Hu Yitian Crushes on Li Yitong in “Dt. Appledog’s Time”

Another massive sugar rush is in store for fans of the hit novel-based drama Go Go Squid! <亲爱的,热爱的>! Its spin-off series Dt. Appledog’s Time <我的时代,你的时代> recently premiered, and its storytelling and chemistry between main leads Hu Yitian (胡一天) and Li Yitong (李一桐) are generating a hot discussion. Since its predecessor dominated the summer of 2019, many are curious what this second part of the honey-sweet trilogy will bring.

Adapted from the novel Fish Playing While Trapped in a Secret Room <密室困游鱼> written by Mo Bao Fei Bao (墨宝非宝), Dt. Appledog’s Time tells a cute, romantic story between the genius robot combat player Wu Bai, also known as DT, and top female robotics competitor Ai Qing, nicknamed Appledog. It begins with a 15-year-old Wu Bai crushing on Appledog, the industry’s goddess known for her unique and unparalleled talent. Determined to compete with her one day, he works hard to master robot combat while observing Appledog from afar and finally achieves his goal and competes with his goddess 10 years later. But what he truly wanted was for her to recognize his skills and consider him as a man and not a kid. His ultimate dream is to lead the team with Appledog and win the World Championships.

With a few episodes released, viewers can already see similarities and differences between the first and second seasons. As emphasized in Go Go Squid!, passion for youth and dreams are also significantly highlighted in Dt. Appledog’s Time. Courageous youths in the battlefield of robotics are greatly magnified to encourage the younger generation to pursue their dreams and contribute to developing the nation’s science and technology. Patriotism is also reinforced through Appledog, who expressed that her lifelong dream is to help China win its first international gold medal in robot fighting early on.

Like in Go Go Squid!, the main characters in Dt. Appledog’s Time are opposites who attract. Yitong plays a sassy and cool older woman who gets charmed by the cute, shy, and young man named Yitian. Their romance is also deeply rooted with Wu Bai’s seven-year one-sided crush on Appledog, who is the reason why he named himself DT – Appledog’s Time. It is apparent that he always and only had her in his eyes.

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