Jinny Ng Thinks About Divorce Every Day

Alongside many Hong Kong celebrities who have joined the YouTube community, singer Jinny Ng (吳若希) has also started her channel sharing vlog moments. In an earlier Question & Answer video replying to her fans’ top questions regarding her career and family life, Jinny grew agitated when talking about her husband’s shortcomings and confesses that she thinks about divorce every single day.

Regarding her martial life, a netizen asked Jinny to name three of her husband Alex Ho‘s (何兆鴻) shortcomings. Letting out a deep breath filled with anger, she rattled, “He doesn’t talk to me; he elbows me; and he doesn’t let me rub my feet on his feet. I can’t sleep if I don’t rub his feet. I have said it at least 10 times already!” When asked if she has ever thought about divorcing him, she said directly, “Yes, I definitely have. I think about it every day. I have to keep my anger in check.”

Giving birth to a son and a daughter already, she expressed that she never thought she would be a mother at such a young age. “I always thought I would get married after 30, but I already had my first child at 25 and then my second at 28. Life cannot be planned, but I am happy. I think my life is very full with children.”  

When she was growing up, Jinny never thought she would become a singer as her dream was to be a social worker. “Just by looking at me, you can tell I have the look to be a social worker, because I am so positive and my round face is very welcoming. I actually entered the industry by chance, and I owe it all to music producer Ronald Ng (伍樂城). He was there for my first audition and also my first song. I remember his teachings very well.”

Since her debut, she has also faced various negative gossip and personal attacks, which she tries to ignore. “I always consider if the comments will hurt me physically or make me lose money. If not, I don’t pay attention to them. So far, I haven’t lost money or been hurt physically. If they don’t like me, I can also not like them back.”

Source: HK01

This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com.

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  1. …………………… what in the world? Imagine you’re her husband and you hear this I would be like WTF. Why does it seem like every article about her she’s belittling her husband? I liked her singing but god she seems so annoying and hard to deal with.

    1. @tt23 I’m sure it’s just her way of teasing and the fact her hubby continues to be in front of the camera suggests he is not bothered by it. Every couple has their own way of managing their relationship. I’ve watched a few of her vlog and her interviews, when she ‘belittles’ him, you could see the smile in her eyes. When he counter-react, he throws back almost the same words to her.

      1. @conan2209 I agree. Some people enjoy that kind of fun teasing in a relationship. As long as the couple doesn’t mind and the “attacks” don’t go overboard, it can make the relationship less boring.

      2. @rayne @conan2209 definitely, you both have valid points and I think perhaps everyone has a different opinion on what is a healthy relationship. In my opinion, I wouldn’t think this is it but to each their own.

      3. @tt23
        I agree with you but a healthy relationship is built on respect as one of the most important things. She does not seem to respect her husband at all. Time will tell and I don’t feel their marriage is happy at all like some think.

      4. @conan2209
        Well what we see in front of cameras may not even be how they truly are. My point is, you can joke but it just depends on what it is. You don’t make a joke out of everything, especially something serious like divorcing.

    2. @tt23
      I agree and that is the impression that I get too. I hate it when people use teasing and joking as an excuse. My late mom always taught me that you can joke but you cannot joke about everything. You don’t hurt and belittle anyone and then use joking as an excuse. It is not right at all.

  2. that’s why people shouldn’t marry at such a young age and start popping out kids. everything is a pretty painted picture until you live in it.

    1. @m0m0 watched an interview, it was shotgun marriage and she realised she’s with a baby after they were separated. They got back together and they made promises to each other, she will never throw stuff when she loses her temper and he will never lie to her

      1. @conan2209
        Ok, she does not sound like a pleasant person to be around. When you lose temper your to the point that you throw things and get violent, then you have anger management problems. I feel like they have a lot red flags and their marriage is not all blissful and happy. It may be a matter of time until they divorce.

    2. @m0m0 not all people who get married at a young age are like that. My brother and his now wife had unplanned baby at 20. They’re together for 30 years, happily married for 28 years with 3 children. I met my husband at the age of 20, he’s 22. Got married at 23, had my 1st daughter at 24, my 2nd at 25. And been happily married for 19 years. My older daughter is graduating in few days. Just that if you’re lucky enough to find the right one. Not all get married early are heading for divorce

      1. @joyce
        has there been any point in your life where wonder had you not married the same man, who you’d end up w/instead? I am not saying whether your life would better/worse off. Just wonder if that ever cross people’s minds for those who marry early and say that they are still happy after all these years.

    3. @m0m0
      It truly depends as you can marry young and be happily married or you marry later on in life and still divorce. Your experiences in life shape who are too not just your age. You can still have the mentality of a child at 80 years old if have not had enough experiences.

      1. @hetieshou
        it is quite cliche to say that some people have a different mindset from their age. of course life experiences matter but there are parts of the human brain that doesn’t fully develop until age 25. don’t think life experiences really justify the an underdevelopment of the brain at an early age.

      2. @m0m0
        Why is it cliche? I used to think that too until I witnessed it with so many people I know. Their age does not justify their maturity either. It is like an argument of nature versus nurture. I am not talking about brain development but just how you handle things in life. My point is your experiences shape who you are too not just your age alone. My nephews who are so young yet so mature for their age but my oldest brother who is in his 50s still acts like a child…

  3. I mean, dude, I have the same thoughts everyday lol. And I say it to my husband’s face hahaha. But in a somewhat joking/not joking way. Marriage is hard.

  4. All I can say is she’s a attention and money seekers. Of course she can divorce anytime she wants because she can get half of the money of what she deserved especially with two children’s now.

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