Johnny Kitagawa Accused of Sexually Assaulting Employees and Trainees

Johnny Kitawaga, the late founder of one of Japanese biggest talent agencies Johnny and Associates, stunned the entertainment industry after allegations that he sexually assaulted his male trainees. Although Johnny denied the allegations prior to his passing, a former employee had also stepped out to speak on Johnny’s abuse.

Since 1999, Japanese media Weekly Bunshun had been leading the investigative reporting of Johnny’s alleged abuse and they recently interviewed a former employee of the talent agency. The former employee G” shared that he dropped out of school at the age of 16 and ran away from home to work with Johnny.

During his employment, “G” lived in Johnny’s apartment with other colleagues. Not long after “G” started working, the former employee recalled how Johnny got into his bed at night even though there were others sleeping next to him. It was there that Johnny would reach out to touch him inappropriately, take off his underwear and sexually assault him.

“G” shared that he remembered that Johnny used Noxzema, an American branded cleanser as a lubricant. He testified that, “because there was an American pharmacy next to the Japan Broadcasting Station at that time, I was often asked by him to buy it.” While “G” worked at Johnny’s for many years, “G” was sexually assaulted twice and would ask himself, “Why me?”

Johnny and Associates Issues an Apology

Although Johnny passed away in 2019, Johnny’s actions created a long-lasting trauma for his victims. As the outrage continued to build, the head of Johnny and Associates finally issued a public apology that acknowledged the allegations.

On Sunday, the talent agency’s president and CEO Julie Fujishima, who is also Johnny’s niece, apologized for the matter and vowed to set up an external counselling this month for the victims. While Julie shared that she will face the allegations against the company honestly and will not evade from the problems, she claimed that she was completely unaware that Johnny was allegedly sexually assaulting underage trainees.

In response to Julie’s apology, many netizens were skeptical and suspected that Julie lied about not knowing Johnny’s heinous actions .

Sources World Journal

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  1. i wouldn’t be surprised if she also partook in some of the ‘benefits’ of her position much like her dead uncle. I think there were a couple of news a decade back where it showed her kissing a celebrity – someone way younger than she was. Not sure but it looks like Julie may be the only remaining descendent of that horrible branch of people – hope it stays that way.

  2. A hidden secret outted. Lol, as a young girl I always knew that something was off how an old uncle be managing a company full of cute and pretty boys but didn’t think too u h into it because they were all so cute. Now as an adult, I understand that it is a price to pay. This is nothing shocking. Wait until kpop reveals. I believe there are only more horrifying stories to tell. Wasn’t there used to rumors about how BoA had to sleep her way up as a 12 yo and park ji yong pissed off some big boss in bed that she got demoted. Not sounding cold hearted, there is no free meal and fans and dreamers need to realize.

  3. She never knew??? Lol…many knew but her… and she is the CEO. Just another puppet…

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