Jinny Ng Reveals Why She Scolds Her Husband

Jinny Ng (吳若希) is getting ready to hold her first solo concert in Hong Kong and her husband Alex Ho (何兆鴻) is more excited than Jinny. Although the couple often appear abrasive in front of the camera, Jinny reveals that it is their love language.

Married for five years, Jinny shares details of her family dynamic, “Alex has the lowest status at home. Our daughter and sons have the highest status, followed by the helpers and pets. My husband comes last.”

Despite the cold remark, Jinny shares how she flirts with her husband, “My husband likes to be abused. On the day that I don’t scold him, he would feel uncomfortable because he wants to have a sense of belonging. Every time I finish scolding, he will be very happy and skips away. It is very cute.”

Alex pipes in and confesses that Jinny’s words are true, “In fact, my dignity disappeared when I was dating. I kind of [enjoy] the feeling of being abused and it just so happens that my wife likes to abuse people.”

Preparing for the Concert

For the upcoming concert, Alex is Jinny’s biggest supporter, “Mr. Ho has been asking for it for many years. A few years ago, he nagged me to hold my concert. He said he wanted to hold our daughter to watch me sing and cheer me on.”

While Jinny prepares herself mentally for the concert, she steps out of her comfort zone for a sexy photoshoot. Jinny shares she has never been so bold, “I have never been confident of my figure. Who wants to see a flat body? During any award ceremony or gala, I would dress conservatively.”

Always candid, Jinny reveals that she had planned to get a breast augmentation procedure two years ago but her husband was against the idea. It wasn’t until recently that Alex relented and Jinny quickly got it done.

Source: East Week

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. This man has some serious psychological issues and needs therapy. His wife needs it too. Anyone who agrees that what is going on with this marriage situation is okay, that person needs psychological and psychiatric help too…..A lot of it. This is so messed up. A case of reality stranger than fiction. I get the impression his mother was a harsh, cold, verbally abusive and insulting mom to him. Now the vicious cycle continues with his wife. What they both said is neither normal or funny. It is so pathetic and sad, actually. The Hong Kong version of Barbie Hsu, no?

    1. Eh, we can’t judge because we don’t know them personally…the hubby could be a “simp” as well, and likes to be dominated by Jinny. Breast augmentation hilarious so does that mean she got implants? Heck I bet if they were westernized they would be doing OF together haha.

  2. There’s something called sadomasochism and it’s pretty popular. People have different kinks and as long as they like it, who are we to judge.

    I’m pretty surprised by how open they are as a couple though! I didn’t have a good impression of her in the beginning because of all the rumors of her princess syndrome, but I love how frank and open she is about her life.

  3. Maybe something got lost in translation, but sounds like a pretty toxic relationship. But hey, who am I to judge I guess. Whatever works for them.

  4. Whatever works for this couple, that is what matters… They are both so open about it, it is just fascinating. My hubby loves to wind me everyday just for me to scold him… I never understood why he does that but his action does help me open up more….I no longer bottle my feelings likee before. Good Communication is key to all good relationships.

      1. I absolutely agree with you!!! I feel blessed being married to my hubby who winds me up everyday…

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