactions among Hong Kong celebrities, with Nick Cheung (張家輝) and Simon Yam (任達華) blasting the men’s unscrupulous behavior. Nick Cheung even cursed angrily, “If someone violated my daughter in this manner, I will [expletive] kill him!”

Nick Cheung noted, “My wife, Esther Kwan (關詠荷), and I are artists and also the parents of our daughter. If the harassment did in fact occur, I support the police to step in to handle the situation. If you consider the situation from Rose’s family’s perspective, they must be very hurt.” (If someone violated your daughter in such a manner, what will you do?) “I will [expletive] kill him! Even if you are drunk, you have to be responsible for your behavior!”

Condemned for Lewd Behavior

Nick professed that he did not know Rose Chan, Joe Ma, or Benny Chan well, but felt that Rose was only a young girl. Since she was working in China alone, veteran actors should take care of her. The reporter pointed out that life in Hengdian was dull and there was not much entertainment; thus, actors were easily prompted to “commit wrongdoings.” Nick strongly disagreed, “I also filmed in Hengdian in the past. As to whether you commit wrongdoings or not depend on the person. Please remember to tell everyone that the entertainment industry is not like this!”

Upon learning of Rose being sexually harassed, Simon Yam said, “They acted in such a horrendous manner? If this were true, they need to reflect upon their actions! Drinking can lead to problems! The Monkey King (Benny Chan’s) powers cannot match Wing Chun martial arts. Why don’t you ask Dennis To (杜宇航) to take a few sips and have a few rounds with him!” Simon urged Benny Chan and Joe Ma to issue public apologies to Rose Chan.

After seeing the harassment photos, Eric Tsang (曾志偉) angrily blasted, “That should not have happened! That’s too much! Let me go back and use my Wing Chun powers to knock those guys down!” (You will teach them a lesson?) “When I go to Hengdian next month, I will be sure to do so! Benny Chan often plays wildy, but Joe Ma is not like that! Perhaps he drank some fake wine? Last month, there was a chauffer who drank some fake white wine and he turned violent.”

Eric often got into trouble after drinking too much. Due to his experience, Eric said, “The worst thing is that you do not recall what happened even after you have gained mental clarity. Perhaps now they are immensely regretting their actions.” (But when you are drunk, you do not commit such lewd actions?) “That’s because my health is in a poor condition!”

Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) commented that it was inevitable that artists had to go drinking for networking purposes. He will be careful in avoiding getting drunk. “If I wish to drink, I will stay home to do so. If there are any problems, this will not impact other people.”

When asked to comment on Rose’s harassment incident, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) indicated that she was unclear about the situation and did not wish to interject. Myolie indicated that she has only encountered gentlemen since entering the industry. Asked whether she was taken advantage of while drunk, Myolie replied, “No!” (How would you react if it happened to you?) “I do not know, but I hope it does not happen to any woman!”

Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) hoped that Rose’s emotions will return to normal soon. “I have filmed in mainland, China too and there were celebratory banquets. Each time, I have to work early in the morning, thus I did not stay too long at the dinners. Although my alcohol tolerance is not high, no one forced me to drink with them.”

Supporters of Benny Chan and Joe Ma

Benny Chan’s good friend, Evergreen Mak (麥長青), trusted that Benny possessed a good character. “I do not understand why the photos were taken at such a close distance! There were so many people present. If the harassment had indeed occurred, someone should have stopped it.” (Will you urge Benny Chan to drink less?) “He has been drinking less. Last time I saw him, he did not even drink.”

Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) supported that Joe Ma was a gentleman. “Since entering the industry, I have been very lucky. The senior actors have taken good care of me. Joe Ma is a good ‘si hing’ [senior brother]. The actors at TVB are very gentleman and take care of junior artists.” (If Moses Chan (陳豪) acted in such a manner, what would you do?) “Ha ha! It depends on whom he kisses!”


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Jayne: Nick Cheung’s response was the most vehement. He claims that he does not know Joe Ma or Benny Chan well. Didn’t the trio work in TVB in the mid 1990s together at the same time?

Evergreen Mak and Aimee Chan were likely the only brave ones to support Joe Ma and Benny Chan during this sensitive period. Evergreen appears to question whether the sexual harassment situation were as severe as portrayed by the media given that no one came to help Rose Chan at the restaurant.

