Hu Ge’s Ex-GF Opens Up About Dating Experience: “I Don’t Want To Be An Accessory”

As one of the few known ex-girlfriends of Hu Ge (胡歌), Chinese actress Maggie Jiang’s (江疏影) road to stardom wasn’t exactly too difficult. However, her every move would always be followed by the media, and in an episode of the talk show With All Due Respect <恕我直言>, Maggie opened up to the public about their stressful relationship. Though Maggie did not explicitly say that the man in question was Hu Ge, viewers and fans were able to piece together her words.

When asked about what she learned from her ex-partner, Maggie admitted, “I used to date a very outstanding man. His respectable quality and the way how he conducts himself socially were all very admirable. I was able to learn a lot from him.” Maggie said she would constantly remind herself of his qualities whenever she’s working, and that he was a man who left a lasting impression on her.

Nonetheless, she felt that she had lost some of her own charm while dating him. “I didn’t want to be an accessory. I didn’t want to become ‘that person’s girlfriend’… it’s titles like those that made me have contradictory feelings.”

Those thoughts made Maggie become stronger, more ambitious, and her ex-boyfriend gave her the drive to succeed in her own way.

Throughout the segment, Maggie did not utter Hu Ge’s name, but viewers and fans were able to piece together her words. The couple started dating during the time they shot Go! Goal! Fighting! <旋风十一人> in 2014. Hu Ge was much more popular than Maggie at the time, and it was speculated that their difference in popularity was the reason behind the breakup.

Hu Ge had mentioned their relationship in an older interview, saying, “At the time, I felt like we were getting too much attention. As her boyfriend, I felt I wasn’t bearing enough. I didn’t protect her well.”


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