Hera Chan and Det Dik are Rumored to Be Back Together

As the Miss Hong Kong 2019 pageant approaches, it is almost time for last year’s winner Hera Chan (陳曉華) to pass on her title. During her pageant period, Hera was revealed to have dated singer Det Dik (狄以達) for one year. Recently, rumor has it that the couple is now back together.

Hera and Det Dik were spotted at Kowloon Tong Mega Box enjoying a romantic dinner earlier. Though the two wore caps to cover their faces, they were immediately spotted due to their matching outfits and Hera’s tall height. During their dinner, Det Dik would constantly make sure that Hera was eating enough. The couple was laughing the entire time until the restaurant called the last order, in which the couple finally departed.

When the couple left, Hera walked in front while Det Dik followed behind closely. Hera smiled when she was spotted, but Det Dik kept his head down the entire time. The two did not stand together until the elevator arrived.

When asked about the dinner date, Det Dik just responded that it was a casual dinner to get together as they haven’t been in contact for awhile. Hera said that the dinner was actually with a group of friends, and she would like to focus on her career first.

Tabloids reported that Hera was already dating a boyfriend for two years when she studied at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. However, they broke up when she met Det Dik, to which Hera clarified that the reason was not due to the singer. Though Hera and Det Dik dated for only a year before splitting, she hopes there will be an opportunity to work together.

Source: Yahoo HK

This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com.

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