Guo Jingming’s New Film “Qing Ya Ji” Stars Mark Chao and Deng Lun

Novelist turned film director Guo Jingming (郭敬明), who shot to relevance in the film industry following his self-directed film series Tiny Times <小时代>, is on his way to make a new blockbuster.

On December 17th, the 36-year-old director announced that he will be making a new fantasy film temporarily titled Qing Ya Ji <晴雅集> (literally “The Qing Ya Collection”) an adaptation of the popular Japanese novel series Onmyoji <阴阳师> written by Baku Yumemakura (梦枕貘). Guo had secured the adaptation rights in 2016, and had spent the last few years perfecting the film’s script.

Onmyoji was first published as a short novel in 1988. It follows the story of a master in onmyodo, a traditional Japanese esoteric cosmology that is based on the Chinese philosophies of Wu Xing (the five elements) and yin and yang.

The novel has been adapted to manga and live-action television series and films in Japan.

Mark Chao (赵又廷) will star in the lead role Qing Ming, a talented divination specialist who defends the capital city from evil spirits. Deng Lun (邓伦) stars as Fu Ya, a nobleman with a heart of gold. Both characters are respectively based on the Japanese onmyoji Abe no Semei and Heian court official Minamoto no Hiromasa.

Wang Ziwen (王子文) will star as the Princess, Jessie Li (春夏) as Long Ye, and Wang Duo (汪铎) as He Shouyue.

“Qing Ya Ji” Concept Posters

Mark Chao as Qing Ming

Deng Lun as Fu Ya

Wang Ziwen as the Princess

Jessie Li as Long Ye

Wang Duo as He Shouye

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