Him Law Caught in Lie; Admits He Knew Rich Businessman, Mr. Lau

When the list of 35 men who had willingly posed partially nude or fully nude for wealthy businessman, Lau Ding Sing (劉定成), was first exposed last week, Him Law (羅仲謙) was the most prominent name on the list. In the initial exposure of the scandal, Him Law said that he did not know Mr. Lau. However, Him was caught lying when it was revealed that he had taken photos for Mr. Lau! Him had even assisted the police with their investigation of the case last year.

Him Law’s management company, Filmko, issued a press statement noting that Him had never posed in fully nude photos and he did not participate in any unethical activities. However, Mr. Lau’s court hearing for the indecent assault of 3 male actors and 1 fitness trainer brought his photography fetish for thousands of muscular, young actors to the forefront. Him Law’s name remained inseparable from Mr. Lau’s scandal.

Him Law Lied for a Reason

Filming for TVB series, Mother to Mother <巴不得媽媽> yesterday, Him Law admitted for the first time that he did know Mr. Lau. Him stated, “I met Mr. Lau through a friend outside the entertainment industry. I denied knowing him earlier because the police requested confidentiality in the case. Too many things have happened recently; I believe it is time to explain!”

Similiar to Filmko’s press statement earlier, Him maintained that he had never taken fully nude photos in the past. “I have taken many topless photos, for advertisements and promotional events. But I never took fully nude photos!” Although he did not erase the possibility that he may have taken a group photo with Mr. Lau in the past, Him insisted, “I was wearing clothes for certain!”

The outspoken Mr. Lau has been boasting to the press about his past “camera conquests.” Professing to be gay, the 62-year-old businessman, has been bold in rating the “hotness” of various young actors. Mr. Lau praised Him for his handsome face and muscular chest.

When it was pointed out that Mr. Lau had said that Him’s “lower package” was not big, Him said, “I’m not sure.” Since Mr. Lau’s recent statements may be considered to be defamatory in nature, Him said that he will let Filmko handle the matter and any legal considerations.

Source: On.cc

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Jayne: Filmko handled the entire Mr. Lau scandal very poorly for Him Law. Since Him said he did not know Mr. Lau, he has been caught lying, which made people suspect the worst. It is interesting that Benjamin Yuen is caught doing the same, yet his name and reputation did not appear to have been as impacted as Him. Perhaps this is a testament to Him’s greater popularity.

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  1. Him Law seems to have the worst luck doesn’t he? Or the worst PR. Or worst both.

    1. Filmko should have seen it coming; that Mr. Lau’s photo scandal would only become bigger. They should have asked Him for full details of the incident before they were so quick to silence the rumors with a press statement.

      Recently, press statements seem to be used as the quick tool to silence the media, claiming the right to pursue legal action for defamation etc. However, unless there is truly no ounce of truth in the matter, it best not to issue a press statement.

      It would have been much better for Him to just explain how he knew Mr. Lau. If the situation were explained upfront, then people would not be thinking the worst.

    2. Maybe bad luck that his business is revealed. But I don’t feel sorry for him if the stories are true- beating and stripping.

  2. Such as Daniel Wu and Stephen Fung, they did not call their lawyers immediately to sue to tabloids for implicating them in Mr. Lau’s photo scandal. The men just joked over the matter and sometimes silence is more golden.

    1. Silence can also speak a thousand words…

  3. Him insisted, “I was wearing clothes for certain!”

    I guess one can consider a thong as clothing 😛

    1. The emperor with his new clothes, LOL.

      What’s certain is that he has no credibility anymore. Won’t be surprised if other services were provided, hehe.

      1. actually, i never really trust anything this guy ever says ever since the ex g/f beating theresa fu’s reported. he just doesnt seem to be that truthful about things whenever ppl ask him….hummm….u r no credibility at all..

      2. It isn’t just him but many celebs lie through their teeth hoping not to get caught. But then the truth comes out, then they are caught red handed… Karma really bites you when you least expect it…

  4. When it was pointed out that Mr. Lau had said that Him’s “lower package” was not big,

    Maybe because he took steroids?

    1. lol..steroids product that kind of body? lol….

  5. Him is indeed more popular than Benjamin Yuen.

  6. Filmko handle the problem very poorly and now Him Him become a Liar.

  7. Well since he was lying in the beginning, it is hard to believe what he is saying now is truthful. Mr. Lau is so outspoken, he is dragging everyone down with him.

  8. Him’s physical appearance is quit good. However, I am speaking from news reports about him, his actions don’t speak of a very bright or principled character.

  9. If Filmko and Him also lied about what happened to Theresa, I sudenly feel sorry for her. Her career is destroyed because obviously Filmko will choose to save the more popular one by hook or.by crook. Just like what TVB did with Moses and Bernice. Lying and twisting things must be normal for them

  10. before this I used to think that Theresa exaggerated to get publicity but this whole nude thing and the defensive lies made me rethink. Filmko really would stretch it to save Him’s heartthrob image.

  11. I always knew he’s a liar..so what’s next?

    1. It’s not only him, but ALL celebs lie through their teeth… However, some are just lucky to not be caught.

  12. I saw the Apple Daily video on this case. Mr.Lau looks young for a 62 year old man. I expected him to look older.

  13. Even though he lied, I think people would definitely understand why, thus would forgive easily!
    This whole situation with this old man is just too creepy!!!…lol…..
    Who wants to admit to have been photographed by him?

  14. now i even dislike this guy more. never like him to begin with and never will. he’s a little kid. grow up Him!!! that’s an ugly name anyways. He could have admit it like a man.

    1. I’m not sure if I like Him Law or not.

      Personally, I don’t like Him at all. His face is full of anger and hatred – so scary! He’s also a very rude and rough personality – maybe because of too much consumption of viagra, he’s abit lost of mind and sometimes can be very brutal and dangerous to a gal if she’s alone in his house…..

      For sex purpose, walau yeah! How can the world not allow me to make the most out of every opportunity to appreciate his aggression and the brutality of his sexual behavior towards females ? Him is so rocking tough that any female he bed can easily end up with severe bruises on her body…..wooh!

    1. Wonder why the media has not interviewed TY? Or is she avoiding them? Or has broken up with Him Law after finding out the worst side of him? Just being curious, heh….

      1. by worst side of Him, do you mean the liar issue or the small size below? 😛

      2. She kept distance with him already? I guess. Lolz. Or TVB is trying to keep distance between them.

        Poor Him him. Losing everything by now – face, “love” and got caught.

  15. So Him has a large chest and a tiny “cigarette” between his legs?

    Has he been taking estrogen? LOL!! He may as well have an (transgender) operation to get it over with.

  16. i’m sure he saw it coming. the only way that it would not be exposed is if he did not take the pictures. sooner or later his pictures will be in the magazines and we would know for sure if he was fully nude or not

  17. Hello naive fans out there.

    When did Showbiz Personalities male or female ever tell the truth even when they caught with their “pants or panties down”.

    It’s their talent agency that does their media spinning. Look around how colorful media reports are written for female celebrities who can’t act.

  18. small package… tht just got my imagnation running….

  19. Now it’s the war inside Filmko.

    Filmko: He didn’t do nude with Lau.

    Him: I did

    Filmko: He isn’t a liar

    Him: Oops, I’ve just made a mistake. In fact I didn’t meet Lau.

    Filmko: Phew~, now he finally says the truth.

    Everyone: Truth your a$$!

  20. Didn’t Filmko release a legal statement to say Him does know Mr Lau? So now that Him has come out saying he does know him then that means that legal statement is wrong! hahaha

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