Luo Yunxi Injures His Leg While Filming “Light Chaser Rescue”

Leo Luo Yunxi <罗云熙> got injured and was photographed sitting in a wheelchair on August 23. He also drew concerns on his overall health, as he looked much thinner with his hollow cheeks and a frame barely able to support his clothes.

Currently filming modern drama Light Chaser Rescue <追光者> along with Janice Wu Qian (吴倩), Yunxi had sustained a leg injury from slipping on wet grounds while -shooting a rainy rescue scene in the mountains. Despite the pain, the resilient actor fought to continue finishing his part to avoid delaying the filming process.

Seeking medical attention only after the shoot, Yunxi was spotted looking tired and grim as a staff member pushed him out in a wheelchair. It appears to be a fairly serious injury with his right leg curled up on the seat, as he was seemingly unable to put down his leg.

This is not the first time the actor injured his leg and had to sit in a wheelchair. Two years ago, Yunxi had hurt his left foot during filming. With a strong professional attitude, Yunxi is recognized as a dedicated actor by many, so fans hope he gets well soon and continues to safely film his projects.

In addition, Yunxi’s physical condition drew heavy focus as fans noticed his increasing weight loss this year. It was particularly highlighted during an event where he wore a striped shirt and looked so skinny to the point his skeleton was almost visible. With sunken eyes and a gaunt face, Yunxi showed a lack of energy and a healthy glow, which caused fans to urge him to take care of himself better by resting and eating well.

Source: Netease

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  1. I hope he recovers soon….and add more healthy bulk to his skinny body…Stay healthy…and well.

    1. He eats a lot and tried hard to gain weight but for some reason, can’t gain any. He has always been very skinny since a little boy. But now as he gets older and with that much work load, looks even skinnier.

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