Hu Ge’s Newfound Happiness as a Father

Dropping a bombshell announcement in January, actor Hu Ge’s (胡歌) revelation that he is already married and has become a father took fans and the public by surprise. Attending a maternal and child health event recently, the low-profile thespian was full of the love and happiness of new fatherhood!

Shares Updates of Parenthood
Asked how he felt the first time he carried his daughter, who is barely two months old, the beaming new dad said, “Just like hugging a piece of tofu, I didn’t dare to move, I was afraid that the slightest move will cause her to get hurt,” Hu Ge also shared that his daughter was tie-tongued at one point, his genuine reaction eliciting heartfelt reactions from fans that he is definitely a daughter’s slave!

Happiness Has Softened Hu Ge
Expressing how he would not always be at home every night due to work commitments, the 40-year-old described feeling touched and teary-eyed when he received a photo of his daughter soundly asleep from his wife. He thought she looked so pure and flawless, just like an angel. Impressed by his change, netizens mentioned how Hu Ge used to give off vibes of being somewhat distant, but that they could now feel his sheer happiness even across the screen, as everyone looked forward to his little one growing up.

As for the identity of Hu Ge’s wife, she has been pinpointed to be none other than his artiste manager Huang Xining (黃曦寧), 11 years his junior, whose looks have been described as being a crossover between actress Yang Mi (楊冪), and his close friend Ariel Lin (林依晨). Initially his image assistant, the two developed mutual good feelings and progressed to lovers and now life partners – prompting netizens to cite them as an “inspirational example”.


Source: WorldJournal

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  1. I wonder if he got in touch with his friend Wallace Hou on being a new dad…He too has a daughter and is a renown daughter’s slave… Happy for Hu Ge!!

  2. So this man nearly disfigured his entire face and that’s when his then gf broke up with him and he took a break from acting and fans call him distant. Now that he his healed and found love again and is selective about projects he acts in, he is more welcoming. Wow. I am mind blown. I do not know who is worse, the media or the so-called fans. Guess what? He is human too. SMH

    1. Yes he got into an accident and had to get surgery and rest for a year. His girlfriend at the time took care of him and he loved her too. But his late mom did not like her so forced them to break up. He is blindly filial so listened to his mom. His mom passed away so he can now marry who he wants. I wonder if his mom would have approved of his current wife? When did fans call him distant? I remember fans worrying about him as they knew he had a bad accident and needed rest to recover. They supported him all the way.

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