Grace Chan Doesn’t Want to Be Typecast as Intelligent Beauty

Having unfamiliar faces lead a series can be a risk, but if rookies were never given a chance, there would never be fresh faces in the entertainment industry. Grace Chan (陳凱琳), Jeannie Chan (陳瀅), Stephanie Ho (何雁詩), and Moon Lau‘s (劉佩玥) popularity were boosted after leading in Raising the Bar <四個女仔三個BAR>. To succeed in the competitive entertainment industry is not easy, but the four women are taking things slowly, one step at a time.

Among the women, Grace is arguably the most successful. The 23-year-old has been shooting one drama after another since winning the Miss Hong Kong crown in 2013. She was cast as the first female lead in TVB’s upcoming epic Captain of Destiny <張保仔>, and is also starring alongside Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) and Kay Tse (謝安琪) in the fantasy drama Vampire <殭>.
When the three women of Raising the Bar were asked if they were jealous of Grace’s success, they unanimously said no. “We’re actually more worried about Grace’s health! She isn’t getting enough rest, and is not eating enough!”
Stephanie admires Grace’s hardworking attitude, explaining that Grace always arrives in the filming studios well-prepared. She is not jealous of Grace’s success, expressing that they are pursuing different images. “I’m going down the crazy route, while Grace is taking the sexy route. It’s hard to compare us.”
Grace said she does not want people to typecast her as the beautiful and intelligent Miss Hong Kong forever. “I want to use my efforts to become a serious actress who is always improving. I want to go down the hardworking route.” Grace added that although her Chinese is not as good as it should be, she really enjoys acting, and is willing to sacrifice her rest time to perfect her script-reading. “My parents helped me a lot in that.”
Moon pointed out that Grace is not only hardworking, but also very energetic. While everyone else is exhausted from the lack of sleep, Grace remains to be cheerful and talkative, adding a burst of energy. She also remarked that Grace is good at memorizing dialogue, “Grace is born to be in this industry.”
While Grace excels at memorizing dialogue, Jeannie said she is very poor at it. Portraying a barrister, Jeannie had trouble reciting professional dialogue, and often committed outtakes during court scenes. Stephanie clarified that Jeannie had many lines with professional jargon, so the outtakes were understandable.
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  1. That is not a face of an intelligent lady (at least.. Not in that picture) :p

  2. Grace has pretty features, but for some reason I find it difficult to look at her. Something about her face doesn’t seem right but I can’t seem to put my finger on it. And I know many will disagree, but I find it much more comfortable watching Sisley Choi. Yes she’s overacting and talking a tad too loudly, but that will change with practice and experience.

    1. i also prefer sisley choi at the moment. i like her looks. she is not as striking as grace obviously, but she can look very different after changing her hairstyle, or even wearing a different coloured lipstick. this gives of a fresh feeling which each series. i just hope she learns to deliver her lines without shouting asap.

      1. i dont know but i think grace is very photogenic,especially when she smiles into the camera. but she isnt really pretty when she is acting in a drama. i also prefer sisley choi,her face is rounder and more natural than grace.

    2. Grace is photogenic. No doubt. But, when you see her onscreen, it’s totally different. She looks rather sickly to me. Malnourished? Yes, and her features are very sharp. So, that is not a good combination when you see her movements in screen. Pictures may be photoshopped and they say you gain 10 lbs onscreen. So…imagine Grace in real life. Oh my

    3. “…for some reason I find it difficult to look at Grace Chan. Something about her face doesn’t seem right but I can’t seem to put my finger on it.”

      It’s her chin (way too pointy and long, like a witch), neck (too long) and shoulder (not flattering).

      Beautiful young women rarely enter TBB pageants (which are used to bring in foreign residency, wealthy family background, etc.) anymore.

    4. Grace is photogenic but no great on tv. Her eyes always looked so sleepy or something in the show. Sisley isn’t very pretty but very cute. I do prefer her over grace

    5. I agree too. Grace is no doubt beautiful and photogenic, but it doesn’t translate when she is acting onscreen. I always found Sisley more comfortable to watch onscreen, but from a viewers perspective she has a long way to go with her acting skills and needs to control her voice more.

