Jinny Ng Said What? “My Husband Doesn’t Like to Masturbate”

Jinny Ng (吳若希) dropped a bomb when she was live streaming with fans a few days ago.

The 27-year-old singer, who is in self-quarantine, just dropped her new single “This Idiot” <這位蠢才>. To promote the single and chat with fans, she held a livestream session on social media, where she showed a small portion of her house and also hung out with her husband, Alex.

During the live stream, Alex was seen playing a video game. Jinny tried to get his attention by complaining that she was hungry and joking about his receding hairline, but Alex was too preoccupied with his game then to care what Jinny had to say about him.

To bring more humor to her live stream, Jinny told the 1,500 fans who were tuning in at the time that her husband enjoys playing video games (打機) more than “hitting an airplane” (打飛機), Cantonese slang for masturbation.

She said, “He is someone who doesn’t like to masturbate because he said it’s a waste of time, even though [masturbating] would take at most five to ten minutes, while playing video games would last two to three hours.”

Jinny joked that she questions Alex’s concept of time. “Or am I the one who has a problem?” she added.

Bob Lam (林盛斌), who was her livestream guest, said, “Are you insane? Or drunk? How can I respond to that? Everyone’s different. Just let him play his games!”

Many fans responded to Jinny’s bold statements with laughter and humor, with some jokingly reminding her that they’re not 18 years old yet. Jinny said, “When it comes to boys, masturbation is something very normal. Don’t act as if it’s strange. It’s just that people don’t really talk about this out loud, specifically in Chinese society. It’s sex education.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Being passive aggressive in public is not how you maintain a good relationship. I get she’s upset about his lack of attention, but now his privacy is going to be publicly invaded…

    1. @coralie totally! She seems pretty immature, actually. Being passive aggressive is a bad sign for any relationship anyway, and she did it in front of an audience! It was said with an intent to shame/hurt him… yikes.

  2. Ugh… another Grace Chan!! I used to like her when her song came out from Line Walker. Now ehh…

  3. Too bad her attitude outshine her singing career. I remember her as hot tempered when she constantly tell off ppl in her sns, shows that she has a low EQ. And also naive.

  4. Girl, your husband will rediscover his hand if you keep that attitude up when you are less attractive and older.

  5. My wife is like that too. When go out then say something degrading to me in front of my friends. It’s very frustrating to have that kind of character who could be brainless and ready to embarrass you anytime…

  6. Makes me wonder why women want to degrade their men. Are they just mean, or do the men deserve it. This is crazy.

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