Ron Ng’s Response After Tagging Hana Kuk: “Do I Need to Marry Her?”

Ron Ng (吳卓羲) has been single for some time now, but those days might be over. He recently made a post on his Weibo account where he tagged singer Hana Kuk (菊梓喬) in the wee hours of the night. Since his message was actually blank aside from the tag, many interpreted the gesture as Ron announcing his new relationship.

Since there was no context to his post, netizens jumped to the conclusion that Ron and Hana are dating and began congratulating them. Some believe that Hana is mimicking his ex-girlfriend Viann Zhang’s (張馨予) method to force him into admitting their relationship. In 2011, Viann had posted a photo of herself lying in bed on Ron’s Weibo account. Ron subsequently admitted that he was indeed dating the actress. Some believe that Hana could be using the same tactic to publicize their relationship. 

“Do I Need to Marry Her?”

Given that Ron is busy filming Shaw Brothers’ web drama ICAC Attack <廉政狙擊>, he did not immediately respond to the dating rumors. A few days later at a promotional event, Ron explained why he had tagged Hana on social media.   

“Because of Tang Chi Wai (鄧智偉), I have known Haha for several years but we didn’t follow each other on social media. I was working that night while using my cell phone, and tagged her after following her. I thought tagging her meant notifying that I had followed her. Actually, I don’t really know how to use [Weibo] too well. Also my fingers are big, so it’s easy to tap the wrong thing,” Ron said.

Denying that he and Hana are dating, Ron felt exasperated over the dramatic speculations. “Should I get married after tagging her? Anyway, I’ll look carefully before pressing anything next time.”

When pressed further as to whether he has a good impression of Hana, Ron praised her singing skills and hoped to work together in the future. He declined to answer whether Hana fits the type of woman he likes to date, and said he did not want to comment further on relationship matters.

Sources:; East Week

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  1. I am glad Viann Zhang has sense enough to marry a really good Chap… In fact, I was surprised when they both date then marry. Viann Zhang has recovered from her unlucky in loves.

  2. Even if they are not together, from his interview that I watched, he was evasive about whether she is his type and his relationship matters. I feel like she is definitely on his radar to be all of a sudden following her even though he’s “known” her thru mutual friends for a few years already.

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