Hu Yitian Finds Love as a Cold Athlete in “Hello, The Sharpshooter”

As excitement over the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics grew, sports romance Hello, The Sharpshooter <你好,神槍手>  fittingly premiered on February 2 on Tencent. Starring Hu Yitian (胡一天) as an Olympic pistol shooter hopeful, the drama serves a perfect dose of athleticism with sweet banter.

Hello, The Sharpshooter is adapted from a novel of the same name by Lian Mu Chu Guang (莲沐初光). Journalist intern Tang Xin (Xing Fei 邢菲) is tasked to interview the national pistol shooting team, and unexpectedly runs into her high school crush Shen Qingyan (Hu Yitian) who is the leader and best sharpshooter of the team. Although excited to see him after all these years, Tang Xin is confused and hurt by his indifference but could not stop her lingering feelings.

Unknown to her, Qingyan had suffered amnesia after a car accident and does not remember Tang Xin. Spending more time together due to work relations, a romance eventually blossoms. Seemingly a cold athlete at first, Qingyan strangely feels affected whenever Tang Xin is close. He confesses his feelings directly by telling her, “I feel like I’m a little addicted to you,” “I’ve missed you many times today,” and “You’re like a catnip–I can’t resist you.”

Only 12 episodes in, the plot is progressing quickly as Qingyan and Tang Xin are already cohabiting and having accidental kisses. With the sweet scenes and dialogue too cute to ignore, many viewers are finding the drama to be engrossing.

With a total of 40 episodes, Hello, The Sharpshooter airs two episodes every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

“Hello, The Sharpshooter” Trailer


Source: ET Today

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  1. I really enjoy many of Xing Fei’s cute dramas… She is a good actress and typecasted, she wants to break out from being typecast but unfortunately, it has not worked in her flavor… I am happy to watch her romcoms.
    Hu Yitian has definitely moved away from his scandal, a rather stupid scandal…he definitely learnt a huge lesson from his past immaturity… Looking forward to this drama!

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