Jinny Ng is Not Concerned with Hana Kuk’s Rising Career

In 2007, Jinny Ng (吳若希) took a hiatus at the height of her career to marry Macau heir Alex Ho (何兆鴻) and give birth to their daughter. Once the top artiste at Voice Entertainment, Jinny’s status is no longer the same are returning to work. While tabloids always claim that she is jealous of labelmate Hana Kuk‘s (菊梓喬) success, Jinny claims she is actually not very ambitious in growing her career.

Popularity is Not Too Important

When Jinny first joined the entertainment industry, she never would have imagined to become a popular artiste. “I entered the industry purely for the love of singing, and I never aimed to rise through the ranks or open a solo concert. At that time, I felt a sense of security when I was working because I was able to earn money to support my family.”

Many people assumed that Jinny returned to work after becoming a mom to rebuild her fame, but Jinny confesses that the real reason was because she wanted to feel connected with society. “I didn’t think I needed to return to my former popularity, because I don’t spend too much energy thinking about work.  Right now, I work in order to stay in touch with society. If work aligns to my schedule, I will do it. If not, my family is the most important to me.”

With a laid-back approach to her career, Jinny doesn’t mind that label-mate Hana Kuk is now heavily promoted after winning multiple music awards. Jinny said, “I debuted alongside Fala Chen (陳法拉) and Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), and people had accused me of being promoted to the label’s top artiste spot. Now they are saying that someone is stealing my spot. It’s confusing me. Actually, artistes are very passive and any rivalries are fabricated.”

Her true relationship with Hana is less sensational than what tabloids claim. Jinny said, “I will say we are okay. We greet each other when we see each other. If you asked me if we are close outside of work, I would say I don’t really know her well. I will not deliberately pretend to be close. I can be friends with people in the company, and I can also be their colleagues.”

Relationship with Husband

Similar with her situation with Hana, Jinny’s candidness when speaking about her husband Alex gave off the impression that they are having marital problems. Though her behavior is seen as passive-aggressive, Jinny shares that Alex does not mind being singled out and the public does not understand her true relationship with her husband.

While Jinny shares that her marriage is fine, she admits that they will have occasion arguments. In one of their fights, she broke her prenuptial promise, “It happened once. [My husband] was gaming all night, which caused his car crash the next morning. The car was a total loss! Fortunately, no one was hurt but my daughter still remembers it. I was very annoyed. I thought that it was okay for him to play games or soccer as long as it is in moderation. That time, I threw and broke his game console and he immediately said, ‘You promised not to throw things!’  I replied, ‘How could I not throw things after this?’”

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. hana looks more like 28 than jinny who looks like 48. i was going to say 38 but i realized 38 yo looks actually better than her still.

  2. “I debuted alongside Fala Chen (陳法拉) and Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), and people had accused me of being promoted to the label’s top artiste spot.

    Wait what. She didn’t even exist when these two were TVB’s A-listers.
    I still really don’t understand why tvb signed her on as a singer. No idol qualities and definitely no musical skills… Hana as well tbh.

    1. @bubbles23
      hana has a strong voice. honestly, these two back in the 90s would have disappeared from the music scene within a year. there’s literally nobody else la.

      1. @m0m0 not just the 90s, even now. It’s only because tvb has this “monopoly” on television that they are popular. Their so called song chart only has tvb artists and third tier singers from EEG. Hana’s voice is alright but her songs all. Sound. The. Same.

  3. TVB is extremely pathetic & JSG is practically TVB singing awards!! Best singers are either Hana or Jinny, so predictable. What other songs do they sing beside drama theme songs ?

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