Gillian Chung Broke Up with Korean Boyfriend?

After Gillian Chung (鍾欣桐) went public in dating Korean boyfriend Kwon last November, the couple has been spotted on many dates together. Gillian even announced that she will learn Korean in order to close the cultural gap between them. It came as a surprise that Gillian and Kwon may have already broken up after merely dating for less than a year.

A Long Distance Relationship

In November, Gillian was potted on a movie date with Kwon, after which she admitted she had been dating for three months. She had met Kwon, who works in the film production industry, through a mutual friend. Despite the different nationalities, they used English to communicate with each other. Shortly after their relationship went public, Gillian went to Korea to meet Kwon’s parents. A month later, the couple vacationed in Beijing before heading to Korea again to spend their Christmas. Even as recent as February this year, both put aside their work and secretly flew to Ho Chi Minh City where they celebrated their first Valentine’s Day together.

On Gillian’s 31st birthday in January,  Kwon had specially flown to Hong Kong Korea to celebrate her birthday, and stayed at her home for the duration of his trip. Gillian could not help but gush over Kwon’s birthday gift to her – a limited edition luxury handbag, in which only five pieces exist in the world.

In early March this year, Gillian flew to South Korea to attend the premiere of G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation to support her boyfriend, who is involved in film production. They also attended EEG Music’s Spring banquet for the first time as a couple together in Hong Kong. In late March, Kwon accompanied Gillian at Ip Man: The Final Fight’s <葉問—終極一戰> premiere.

Relationship is Over?

Yesterday, a reader noticed that both Gillian and Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) have removed all Weibo postings regarding Kwon. Reporters called Gillian and Charlene for clarification. Though both were not available for comments, their manager, Mani Fok (霍汶希) was evasive, which led to speculations that Gillian and Kwon has indeed broken up. Even though Gillian is back in Hong Kong after filming The Fox Lover <白狐> in China, she was not seen accompanying Kwon when he attended his friend G-Dragon’s concert.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. “Gillian even announced that she will learn Korean in order to close the cultural gap between them.”

    How were they communicating then?

    1. It was written in the article that they communicated in English.

  2. “…a limited edition luxury handbag, in which only five pieces exist in the world.”

    Only 5 pieces existed in the world? It must be a very special Bday gift.

    1. If he really did get her such a bag, she would of wore it around and show it off.

  3. I knew it was all a publicity stunt for Gil’s movie and album. Her company’s newspaper first released photo of her and Mr. K right before the released of her movie and then now she “breaks” up with him right in time for the released of her album. Mr. K and Gillian both needed the boost for their careers and they did exceptionally well with faking their relationship so they deserves a pat on the back! 🙂 But oh my they always look so cold and awkward together in pictures and they usually always appear together to huge events so that they can get as much exposure as possible.

    1. I’m sorry, why would mr k need publicity?

      1. It’s publicity for his career as a producer and representative for some pretty popular Korean artists for the international market. Mr. K is collaborating with EEG in hoping to get his artists to break into the Hong Kong and China’s market. Who has even heard of Kwon before the supposed relationship with Gil?! Also ever since Gil made her comeback, both her movies and music aren’t doing well on the charts + box office. Quite honestly, she needs a publicity stunt for the public/media to even care about her.

      2. Exactly! Why would he need publicity from Gillian? He already a rich CEO and work with some of South Korea’s most famous celebrities. If people don’t like Gillian they won’t buy her products regardless whether she is dating a Korean or not.
        This relationship ended due to her busy schedule and he wanted more time from her. Before the relationship was exposed, she reportedly turn down jobs just to be with him so I’m thinking she refused to do that again and that’s when things changed between them.

      3. Did any of us knew who this Kwok was before dating Gillian?! Nope, right? He wants his artists to break into the Hong Kong and China’s market so he needs to get his name out there to do that. It’s pretty obvious it’s a publicity stunt esp how Gil and Kwok have supposedly broke up earlier this month yet EEG is only announcing it now right in time for her album released. She will be getting lots of media’s attention in the next couple of week which is perfect for the promotion of her album. Kwok agreed to play along cause he needs EEG to push his artists and he also get exposure for his startup producer career. It’s a win-win situation for Gil and Kwok. Also, who actually believe Kwok who is always surrounded by gorgeous Koreans would settle for Gil?! His lifestyle is so different from hers (ex. partying & drinking).

  4. that reader must’ve had a lot of time to notice all the weibo -kwon posts! too bad they couldn’t last.

  5. Why do I always thought that Mr.K dated Gillian because of venturing out his business to the hong kong industry. After they started dating, he held press conferences in hong kong for his company and projects with hong kong and stuff….

  6. It’s a lose-lose situation for them.
    Stay together, and it’s a publicity stunt.
    Break up, and it’s still a publicity stunt.
    How about giving them a break and the benefit of the doubt for once and stop being so cynical?

    1. It cannot be help when Gillian and her boyfriend have been throwing themselves in everyone’s face since they’ve started dating. Their relationship was never low key with them attending press conferences, movie premieres, and events together as a couple. They leave no room for people not to assume their whole relationship was a publicity stunt. I’ve seen Gillian’s pictures with the dude and they do not look like a real couple no matter how I look it. I don’t see it as a lose-lose situation because Gillian and Kwon both benefit from the relationship and that was the purpose of it. You see, the media is finally interested in Gillian again and Kwok got his name out there. With Gillian’s past, it will be hard to find a man that will truly accept her. By playing along with Kwok, it may help improve her chance of ever finding love because it will create an impression that she does have decent suitors too.

  7. I remember seeing him in this article / video with SNSD’s Hyoyeon & her RUMORED bf…

  8. Hah…never knew GI Joe 2 was in 3D….

  9. I always thought they looked super awkward in pictures – even though they’re relationship was high profile.

  10. a korean dude will never marry a none korean.
    and that came straight from the horse’s mouth.

    1. Not true at all! I know of friends ;Chinese who have Korean husbands. The couples are still together after a decade. One has been married for over 25 years!

  11. maybe their photos together look unnatural because she was uncomfortable about such high profile exposure of their relationship. it was a 2 person thing and now it become known to the whole world. if your first public affair has failed and everyone knew about it, you would definitely be nervous about how the second public relationship goes and the public’s opinion.

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