Gigi Lai’s Secrets of Keeping Fit

48-year-old Gigi Lai (黎姿) may no longer be working in front of the TV screen, but the beautiful former actress is still a force to be reckon with. While trying to maintain her business and care for the kids, Gigi still finds time to update her fans about her whereabouts on social media.

Recently, the Best Actress winner shared her “secrets” of keeping fit on social media. She told her followers that the secret to her weight loss and weight maintenance is exactly what we all think it is—discipline, balance and simplicity.

“To keep fit you need to maintain a balanced diet,” she said. “You can eat rice. You can eat meat. You can even eat a little big sugar. There is value to all types of food, but you must learn how to balance them all. Choose the foods that have the most nutrients. Aside from high caloric and fat foods, you can eat anything, just don’t overeat it!”

She also added, “When it comes to cooking, keep the ingredients simple. Try not to put too much sauce. Fresh foods don’t need a lot of seasoning. Simplicity is healthy.”

Gigi shared that she ate congee, lean meat, steamed chicken breast with pumpkin and quinoa, beetroot, crab, and salad. She added that she will not eat anything at least four hours before bed. She highly encourages developing the habit of drinking at least eight cups of warm water every single day. “Also, you must exercise! These are all very simple rules. The trick is to not give up!”


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