Takuya Kimura Speaks Up About Johnny Kitagawa’s Scandal

Despite sexual abuse allegations against his late former boss Johnny Kitagawa, Japanese singer-actor Takuya Kimura has not commented on the scandal until yesterday.

Last year, the United Nations Human Rights Council stepped in to conduct investigations and hundreds stepped forward and claimed they were former victims of Johnny Kitagawa, who was behind Japan’s most successful boybands. Facing mounting pressure from advertisers, Johnny & Associates was forced to reorganize and was renamed SMILE-UP.

Takuya and comedian-presenter Sanma Akashiya host variety show SANTAKU, which has traditionally aired from January 1 to 3 every year since 2003. Sanma opened the show by saying, “There are some things I have to ask and some things I can’t ignore.”

Takuya replied, “I don’t have a place where I can speak up or express my thoughts. So it’s really helpful to have a setting like this where I can speak.” Takuya spoke carefully, expressing his worry and regret for the effect the scandal  had on the company’s employees and fans.

During the pandemic, Takuya encouraged fans to not fall into a slump not matter how hard it gets. In return, Takuya’s fans are extending the same encouragement towards him. “It’s too dangerous. The people who give out encouragement end up being the ones who are feeling down!”

Sanma revealed  he had messaged Takuya to comfort him after Johnny Kitagawa’s scandal. Although he felt it would be awkward no matter what he said, he still wanted Takuya to know he was by his side. He jokingly asked Takuya if he cried after reading his message. Takuya re-enacted the moment he received the message. He was on the sofa and immediately stood up, full of encouragement after reading the message.

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This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Is that all he said?
    J-entertainment really is has dirty and messy industry in the world… so many young victims, both male and female. Many that runs these industry have very powerful and shady background.

    And very very few victims have their voice heard. I still remember reading about a Top star who had to filmed a Shower scene CF, and there were many male top management that came to view her filming. She is very famous thus she dared to post about the experience. But she is one of few…

    Johnny is only outs after his death…

      1. @Renren , I doubt we will hear more…
        How are you Teddy? Happy New Year!! Chinese New Year is next, you must be very busy.

  2. If this is all he said, it’s as good as him not giving any comment on the topic.
    I am still unable to see how the victims can find closure coz the monster is already dead and will not be punished. For their sake, I really hope they do.

    1. I bet he had his own experience too. But he cannot say anything… I always felt him marrying a more experienced, older and stronger wife from the industry so early in his career was more then just undying love…

      1. @Hohliu wouldn’t be surprised if most of the popular ones under that agency back then suffered in that monster’s hands or more.
        Now that you mentioned…back then I just thought he was being rebellious and more surprised that he didn’t suffer the unwanted consequences when he announced marriage. Maybe he did. I don’t quite follow his news since never quite understand his appeal.

      2. I think he suffered some consequence but his popularity rose over it .. I do think his marriage was a rebelling against agency but I think he needed the marriage … all my speculation.. don’t quote me on it.

      3. @Hohliu
        Happy new year to you. I am doing well. Will be in Taiwan for a week very soon.
        I think TK did not say much because the sister of the predator is running the company now and she is just as powerful and ruthless as her bro. I believe if past victims who have made a name for themselves speak out, they can be punished still. Being a celebrity does not save one from being blacklisted and exited from the industry. Japan bigshots can be ruthless and cruel.
        These victims will never fully be free. That saddens me to my core.

      4. @Renren Oh…I don’t know if you are Taiwanese who can vote…but I read in SCMP about lots of Taiwanese returning during voting period to vote in coming election…Looks like it will be a huge turn out.
        Have fun in Taiwan…

  3. What did he say exactly?
    I would be surprised if any of the big ones actually speak up about their experiences. I think everyone of them had experienced before they debuted.

  4. Safe until proven victimization?
    In my opinion, those who didn’t voice out whether they were SA’d by the old man, probably had been. Or they’re afraid of other powerful figures shushing them.

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