HANA’s Rough Past Made Her Who She is Today

32-year-old Hana Kuk (菊梓喬) brought home six major awards at the 2018 Jade Solid Gold Awards, becoming the night’s biggest winner. Some of her grabs included “Most Popular Female Singer,” “Best Selling Album,” and three “Gold Songs” awards. Hana is best known for her TVB drama theme songs, including “Last Forever” <但願人長久>, the sub-theme for the hit TVB drama Life on the Line <跳躍生命線>.

Hana debuted two years ago, at 30 years old. Though her climb to stardom was quick, the “Seven Years Old” <七歲> singer had a tough past. Her parents divorced and abandoned her when she was 13 years old, leaving Hana to search for jobs at an extremely young age. Ostracized by her classmates, Hana eventually dropped out of high school to take care of herself and her sister. She went through at least 20 different jobs throughout her early life, working in places such as beauty parlors and restaurants. She recalled a time when she ate only half of an instant noodle packet one day, because she had to save it for the next. Hana also suffers from hyperdontia, a rare condition of having extra teeth.

We are all applauding to see Hana finally getting the success she long deserves. Congratulations!

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. i dont follow much HK music but i do like HANA she is cute and have sweet voice. Her songs are nice and easy to listen.

  2. Hana is sooooo heavily promoted by TVB… it’s a joke. She is way too fresh and TVB is making her out to be a pop star whose had years and years of experience. Kinda like the saying she started running before learning to walk.

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