Hu Yitian and Zhang Ruonan Rumored to Be Dating

Dating rumors between A Storm of Wind and Cloud <凭栏一片风云起> co-stars, Hu Yitian (胡一天) and Zhang Ruonan (章若楠), trended after the two were spotted sharing the same car and returning to a hotel together.

On August 14, numerous celebrities updated their social media to celebrate Qixi Festival, also known as Chinese Valentine’s Day. Ongoing and upcoming romance dramas also released new posters and photos to generate excitement and buzz. With love in the air, unexpected spotting of Yitian and Ruonan entering a hotel together naturally raised many eyebrows in curiosity of their possible relationship.

However, Yitian and Ruonan’s teams were both quick to deny the dating rumors with the former explaining that “they are currently filming a drama together, so it is normal for them to return to the same hotel that other casts were staying in.” The latter also stated, “It’s fake–everyone went back after a team meal.”

While some netizens could not help but wonder if their dating rumors were another case of hyping up their upcoming drama, many do look forward to their chemistry.

Ruonan rose in popularity when her romantic film My Love <你的婚礼> with Someday or One Day <想見你> star Greg Hsu (許光漢) surpassed 3.5 billion Chinese yuan in box office sales and garnered praises for her performance. Yitian broke out through A Love So Beautiful <致我们单纯的小美好>, and has been working steadily with several projects lined up.

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  1. He had his fair share of scandal but he is fortunate, after lying low for a year or so, he bounced back… Hu Yitian is young and I am sure he has learnt from his last mistake.. He will conduct himself better… otherwise, there will not be anymore chance.
    This dating news is so flawed. Both were just working…

  2. All the dating rumours need to be out now because it will not be noticed much/cause an uproar like KW or ZZH lol

    1. @LittleFish Hahaha, you are right, all the dating news needs to be reported to divert attention away from the main case and the hidden big fishes like Kris Wu and his cronies..

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