Okamoto Kauan Was Assaulted by Johnny Kitagawa Over 15 Times

Founder of Japanese talent agency Johnny & Associates, Johnny Kitagawa was behind some of J-Pop’s biggest names, including SMAP, Kinki Kids, Arashi, and King & Prince.  It has long been rumored that Kitagawa was a pedophile and had sexually harassed many male artistes under his management.

Since 1988, there has been a number of people who have accused Kitagawa of sexual assault. Although Kitagawa threatened with a lawsuit, two victims stepped forward and testified in court, which ruled in the victims’ favor. However, the case was kept out of the limelight and was not covered by the Japanese mainstream media.

The accusations against Kitagawa gained renewed interest when BBC covered it in their 2023 documentary, Predator: The Secret Scandal of J-Pop. During an interview with Weekly Bunshun, former ANTIME member Kauan Okamoto, who joined Johnny & Associates when he was only 15 years old, revealed that he was sexually assaulted by Kitagawa when sleeping over at his house. Kauan claimed to have been sexually assaulted 15 to 20 times from 2012 to 2016.

Holding a press conference recently, Kauan hoped to bring more media attention to the matter and produced photos of the inside of Kitagawa’s house as evidence. He further claimed that there were at least three other sexual assault victims. Kauan stated “Honestly, I feel that anyone who has been to Kitagawa’s house has been sexually assaulted before.”

Although Kitagawa passed away in 2019, his company was finally forced to respond due to the damaging claims and widespread interest. Johnny & Associates issued the following statement:

“Since the death of the company’s previous representative in 2019, we have gone through a change in management, and have also revolutionized and changed with the times. The company prioritizes a high level of transparency to garner the trust of society. Since January of this year, both management and employees will comply with the rules to strengthen the system and allow the company to continue moving forward in solidarity.”

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This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Johnny probably didn’t even serve time in jail depsite the disgusting crimes. Japan tends to not care about Ped ophilia. Kenshin mangaka was caught looking at C porn but he only got fined.

  2. They say life will come back around to bite it and it is just a matter of time. The perpetrator is dead, maybe his foer company is going to pay the bill but it sounds like he never had any price to pay. Life is just fair like that.
    Anyhow, parents kids anyone alike, no one is going to help you without getting something anywhere esp entertainment

  3. I feel very sad for all victims in the industry, there are many victims… The victims have so little support. Of course there are opportunist too. Those who would do anything to get a chance. .

    1. I too feel so sad for these victims, as I am aware what happens to them. A lot of people blame them, but it not easy when these powerful people threaten the victims with career axing, blacklisting and all kinds of horrible threats if they don’t give in to their sick demands. Physical, emotional, psychological, verbal and psychological abuse is just as bad, and they experience it all. To add insult to injury, they are not allowed to date, have friends, and controlled and practice seven days a week for many, many hours per day. The insult does not end there, as the managers then take 70% of their money, and the artists are the ones doing all the hard work. This is still happening today, and the governments do nothing to implement laws governing such sick behavior. Of course not, as these vultures line the pockets of the government. I hope Johnny Kitagawa is roasting in his special spot in hell.

  4. Since it is a huge taboo especially gay rape in Japan, I will say i believe him since there are many accounts, not just one. It feels like a trade off isn’t it? Pity the perpetrator is dead.

    1. Is there still life after death? I think more and more people dont think there is thus they do so many things without being bothered by consequence, as long as they can get away from being caught in life.

      1. Doesn’t take someone who doesn’t have fate to commit crimes. Many child molestation crimes are committed by Catholic priests. They sure to believe in hell. Also, all those cults, they believe in life after death too and they too commit sinnister crime. It depends on the person, one’s moral value and psychological state. I don’t believe in anything but I have strong moral standards.

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