Hu Ge’s Leading Lady More Mature Than She Looks

Starring Hu Ge (胡歌), the modern business drama Game of Hunting <猎场> is finally airing after a lengthy broadcasting dispute. Costarring Joyce Jian Renzi (菅纫姿) and Zu Feng (祖峰), Game of Hunting is set in the backdrop of the Chinese business industry.

With only two episodes aired so far, not much story has been told, but Hu Ge’s romantic storyline with Joyce Jian has already been developed. Joyce, who is only 26 years old, also plays the girlfriend of 43-year-old Zu Feng. The actors’ age differences have become a popular topic in discussion forums.

Joyce Jian and Chiu Hsin-chih

Joyce is a relatively newer actress in the industry, but with her performances in dramas such as My Sunshine <何以笙箫默> and The Love of Happiness <因为爱情有幸福>, the 26-year-old is rising in popularity. Although Joyce and Zu Feng are 17 years apart, Joyce’s boyfriend, award-winning Taiwanese actor Chiu Hsin-chih (邱心志), is 24 years her senior. The pair started dating after collaborating in 2014’s The Romance of the Condor Heroes <神雕侠侣>. Chiu Hsin-chih was married to Chinese presenter Wang Yixuan (王艺璇) for six years before separating in 2012. They have one son together.


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