Gordon Liu Suffers Stroke and Becomes Disabled

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Renown martial arts actor, 56-year-old Gordon Liu (劉家輝), suffered a stroke earlier, leading to the Kill Bill star becoming significantly disabled and dependent upon a wheelchair. Due to the incident, Gordon became severely depressed. Recently, his morale increased due to encouragement from loved ones.

In earlier news, it was reported that while participating in a band practice in To Kwa Wan in early August, Gordon fell and hit his head. Since the incident, Gordon halted all his work. In the latest issue of Next Magazine, it was clarified that on that fateful day, Gordon had in fact suffered a stroke, causing him to fall down. His head crashed into a nearby stairway, resulting in a 5-inch wound on the left side of his head. He was sent immediately to the hospital for treatment.

After his stroke, Gordon’s right hand and leg suffered immobility. He also experienced speech impairment. Gordon will require long-term physical therapy and rehabilitation treatment.

Excerpt from Next Magazine # 1129

Jayne: My father suffered a stroke 5 years ago and our family thought we would lose him at the time. Life is indeed not the same after a stroke. Whether through a stroke or accident, a newly acquired physical disability can make the person very bitter, angry and depressed. For a great martial artist such as Gordon Liu, whose abilities were nearly superhuman, this effect is magnified and the emotional impact much worse.

Gordon, I hope you find courage and continue to live a happy life. Nothing is more precious than being alive and getting a second chance to continue to live. 

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Gordon Liu Suffers Stroke and Becomes Disabled

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  • 31 comments to Gordon Liu Suffers Stroke and Becomes Disabled

    1. Kidd says:

      I can feel his anger, bitterness and sadness. For a martial art who now have to sit in a wheelchair and will have difficulty in movement after that, it is indeed very depressing.

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      • john replied:

        he will be fine soon

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      • StaceyB replied:

        I would never wish it on anyone but look what Superman did with it when life dealt him a similar brand of lemons. There’s a purpose for everyone. The stronger we are, the more we are asked to bear. He will find his way.

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    2. ada says:

      Hope he get well soon. He is fit & not too old so good chance of recovering well.

      Really like him in comical roles.

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    3. Lily says:

      It is sad to hear this news, and especially sad for someone who’s career is dependent on martial arts. I wish him the best of luck, and hope he’ll overcome the depressed/angry state he’s in now.

      P.S. I’ve always thought he was older than 56.

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    4. uyenta says:

      i hope him stay healthy and be more happy.

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    5. Larry 3 says:

      Its very unfortunate that he suffers a stroke at that age. Wish him well. Its going to take a long recovery for him.

      Someday he will be back on TV or movies.

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      • jayne replied:

        With consistent physical therapy and a strong will, Gordon may be able to walk again. In recent years, Gordon’s output has decreased significantly; I wonder how his health has been all along.

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    6. Summer says:

      I am so heartbroken to hear this. I hope he can recover soon. We all understand his frustration and his sadness.

      If he recover, can he still practice martial art or there is a slim possibility?

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      • Larry 3 replied:

        Im not sure if the stroke is “massive” if it is reported already. Regardless of the stroke intensively, It will take a very long time to recover. He has to go to rehab and it may takes years to recover his mobility and speech.

        Im sure his family and his friends will provide much needed support. He can come to the USA for better treatment.

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    7. Starry says:

      I was hoping I’d put the wrong face to the name in the title, but unfortunately, I was right. I am so saddened by this news. I enjoyed watching Gordon on television ever since a young age, and it’s so disheartening to know that I may no longer be able to. I sincerely hope that he can find the strength to recover soon.

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      • stmlw20 replied:

        Yes me too..u can say i grew up watching Gordon on tv as well..he’s such a funny man..it definitely is disheartening..i hope too he finds the strength to recover.

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    8. Jenny says:

      i’m saddened by this news as he is a terrific actor… but it just goes to show all that money&fame can’t buy you health. I hope he recovers soon 🙁

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    9. Jayne says:

      Gordon Liu’s stroke and resulting disability reminds me of “Superman” Christopher Reeves’ horseback riding fall years ago, which left him paralyzed from the neck down.

      Although Christopher’s accident was more fatal, the similiarity lies in the fact that both were heroic icons of superhuman strength, yet they suffered unfortunate incidents which left them with new physical disabilities and difficulty to cope.

      Gordon is a hero in many people’s eyes which will remain unchanged.

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    10. advo says:

      This is terrible news! Wish him a speedy recovery

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    11. wen wen says:

      Get well soon Gordon, we’ll always support you. he is a good actor.

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    12. HeTieShou says:

      So sad to hear this but at least he is still alive. I recently lost one of my big brothers so I know the pain of suffering from something so tramatic that life is no longer the same. But we must find the strength to be strong. Good luck to Gordon and I hope that he will recover. Best wishes to him.

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      • jayne replied:

        People are resilient and no matter how much the current pain seems, the time for it to pass will come. We all need the proper time to collect our grief together and experience that mixture of feelings in order to properly heal. We will always think back and miss their presence, but fate allowed you to be siblings and love each other and be an important part of each other’s lives.