    6. BINGO. I’ve been saying this ALL ALONG. Nothing against Grace. Her acting is OK along with the other newbies. Still green and a lot of room for improvement.

      But I’ve said this before and people said I was ‘jealous’ of her features. Like, are you serious? I don’t want a 12year olds body. And someone I know once said her chin is sharp like an AXE. AKA doesn’t look real. She is a pretty girl but something about her just doesn’t feel right. She gives me that feeling all the time. And also kinda fake if you know what I mean.

      1. I never thought she was that pretty. I mean, she does have some nice features like her big eyes and high cheekbones. However, when you look at her face as a whole it looks a bit odd. I think she should gain some weight. In some scenes it almost looks like her head is cropped onto another little girls body. It just didn’t look right. As for acting she is not too bad for a newbie.

  3. Grace is honestly one of the best newcomers in a while. Hope to see her in different roles too.

    1. Me tOo. Her looks may be severe and at times difficult to look at and been reading grace vs sisley. I prefer the better actress.

  4. Coming from a rich family sure paves the way for her. She has it easier than others, I’ll say that. She has potential, but she seems pretentious sometimes. Let’s see how she does in Captain.

    1. I agree. She does seem pretentious and quite full of herself (as shown in this article). She tries to make herself seem humble but it just comes off fake. Like during the pageant, she kept saying her goal was to become an excellent host but everyone and their mom knows TVB will make an actress out of you.

      Anyway, I do like her acting. It is more bearable and natural than many other newbies. I just dislike when she looks like she is posing for the camera with that “I’m so beautiful” look on her face.

      1. She’s a terrible as a host as seen from TVB anniversaries. She’s tolerable as an actress.

  5. It freaks me out every time when Grace laughs. Her mouth is just too big in proportion to the rest of her head

  6. i find the best looking one amongst the 4 to be Moon.

    1. i agree too! i’ve been rooting for her since the pageant, like her the best out of the three MHK, feel she’s the most genuine and down to earth, pity she’s not given as many opportunities compared to grace & sisley

      1. Me three!!! I have my eyes on Moon since the MHK days. To me, she is a classic beauty – long hair, fair, tall, nice proportionate features.

  7. Grace is not pretty at all. Sisley is prettier but her acting makes my hair stand. Prefer to see Elaine, Eliza, there are pretty girls in hong kong…why did grace win?

  8. Does anyone know who is the boy who played the role of Joebee in Raising The Bar? I really like him.

  9. she looks like skinnier version of Michelle Saram

    1. Bingo!!!! Really alike!!!! But Grace is more likable to me.

    2. You’re not too far off at all – both’ve Indian heritage.

  10. At the start I prefer grace over sisley…but after watching a few dramas..of both grace and Sisley . I now much prefer Sisley.. She has this charm that’ grows on you.

  11. So she rather called bimbo??

    Lol. Anyway, all things positive about her. Beauty, brain, hardworking. Liking her more and more.

  12. Grace is uncomfortable to watch because she doesn’t show a lot of emotion and she’s also very frail. Sisley choi is trying to leave the ‘cocky’ exterior she started with and act all cute. I find them both annoying in their ways, but don’t want to judge too soon. Look at charmaine sheh.. She was so annoying at the start of her career and now she’s tvb queen.

    1. I gotta say, Charmaine is still really annoying when she laughs in real life when they interview her about things. It’s a vicious, fake, I-will-backstab-you kind of laugh.

    2. in terms of looks, grace fails in this area. Sisley is sweeter but her acting cute makes me squirm. grace chan’s face is long and her long hair makes it look LONGER.

    3. I know what you mean with her limited expressions. There’re really only 3.
      1. The “I thinking of eating curry” look
      2. The “I really want some curry” look
      3. The “Geez, that was some tasty masala” look

  13. Grace is not pretty I find . She looks middle east. Middle East ppl r pretty too but it’s not what I’m attracted to when I watch tvb drama.
    She has strong communication skills but again I’m not attracted to her.
    Moon lau is very elegant , tall, fair skin . She looks like a nice person I find her pretty And attractive.

  14. and can these HK artist come up with more fancy names? MOON Lau? MANGO whatever? seriously?

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