Gordon Liu Hospitalized, Does Not Wish to Be Seen

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Famous martial arts star, Gordon Liu (劉家輝), who had acted in numerous Hollywood productions, was recently rumored to have been sent to the hospital. It was also rumored that he had slipped, fell and hit his head and was thus in a grave condition.

Yesterday, Gordon’s eldest daughter refused to divulge further details but asked the reporter to call her father himself to prove that he wasn’t in a serious condition. Whereas Gordon thanked the reporter for his concern but refused to be interviewed for fear that his “big hero” (大俠) image would be tarnished.

Gordon who worked with Uma Thurman in Hollywood box office hit, Kill Bill, was recently injured and hospitalized. Some said that he fell down after getting drunk while others said that he got into a car crash and injured his head. He remained in critical condition and was currently undergoing extensive treatment in the hospital.

Yesterday, reporters waited at the hospital until 4.15 PM in the afternoon. Although it was still 45 minutes before the visiting hours, Gordon Liu’s eldest daughter from a previous marriage, Angie, had already reached  the hospital. Leaving after visiting her father, the reporters stepped up to interview Angie but she displayed unwillingness and did not wish to be on camera. Towards the reporters’ inquiries, Angie did not divulge much and only said, “You guys are nice to have the heart (to ask after my father) but I will not respond. Staying in a hospital after getting sick is a normal thing. Why don’t you call my father and let him explain to you himself lahs. Our entire family is very united in doing things.” (Reporter: We heard that your father’s in a serious condition?) “Give him some time lahs.” Angie still didn’t reveal the true reason leading to her father’s hospitalization.

Sought a Replacement for Drama Series

After which, the reporter sought clarification from TVB’s Production and Resource Director, Virginia Lok (樂易玲). Virginia admitted that Gordon Liu was injured and had been hospitalized, “That was two to three weeks ago. Gordon slipped, fell and hit his head. He was being sent to a special ward for treatment. But he has since woken up and isn’t in serious condition, his hands and legs were also fine.”

However, as a tube was inserted through his throat during the treatment, Gordon’s voice  hasn’t recovered. Thus, as a result, Virginia has yet to call Gordon and converse with him directly. TVB initially wanted to send someone down to visit him but Gordon turned down their kind offer of a visit as he didn’t want his “big hero” image to be tarnished.

Other than that, Gordon Liu was initially scheduled to film TVB new drama, Exchanging Happiness <換樂無窮>. Since he was currently injured now, his role in the drama will be portrayed by TVB veteran actor Lau Kong (劉江) instead. The producer of  Exchanging Happiness, Lam Chi Wah (林志華) admitted changing actors but refused to disclose the reason. Whereas Gordon Liu’s good friends Cheng Pei Pei (鄭佩佩) and Kara Hui (惠英紅) expressed that they hadn’t heard news of him being injured.

Depended on Martial Arts Strength to Establish Overseas Reputation

Gordon Liu is 56 years old this year.  His actual name was Xian Qixi (冼錦熙) and was the godson of Lin Shi Rong’s (who was the originator of the Hung Ga Kuen) disciple, Lam Chuen. In his youth, Gordon practiced his martial arts skills with Lam Cheun’s son, Lau Kar Wing. In 1973, he entered the industry by participating in Lau Kar Wing’s self-invested movie, Deus Ex <殺出重圍>, and was Shaw Brothers’ heavily promoted male martial arts star and had worked as a director, producer and martial arts choreographer.

In 1978, Gordon gained international recognition through the film, The 36th Chamber of Shaolin <少林三十六房>. In the year 2003, Gordon accepted an invitation from famed Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino to participate and act in his Hollywood box office hits, Kill Bill Volume 1 and Kill Bill Volume 2.

In 2005, Gordon accepted Cheng Pei Pei’s daughter, Eugenia Yuan (原子鏸) as his main disciple and later accepted thirteen other disciples. Gordon is now currently an artiste with TVB. Last year, because Lau Kar Leung was unhappy that Gordon had said that he was admitted to hospital due to pneumonia and was seriously ill, it was rumored that the both of them couldn’t get along and has since fallen out with each other.