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  1. I agree with Nick. And I understand why Evergreen and others said what they said. Doesn’t make these 2 less despicable.

    And you can work with someone and still not know them. This is what is called colleagues.

    1. ”Yes Rose is a young Girl, well said Nick a gentleman of HK, well done sir!!

      Benny and joe should never be used by the ent. industries for poor behaviour to a young girl, makes Edisons act with an underage young girl equally serious, the law is doing something or doing nothing about these three actors or turning a blind eye! ?”

    2. ”drunk or awake, rape is a serious vilation
      to the female and serious vilation
      to the law of the civilized Chinese Soil Of China! The world observes and seeks truth about not only the young girl but those in charge of keeping law and order.
      Where there any concret investigations in to the incidents involving, Joe Ma HKSAR, Benny Chan HKSAR, Rose Chan, Eddison Chen HKSAR and the under age girl involved – incident by the 3 Actors of HKSAR a disgrace upon the Chinese civilation.”
      Viva Nick, people’s knight of HKSAR being a hero of justice!!”

  2. The Monkey King (Benny Chan’s) powers cannot match Wing Chun martial arts

    Simon Yam..LOL

    1. and Eric Tsang supporting Rose, LOL

      he is just another “beast” in disguse, haha

      1. I think Eric tsang is just talk. Even if he “has heart”, probably “no strength”. He almost hurt himself doing the chok pose.

      2. haha, but after the introduction of the big V. im sure Eric regained his strength…

      3. hehe..this guy Eric just another “ham sup lo” with a legal license to talk about dirty things and grope pretty girls publicly hehehe..

        Seen Eric groped Chan Miu Ying who is now a boss of some slimming product in some old movies.. I was like “did he just gropes her b00bs?”

      4. the truth is that this kind of incident happens frequently and especially to those newbies that are too afraid to speak up or resist.

        even if they speak up noone would listen and also no evidence. this time is different due to the pictures taken and evidence and i suppose Rose got some backing as well…

      5. I thought now Eric still groping the likes of Koni Lui and Samantha Ko who always stick by him

      6. I saw the video of what Eric said and he wasn’t very serious. He was saying what he had to say on-screen.

        Off-screen, its another story.

  3. I’m not gonna defend anymore, but I think its still inappropriate to just forced somebody unwillingly and kissed them like that especially to a woman…the memory stick with you forever no matter what…<__<

  4. I feel that Nick’s response is most honest and as a first response because he is a father. Bosco, Myo and Linda remained neutral…and pardon me, gave off the impression that they didn’t really care much for Rose–perhaps she is not a personal contact of theirs. If this happened to a friend though–I’m sure they would blast that person with expletives–except for nice girl Linda of course. Maybe they must maintain this neutrality because of relations within TVB also.

    What a sensitive topic.

  5. You shouldn’t drink if you have to blame your actions on the alcohol.

  6. Simon Yam’s response sounds more sarcastic than Nick Cheung’s. You can really feel the righteous character in his expletives. Haha. Judging from Evergreen Mak’s response, maybe there is more to the story than meets the eye…But for some reason, why do I feel like he’s just trying to defend his friend blindly.

    1. Booh. Lame.

      I have really close touchy friends too. They crossed the line of friendship obviously..trying to “play” to get real goods.

    2. i notice how they change their responses after the pics came out. but i still wonder why other people wont help her out and pushed those 2 out.

    3. This seems to be the trend for hk tabloids these days – report first without publishing any photos, see how each party responds, then release the evidence to embarrass those who denied the reports earlier. Cheap thrill.

  7. Looks as if Benny Chan and Joe Ma will not live this shameful drunken incident down for a long time yet. This is what seemingly “nice” people are capable of behaving under the influence of liquor. I do agree that if they are sufficiently gentlemen enough they should make appropriate apologies to the young lady, Rose Chan.

    1. Joe will survive; he has more people speaking on behalf if him about his usual good character and he did apologise. Benny, not so sure.

