Hundreds of Johnny Kitagawa’s Victims Step Forward

Although Japanese talent manager Johnny Kitagawa had passed away in 2019 at the age of 87 years old, investigation regarding his sexual assault allegations is still ongoing and more victims continue to come forward.Last month, the United Nations Human Rights Council stepped in to conduct investigations and hundreds of victims claimed to have been sexually assaulted by Kitagawa.

While Johnny was alive, he had denied allegations of sexual assault. However, the Japanese media allegedly also helped Johnny in keeping victims’ claims under tight wraps for many years since he was one of Japan’s most influential figures in the entertainment industry. He was responsible for numerous popular boybands such as SMAP, Tokio, Kinki Kids and much more. Since Johnny’s death, former ANTIME member Kauan Okamoto and other men revealed themselves as victims and accused Johnny of being a pedophile.

The UN’s report recent findings, which were based on the testimonies of the victims, pointed out there were more than several hundred victims who were employed by Johnny’s management agency, Johnny & Associates, and were assaulted by the talent manager. The council also expressed their concerns about the Japanese media’s role in helping to cover up the scandal in past decades.

Additionally, the council questioned the transparency and effectiveness of Johnny & Associates’ advisory group, including their lawyers, psychiatrists, and clinical psychologists in handling complaints that have surfaced. The council urged the local Japanese government to fulfill its obligation and conduct a transparent investigation to ensure victims can be recognized and fairly compensated.

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J-Pop Talent Manager Johnny Kitagawa Accused of Being a Pedophile

Okamoto Kauan Was Assaulted by Johnny Kitagawa Over 15 Times

Johnny Kitagawa Accused of Sexually Assaulting Employees and Trainees

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  1. Gosh, only after his death this is exposed. Since he is never punished in life, I hope he get the worst punishment in HELL.

    He is just one of many abusers in Japan since the system allow the rich and powerful to get away with such crimes. The is no protection against these abusers. It is just sad how many victims are there. Japan’s entertainment industry is one of many dirty ones in the world…

  2. since he’s dead they should start vetting those who worked closely with him and likely participated or encouraged the toxic environment within the company. he wouldn’t have had so much power if people around him didn’t shut their eyes to the things he did. I can’t say i have respect for any of the people working under him knowing what kind of monster he is.

    1. Yes agree they need to investigate and punish those involved so that it can stop happening in the future.

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