Sequel of Popular Chinese Web Drama Drops Trailer, 6 Kiss Scenes in 4 Minutes

Chinese web drama The Eternal Love <双世宠妃> was the miracle hit of 2017. Despite its low budget and rookie leading cast, The Eternal Love broke 4 billion views online, kickstarting the new careers of actors Xing Zhaolin (邢昭林) and Liang Jie (梁洁). Those numbers were more than enough for the indie studio to greenlight a second series, and on September 27th, the studios finally dropped the sequel’s theme song music video, a year after the original show’s broadcast.

The Eternal Love tells the story of modern-day girl Qu Xiaotan, who’s spirit travels back in time to the ancient kingdom of Dongyue. She becomes Xu Taner, the daughter of a government official, and falls in love with the Eighth Prince to a happy ending.

For the sequel, fans predicated that it would take place in modern day, as the ending of the original shows Xiaotan and the prince travel back to the future together. However, promotional photos and trailers reveal that The Eternal Love 2 will still be set in Dongyue. New characters will also be introduced, joining the battle of love.

The Eternal Love has set off a “sweet drama” trend for viewers. In the first two episodes, the main characters marry. There are a total of six kissing scenes, two bed scenes, and an intimate scene of the prince helping his wife bathe. In the sequel, the prince and his wife continue their romantic relationship—things like archery, pinky promises, and dramatic bed scenes are included. The four-minute trailer showed a total of six kissing scenes.

Netizens are excited to see the sequel drop. “Definitely not disappointed,” said one netizen. “I super anticipate this!” One netizen noticed that the sequel “has more of a budget, and… too many kissing scenes.”


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  1. hard to have that heart rate speeding up feeling, the male leads aren’t very attractive at least to me…. the custome, backdrop and scenery are very romantic though

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