“Nirvana in Fire 3” Set for 2024 Release

Hu Ge and Nirvana in Fire 3 Poster

Unveiling its upcoming content plans on October 15, Chinese streaming giant iQiyi announced that filming is underway for Nirvana in Fire 3 <琅琊榜3>! Scheduled for a 2024 release, the third season of the Chinese epic will continue its thematic explorations of family and country.

Aired in 2015, historical drama Nirvana in Fire <瑯琊榜> was a cultural phenomenon and elevated its lead actors Hu Ge (胡歌) and Wang Kai(王凱) to dizzying heights of popularity. Its success reflected in a 9.4 Douban rating, while Nirvana in Fire 2 <瑯琊榜之風起長林> also scored a high 8.5, despite more mixed reviews.

While casting details for Nirvana in Fire 3 have yet to be confirmed, the official poster revealed shows an intertwining sword with a red silk fabric in an ink wash painting style. The anticipated third season will be helmed by the same production crew as its previous two instalments, including original novel author and scriptwriter Hai Yan (海宴), main director Kong Sheng (孔笙) as well as assistant directors Liu Hong-yuan (刘洪源) and Sun Mo Long (孙墨龙). Given the production studio Daylight Entertainment’s memorable casting choices stars such as Lareina Song (宋祖儿) who impressed as Qiao Simei in The Bond <喬家的兒女>, and Bai Yufan (白宇帆) of Mining Town <山海情> fame, there is definitely much to anticipate.

Source: 163.com

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  1. I did not enjoy the 2nd series as much… I really hope the 3rd series will not disappoint..

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