Hu Yitian to Lead “Go Go Squid’s” Latest Spin-Off

Mainland drama Go Go Squid <親愛的, 熱愛的> was one of the hottest dramas of 2019, and it immensely boosted the popularity of both leads Li Xian (李現) and Andy Yang (楊紫). The rest of the cast also enjoyed the limelight, but actor Hu Yitian (胡一天) particularly stood out with his tall stature, good looks, and cool image, which he established through his most well-known project, A Love So Beautiful <致我们单纯的小美好>. With the drama achieving great success, a spin-off, Fish in the Secret Chamber <密室困游魚>, is naturally in the works and filming commences around March or April.

It is reported Yitian is cast as the male lead in Fish in the Secret Chamber. He will likely partner up with actress Li Yitong (李一桐), as it is speculated that Zhener Wang (王真兒) will not reprise her role as Appledog for the drama.

In Go Go Squid, Wu Bai, portrayed by Yitian, has a 10-year-long crush on the gaming goddess and representative of Team SP, Appledog, played by Zhener. Since they played the supporting couple in the drama, the love story between the two was inevitably more subtle and less developed. However, viewers still supported Wu Bai and Appledog’s love line, but they didn’t get to see how the couple’s relationship unfolded ever since the popular drama ended.

Now that a spin-off is announced, fans can look forward to satisfying their curiosities of Wu Bai’s backstory and expect a more in-depth love story between Wu Bai and Appledog.

Fish in the Secret Chamber is the second novel adaption of the popular novel series, Stewed Squid with Honey <蜜汁炖鱿鱼>. The story tells the conflicting relationship between Wu Bai and Appledog in their cybersecurity competitions. They are both competent leaders of their respective teams that are in opposition to each other. Due to their competitive natures and their roles as team leaders, the two repeatedly suppress their feelings for one another.

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  1. Oh wow!! Everyone wanted to see more of him since they often said his role was great but a supporting one that didn’t satisfied their thirst. lol… Interesting and smart that they are picking another female lead for him as the one on the show ‘Zhener Wang (王真兒)” is definitely too old to play his love interest. She looks like more like an older sis/aunt even thou she is probably not that old in real life but still much older looking since he looks very young next to her even w/that tall posture.

  2. Used to like him, now I don’t. For one thing, his teeth annoys me. For another, he talked smack about Shen Yue. Adorable Shen Yue.

    1. @coralie Lol…I didn’t watch anything of him besides GGS. I am not a fan of his or the girl you mentioned but I did hear clips about the girl he costar with. For one thing, looking at the girl he had scandal or exes his type should be wild and open. So sweet costars like SY is really NOT his type at all and when he mentioned ‘they usually pick female leads that are not that pretty’. I actually find that quite true. He didn’t find her attractive but that didn’t mean others don’t find her attractive. I am a girl so I don’t find her attractive as well but she’s cute just cute but that’s just me thou. haha lol…

      1. @wm2017 alright lol. he has a right to his preferences, so he doesn’t HAVE to like shen yue. but he’s also quite a womanizer as his exes have complained about. which, although that’s not a crime, still tarnishes his image in my eyes. why he be playing these pristine roles when he’s anything but.

      2. @coralie lol…haha but I know how you feel. I mean esp fans who always ship main leads whenever they like their pair up/drama. Reality is much different. Some might like/dislike/tolerate each other but that doesn’t mean they have to like each other. Yes, you can tell just by those wild looking exes he’s got women lining up. haha….To me, he’s just attractive in height not that he’s super handsome or anything but in GGS he did stand out since main lead isn’t short but he’s still taller next to him so it was eye catching. I don’t really care about celebs real lives so for me it’s not an issue and boycotting it just cuz he’s got negative media coverage. To me if a drama is good, just watch it for the story-line and other characters but of course fans will beg to differ since they often combine the 2 together in order to like a drama.

      3. @wm2017 You are right. Shen Yue is just cute. Using the word “pretty” on her is not match at all. So I do believe he said the truth from his heart, she is not pretty in his eyes.

        I didn’t like him for his acting more. Comparing to some other young actors, his scandal is accepted to me.

      4. @alluka Exactly, he voiced the truth but unfortunately it was on tape. lol and crazy fans probably went nuts over it. The director probably didn’t find him unacceptable either since he did get lead roles after that so called video scandal.

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