Hu Ge Announces is Married and Already a Father

Hu Ge (胡歌) has always intensely valued his privacy and kept his relationship status a secret for years, but the 40-year-old actor shockingly announced he is already married and became a father in a Weibo statement.

Becoming an overnight sensation after his 2005 series, Chinese Paladin <仙劍奇俠傳>, Hu Ge quickly became one of the top paid actors in China Hu Ge only confirmed two past relationships – one with Xue Jianing (薛佳凝),and the other relationship with Jiang Shuying (江疏影). Despite all his other rumored girlfriends, including Yang Mi (楊冪), Liu Yifei (劉亦菲), and Wang Xiaochen (王曉晨), Hu Ge denied every single speculation.

Yesterday, Hu Ge suddenly wrote on Weibo, “I became a father! Mother and daughter are well. Just want to share the great news with everyone!”

Shortly after making his announcement over the birth of his daughter, Hu Ge’s good friends including Chinese Paladin co-stars, Tiffany Tang Yan (唐嫣) and Yuan Hong (袁弘) were quick to leave their blessings and joked he has to work harder for baby money now. Known for being selective and only releasing a series every few years, some netizens teased that he should increase his work outputs now that heis a father.

Although Hu Ge did not reveal the identity of his wife as she is not from the entertainment industry, many fans speculated the identity of his mysterious wife. Some netizens believe he had married his manager, Huang Xining (黃曦寧), secretly in 2021 and his close friends already knew of the union for some time.

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  1. Finally it is public!. He is amazing actor and such a sweet person. Congratulations and all the luck

    1. @Dee
      I an so happy for him and her. Ge is a very decent actor abd a cool guy. Many male artists are married to, or in a relationship with their managers. Wonder when Ham Hsiao and Summer Lin will make their happy news public.
      On the other hand, the Taipei Terror will not announce her immoral affair cause she is his mother’s age, and both are married.
      @Dee, you must know more, working in the industry and all.

      1. He is incredibly nice and I cannot be happier for him. He is one of my favorite artists as well. About the others I really don’t think I know that much more than you. I just get to see them sometimes in real life not that they confine in me lol Yes, many celebrities are in committed relationships and there is no way of knowing on the set if they are married or just living together, but yes some of them are accompanied by partners who also sometimes work for them in one or the other way. I mean their job is to be celebrity so they follow image agency designs for them. I think by now everyone knows that. What surprises me more than personal relationships or image discrepancy is lack of education and sophistication of some of them. It strikes me more as it is visible instantly and you cannot really hide it in a way how you talk, what you talk about, being rude and all that. Some new stars barely have any education and blindly follow what agency tells them. While there are others like Hu Ge who take their job seriously and see themselves first as an actor and than as celebrity. I am not easily impressed as many celebs are easily forgotten without make up and halo effect to be honest, but some of them deserve credit. I am always surprised how public rarely notices that.

      2. @Dee Interesting, many of these celebs are products of marketing and aggressive promotion. We are seeing so many more of them now thru social media. I really respect those who see themselves as actors first than celebs. Hu Ge is one such actor.

  2. If there is anyone I hope to be happily married is Hu Ge… But it still took me days to absorbed this news. Very happy for him!!

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