      1. Joe also smart to quickly separate himself from Benny so that he wont be affected by Benny’s more beastly actions ROFL

  8. I think it had a lot to do with the mixed signals from Rose because they did decide to eat a restaurant together and things seemed okay at first. Timmy Hung tried to deny any allegations probably because he has his fiance to think about too and Joe’s married as well. If I were abystander, I probably would’t intervene because if I do there would be a lot of implications. They can brush it off and say they’re just kidding and that I’m overly sensitive and studies have shown that even in an emergency, lots of people turn a blind eye. Let alone a situation where the girl is giving off mixed signals. However, I disliked how Benny Chan changed what he said after the photos were publicized.

    1. Even if Rose was OK with some of the interactions initially, she may still find it offensive later if the accused made improper advances toward her. If I were a bystander, I would ask the lady if she is comfortable with the behaviors. If not, I will assist her in contacting the law enforcement. And if she said that they were just having a friendly interchange, I would make sure that she is not being forced or under pressure to say so. If that’s the case, I would try break away the interactions or call the law enforcement anyway or I would stick around to make sure that she is OK. If my guts tell me that she is actually OK with those behaviors, then I would leave them alone. But, in those kinds of situation, who would be OK with those behaviors? As a human being, we should not turn a blind eye on situation like this. So what, if they brush off the interactions as nothing more than a friendly exchange when you confront them. At least by confronting them, there’s a slight chance that you can help the victim gather her thoughts and may prevent the perpetrators from continuing their inappropriate behaviors. Just because studies showed people turned a blind eye doesn’t mean we should continue to validate such study by neglecting the situation and allow the perpetrators to continue harming more innocent people.

  9. Ugh, I am so so disgusted! I’d really like to see how this thing ends. With the idiots being whipped, that is.

    I hope Rose Chan will not be too badly affected by this though. Poor girl…

  10. Just because someone act in a gallantly in the past doesn’t give one a lifetime pass for good behavior, especially when there’s incriminating evidence. Shame on Aimee Chan for voicing her support for the perpetrator, Joe Ma. If you’re too afraid to say anything even after see the photos, then stay neutral. Her response, “depending who he kisses”, when asked about how would she feel if Mosses Chan commits such act, is beyond thoughtless. Firstly, she indirectly admits that Joe Ma and Benny Chan actually committed such lewd act. Secondly, her response seems to suggest that some women deserved to be harassed than others. What a pity!

    1. Aimee Chan sounds stupid and perhaps she is stupid..yeah totally agree that she seemed so callous when talking about this.

      Glad I never liked her and at this rate, will maintain my status of not liking her haha

    2. I think what Aimee means is if the one Moses kiss is her, than it’s ok.

  11. Doesn’t from long time ago ppl know Benny is a player type? However, his wife is going to give birth soon and he still has mood to “play” with a girl like this, it’s such a bad action.

    Same for Joe. He isn’t gentleman type from the beginning but these scandals like this just can kill his career faster, like the one in 2006.

  12. Nick Cheung’s response seems the most honest and straightforward one while Simon is also very sarcastic. The rest are like spinning crap. Actually people who are neutral are the most annoying to me irks me that they can’t take a stand.

    As for Aimee Chan’s ridiculous response, I really don’t understand – what does she mean by saying “Oh it depends on who he kisses”? HUH WTH? Either she is really mean or really stupid, either way I don’t like her.

    1. Aimee’s probably trying to sound witty but failed terribly of course.

      1. Witty haha yeah perhaps you’re right..I would think that this matter should be taken more seriously especially since she herself is female. She did fail terribly! hah

  13. Props to Nick Cheung and Simon Yam for their response.

    I think there is truth to Joe’s past rumours and this proves it even more. The way the guys responded (including Timmy Hung who I thought was a decent guy before) is sickening. I hope the police report actually goes somewhere!

    As for Benny, I’m even more disgusted. I used to feel bad for him the way his relationship with Charmaine unfolded, but now I’m happy that Charmaine dumped his sorry a–.

    It’s times like these that I’m happy for paps and tabloids. Scum like these guys need to be and I’m all for public shaming in this case.

  14. Whatever reason Benny Chan was having such “actions”, there is no excuse, drunk is not an excuse. Whatever “game” he think he was playing or being playful or whatever is not an excuse.

    He should be charged by police, but unfortunately, this happened in China, does HK police have jurisdiction?

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