Chinese Idol Dramas to Look Out for in 2020

As the year near its end, fans are eager for new and exciting Chinese idol dramas to air in 2020. Many upcoming dramas will be led by the current hottest male actors in China, such as Leo Luo (罗云熙), Vin Zhang (張彬彬), Alan Yu (于朦朧) and Song Weilong (宋威龍), Xing Zhaolin (邢昭林), Xu Kai (許凱) and Hu Yitian (胡一天). Vin, Alan, and Weilong each have four dramas to air next year.

Vin Zhang

The 26-year-old actor will be leading in The Eight Mysteries of Republican Era <民國八大奇案>, Love Happening <我愛你,這是最好的安排>, Storm Eye <暴風眼> and Si Teng <司藤>. After gaining a popularity boost with I Will Never Let You Go <小女花不棄>, he partnered up with Yang Mi for Storm Eye and Jing Tian (景甜) for novel based fantasy romance Si Teng.

Leo Luo

Leo’s breakout performance in Ashes of Love <香蜜沉沉烬如霜> earned him much love from fans, and helped him land roles in The Winner is Love <月上重火> and Meeting You, The Sunshine <遇見陽光遇見你>. In the latter drama, he portrays a character pretending to be a scientific researcher when he is in fact a hacker who steals scientific research.

Alan Yu

Alan will be starring In The Past Life and Life <兩世歡> with rising star Yukee Chen (陳鈺琪), Unstoppable Youth <青春拋物線>, Who’s not Rebellious Youth <谁的青春不叛逆> and The Moon Bright For You <明月曾照江東寒>. Unstoppable Youth is a sports youth drama where he acts as a cold but warm-hearted star, and The Moon Bright For You has just started filming recently. In Put Your Head On My Shoulder <致我们暖暖的小时光>, Fair Xing (邢菲) will play as his love interest.

Song Weilong

The young actor will meet audiences with upcoming works including modern city drama Go Ahead <以家人之名> where he portrays a character with a cold and distant personality. In A Class of Her Own <雲上學堂>, a Chinese adaptation of popular Korean drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal. He also plays the lead in an older-woman-and-younger-man romance in Find Yourself <下一站是幸福> with Victoria Song (宋茜) and melodrama Beautiful Reborn Flower <彼岸花> with Jelly Lin (林允).

Xing Zhaolin

The 22-year-old actor, who rose to fame with The Eternal Love <双世宠妃>, is starring in Marry me <三嫁惹君心>, You Are My Destiny <你是我的命中註定>, and Wen Tian Lu <問天錄之少年鍾馗>. You Are My Destiny is a remake of Taiwanese hit drama Fated to Love You <命中注定我愛你>, and many fans are wondering how the story will change.

Xu Kai

After his breakout role in A Story of Yanxi Palace <延禧攻略>, Xu Kai has been filming one drama after another. Fans can see the actor in the upcoming dramas: Ode to Daughter of Great Tang <大唐女兒行> and Dance of the Sky <天舞紀>.

Hu Yitian

The actor will be appearing in Youth Should Be Early <青春須早為>, Unrequited Love <暗戀橘生淮南>, Handsome Siblings <絕代雙驕> and My Roommate is a Detective <青春須 <民國奇探>.

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