“Ip Man 4” Breaks Box Office Records

Ip Man 4: The Finale <葉問4:完結篇> has broken box office records in Malaysia and is now the highest-grossing film of the franchise, according to producer Raymond Wong Pak-ming (黃百鳴).

The final installment of the Ip Man tetralogy grossed over RM 36 million (approximately US$8.6 million) since its release during the 2019 Christmas season, becoming the highest-grossing Chinese-language film in the country. The film grossed an additional 1.2 billion yuan (approximately US$172 million) in mainland China, 400 million more than Ip Man 3.

Flying to Malaysia today to attend a banquet to celebrate the film’s success, Raymond’s Pegasus Motion Pictures and the film’s Malaysian distributor have been collaborating since All’s Well, Ends Well Too 2010 <花田喜事>. Raymond said Ip Man 4 has long earned back its budget of US$52 million, and that the success of the film is within expectations. The movie also benefited from being released during the Christmas holidays, a month before the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak.

Raymond’s other films, however, are not so lucky. G Storm <G風暴> was originally slated to begin production after the Lunar New Year, but all filming teams have decided to halt production until the outbreak dies down. Many staff members were arranged to work at home.

Pegasus Motion Pictures has many affiliated cinemas in the Greater China region. The Hong Kong government recently announced that it is considering closing down entertainment venues like Macau. Although business will be affected, Raymond will support the order if it does happen.

“It should be stopped for a while. Let the outbreak die down first.” Raymond said many cinemas are having slow business anyways, and the lack of audiences are especially apparent in family-friendly films.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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