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        • HeTieShou replied:

          Thanks for your message and honestly, I think the pain will always be there but it is true that it does get better with time. I know that fate allowed us to be siblings and I pray and hope that fate will allow me to meet my big brother and my dad again when I reach the other side. I also believe that they are in our hearts and are always with us until we meet again one day…

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        • jayne replied:

          My grandfather died 14 years ago. He worked very hard all his life, saving pennies to feed the family and forge a better path for the next generation. However, he didn’t love my father and preferred boys over girls. As a child, I never felt love from my grandparents. We never did things together that grandparents and grandchildren would do.

          I never got to know him in the true sense, until after he had a stroke and was in the hospital for a month. I saw his suffering and fear that he knew his life was approaching an end. In that month, all of our family were very afraid and we grieved together.

          I feel that I did not understand my grandfather until he died, until I thought about the sacrifices he made for his family. Until I learned to let go of my past feelings. My conversations with him may have been very limited, but he loved all of us silently. I find myself thinking about him quite frequently nowadays. It is odd, but I do feel closer to him now than I was ever before, perhaps sometimes thinking about the past, everything seems more clear than while it is happening at that moment.

          The family bond will always be there. When you keep your brother and father in your heart, they will always remain by your side. Over time, you will only remember their good qualities which will inspire you and give you strength. Despite the pain and loss, our love for them is something that can only grower stronger over time. We live life for our loved ones, which make our experiences much more meaningful.

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        • HeTieShou replied:

          Thanks so much for sharing your experience with me. I actually never got to meet any of my grandpas since they both passed away when I was not even born yet. I only got to to meet my mom’s mom and she passed away in 2006 at 100 years old. I also never felt that she loved me since she favored boys over girls and loved all of my brothers. She also did not love my mom much until later on in life.

          My dad and I were close but we grew apart since he had bad habits and was not himself anymore during the last years of his life. But I knew that I love him and always did. With my brother, we weren’t that close but our bond was always there and I learned how to treasure him and everyone when he was alive since I know that no one will live forever. I want to value and cherish people while they are still with us because what is the point of loathing over them with regret when they are gone. My brother was still very young and had his whole life ahead of him so losing him was even more painful. It was the most painful for my mom since she lost her most beloved son.

          I find it sad that many cannot learn to appreciate and love people while they are still living. It is also sad to only grow close after they have passed away. You are right and was aunt was telling me that as long as you keep all of your loved ones in your heart, they are always with you. They will show up in your dreams and memories.

          Have you ever seen your grandfather in your dreams? I have seen my father and brother several times already and hope to see them again throughout my life. I have seen my uncle and grandma as well. I guess they are trying to tell us that they are always with us…

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        • HeTieShou replied:

          I also wanted to add that you are right that sometimes we don’t really understanding something that is happening at the moment, but only until we think about it later on in life.

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        • Jayne replied:

          A severe illness can change a person’s temperament dramatically. Ideally, it would be great if all family members got along well and loved each other equally, but that is usually not the case. Just as we are closer to one parent, the parent may also prefer one child over another.

          Despite personality issues getting in the way, I think family members will always love each other, but just not always in the way we wish. Or maybe people are just too persisent in letting old feelngs get in the way (such as myself) and thus not making the effort to improve the relationship further. It takes letting go of old hurtful memories, which family members are very capable of doing. When we lose someone, we are forced to let go and perhaps that is why sometimes there is a greater sense of peace in the heart despite the heartache and physical loss.

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    13. Toffee says:

      He can recover somewhat with physiotherapy, accupuncture, therapy massage & lots of determination. Hope to see him acting again in the future!

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    14. Michelle says:

      Well Jayne, I’m sorry to hear that you miss your grandpa very much. In a way, I would say that I’m luckier than you because I’ve had the chance of spending a part of my life with my two great grandmas and that they loved me the most. I still remember the moments spent with both of them and will always cherish them in my heart. I pray that Gordan Liu recovers soon. He acted in an Indian movie and it was a surprise for me. Everyone loves him and this love should keep him strong.

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      • jayne replied:

        You are indeed very lucky to have two grandmas loving you. It is wonderful for kids to grow under the love of family members, rather than question why family does not love them.

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    15. Gaston says:

      My father in december of 2001 has suffered 3 cerebral vascular accidents-Strokes at the same age than Gordon Liu, where he has loss the hability to speak clearly, walk and move limbs, with adecuate phisioterapy in argentina (FLENI institute) he has recovered 100% in a matter of weeks. My father at this time was having overweight and didn’t do any fitness workout at all. Please excuse my english grammar.
      Hope Gordon get well soon.

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      • jayne replied:

        Thanks for sharing your inspiring story of your father’s remarkable recovery after his stroke. It is possible to recover fully after a stroke, but if the person is not able to walk and use limbs quickly (within 3 months after a stroke), the chances are much harder to retrain the body. The most important thing is to have a strong will and make the brain overcome the body’s disability. My father did not want to lose the ability to walk forever, so he put his mind to it and is able to use his legs now, but a bit unsteadily.

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    16. mesmo eu sendo nova tenho todos os seus filmes e te admiro muiiito

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    17. te amo ti adorooo mto e ti desejo melhoras bjsssss

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    18. kime says:

      My heart goes out to you. I hope you have a speedy recovery, the world of martial art wouldn’t be the same without you. I’m in disbelieve that a fit person like yourself @ this age suffered a stroke. I was wondering if he has any medical conditions, like high blood pressure, etc.

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