Source: Oriental Daily

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Gordon Liu Hospitalized, Does Not Wish to Be Seen

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  • 22 comments to Gordon Liu Hospitalized, Does Not Wish to Be Seen

    1. jayne says:

      Hope Gordon Liu has a speedy recovery! He is one of my favorite martial artist actors!

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      • JN replied:

        Me too..I like every single one of his movie. I also love it when he was in the series Journey to the West I. He is funny.

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    2. Xuelx says:

      Oh ouch! This is rather unexpected, I hope he recovers swiftly!

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    3. Pineapple says:

      Me too, hope he makes a full recovery soon. Have always liked his acting.

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      • jayne replied:

        Have you ever watched Gordon’s old kung fu movies made by Shaw Brothers? Hehe he’s my favorite from that era. He has a very robust style of martial arts. Surprised to hear that he didn’t accept more martial arts disciples until 2005.

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    4. FanWen says:

      Virginia Lok again urg. But anyways Gordon is my dad’s favorite actor lol. Hope he had a speedy recovery.

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    5. Pineapple says:

      Jayne, I may have seen Gordon in the Shaw Brothers movies. I guess he must have been a lot younger back then. Since I cannot read Chinese there are lots of actors names I don’t know and he is one of them. I just recognise him by face only.

      Login or Register before you can reply to Pineapple
      • Jayne replied:

        Once in awhile, I like to watch old, old movies. The film direction and acting styles may need some time to adjust to, but some of the Shaw Brothers’ martial arts films were produced in earnest.

        At the peak of his career, Gordon Liu is a must-watch if you enjoy martial arts movies and the sheer energy of combat. The revenge-driven plot and dialogue may be lacking, but watch it for the fights. 🙂

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    6. Larry 3 says:

      Hope he gets well.

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    7. HeTieShou says:

      Hope that he gets well soon. I really enjoy his acting… He is great in comedic roles too…

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    8. Summer says:

      Hope that he gets well soon.

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    9. DON CLOVIS says:

      I really hope that Gordon will be very well, and out the hospital soon, and that not svery serious injuries on his body.. Outside films, in persoon he is great good man…
      we been together few months ago,
      see the pics on
      http://www.joytofilms.com clic on GALLERY

      all the best to Gordon and family


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    10. SpankRamen says:

      Gordon Liu doesn’t need to worry about a big hero image. He IS our hero 100% no matter what.

      When he coughs, he’s our hero.
      When he sneezes he’s our hero.
      Hell, when he farts he’s our hero! LOL

      Gordon Liu is the greatest actor, martial artist, & human ALIVE TODAY. Nothing in the universe can ever change that. I’ve loved & admired him ever since I was a little girl & he has my fully complete respect.

      Be Groovy & get well soon, Mr. Liu!

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    11. HeTieShou says:

      I loved him in Mystery of the Twin Swords since he was sooo funny and became a great friend of Roger and Dicky. Their friendship was really cute and touching…Hope to see him in more great movies and series.

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    12. Wo Xi says:

      Don’t they mean Lau Kar Leung, Lau Kar Wing’s brother? Both directors, but Gordon was a disciple of Lau Kar Leung and appeared in all of his movies, not Lau Kar Wing. And he was their adopted brother? Good article.

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      • Ah K replied:

        @Wo Xi:

        Ah yes, you are right, Gordon Liu only practiced martial arts skills with Lau Kar-Wing. Gordon participated in Lau Kar Leung’s self-invested movie, Deus Ex and fell out with Lau Kar Leung, not Lau Kar-Wing.

        Apologize for the error, I was not familiar with facts from that era hence the oversight, thank you for pointing the error out! 😀

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        • Ah K replied:


          Oh and this error too!!! Just in case I forget after I wake up! Thank you very very much! 😀

          Will check my mail and revert you in a while! 😀

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    13. TVBlover9 says:

      HOpe you get well . @Tvblover9. BYE

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      • calvin replied:

        @Tvblover9. Im a fan.

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        • tvb_lover9 replied:


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    14. tvb_lover9 says:

      He’s a good actor, actually.

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    15. Lorraine says:

      Dear Mr. Gordon My Name Is Ms. Lorraine Nunez I Live in New York City .I Wish you all the best that life has for you. Don’t ever give up I have you in my prays.Take good care of you.

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