Hong Kong Stars Attend 17th Annual Busan Film Festival

The 17th Annual Busan Film Festival’s opening night was a star-studded affair with over 3,000 in attendance in hopes to catch a glimpse of the glamorous celebrities. Tang Wei (湯唯) hosted the opening ceremony in a rather-plain looking one-shoulder dark purple gown along with Korea’s Movie King, Ahn Sung Ki. She boasted her language skills by delivering the opening lines in both Korean and Mandarin, followed by an interview with a few celebrities in English.

The fans all screamed in excitement as the top Korean celebrities walked down the red carpet, including Lee Byung Hun, Han Ga In, Kim Jaejoong.

Promoting Dangerous Liaisons <危險關係> at the Busan Film Festival, Cecilia Cheung (張柏芝) also did not disappoint when she made her entrance in a revealing low-back silver dress. Ever since Dangerous Liaisons started production, it was hit with rumors that Cecilia did not get along with fellow costar, Zhang Ziyi (章子怡). Ziyi did not attend the film festival, fueling further speculation that the rumors were indeed true.

Not to be outdone by the ladies, Aaron Kwok (郭富城) and Tony Leung (梁家輝) were also in attendance to promote the Hong Kong crime thriller, Cold War <寒戰>. The charming-as-always Aaron walked down the red carpet looking extremely handsome in a fitted suit and shook hands with screaming fans.

Aaron Kwok and Tony Leung Promote “Cold War”

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Source: Apple Daily Taiwan

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    1. I agree, she looks way better in those days with curvy body.

    1. Tony Leung is not much taller.

      Such are the characteristics of HK leading men: short and old. LOL!!

  1. Cecilia top pix more like a granny, pity her aging so fast..

  2. cecilia can’t act yet she attend most of those important film festival. She age so fast. I know she has 2 kids but compare with other celebrity that have kids she looks haggard. Gigi lai still look so stunning in her 40 w/ 2 child.

    1. She acted well in Dangerous Liaisons. She got good reviews from critics in North America and Asia. Yes, she’s aging, but it’s mainly b/c she just went through a huge stress last year. Gigi Lai has no marital problems and she’s no longer working in the entertainment industry that adds the extra stress.

      1. Her whole life is nothing but stress. First, she grew up with a thug for a father who still to this date causing her trouble Second, she suffered from depression due to the sex scandal and third, she divorced the love of her life. After going through all of that of course she would age quicker and look exhausted but she still standing strong. I can’t say I’m a fan of hers for many reasons but I do respect her for moving forward in entertainment despite the criticism she receive for her weight and messed up personal life.

      2. @Nelly, I agree with you. The racy photos she took with Edison was her fault, but she was single and Nic went back with Faye during that time. Out of anger and her impulsive behavior, she did stupid things. Also, people forget that she started at a very young age working multiple jobs in Australia while going to school to raise her family. This woman is a bit crazy in the head, but I can understand where she’s coming from.

      3. I’m not as interested in Cecilia’s career as I was in the last couple of years. But yeah, I’d also cut her some slack. Her background and her life is crazy that it’s not wonder that she looks a lot older and hasn’t been doing well in the box office. But it seems like her life has calmed down a bit. I think I might just take a look at Dangerous Liaisons.

  3. This woman is starving herself again after Apple Daily made fun of her bulging belly.

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