Donnie Yen is Saying Goodbye to Kung Fu Films

The final chapter to the Ip Man <葉問> film series, Ip Man 4: The Finale <葉問4:完結篇>, held a charity premiere showing on Sunday night. The event was attended by Donnie Yen’s (甄子丹) family, including his son and daughter.

Donnie pointed out that his son, who turned 12 on December 15, is the same age as the film series. While his son did grow up watching the previous three films, he hasn’t been showing great interest in kung fu.

“I did have him take kung fu lessons when he was younger, and he knows mixed martial arts,” shared Donnie. “Children have many interests. I wouldn’t force him to learn it, but he does already carry a black belt in taekwondo. He’s getting a bit lazier now, telling me that he’s already losing interest in continuing.”

As for whether or not he would like for his son to follow his footsteps in being a stunt actor or martial arts star, Donnie said, “It appears glorious on the outside, but it’s not an easy job at all. You have to endure many injuries. I’ve injured myself in every single scene for this movie. Fortunately, nothing has been broken, but my ligaments and tendons are overused. Sometimes I’ll hurt when I throw punches. Sometimes I wouldn’t even be able to stand up straight. Old age is settling in, that’s why it’s important to maintain your physical therapy. This is the price you have to pay as an action star.”

Does that mean Donnie plans on retiring completely from doing action films? He laughed, “No! How would I pay my bills? I’m just saying goodbye to kung fu films!”

Source: ON.CC

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  1. Man if I’m a rich lucky kid and get to learn Kungfu for free and don’t have any other responsibilities in life, I’ll be more than willing to endure all hardships just to learn it.

    Too bad for poor and ordinary people like us, we can’t afford it and have too many things to take care of.

    1. @yoyo. Your idiocy is beyond impressive. You just assume someone should want to learn martial arts because you do?! Self-centered ego centric behavior used to be considered disturbing if not disgusting. Plus, you are a total crybaby.. Good lord, were you actually being serious with your comment?! Do you even realize that Brandon Lee was waaay more interested in being an actor than a martial artist??! That must be beyond incredible to you.. Lord, please say a prayer for the potential other people in this human’s life…

      1. @kawazu Says who with the crybaby icon AND making so much crying noises?

        When did anybody point finger at your Brandon for not knowing any martial arts? Nobody say anything about you and you just cry for no reason. Or…was Brandon crying somewhere and you think I’m making fun of him for crying? Too bad I don’t know nothing about him and not even mentioning him.

        Some people are too selfish and egoistic and think the world only revolve around them and everything people will say will only be about them. Lord won’t ever talk to such fool like you.

  2. Understandable. Kung fu movies nowadays are dried out and reusing the same movie aesthetics, approaches and ideas. Glad he’s focusing on contemporary action movies now.

    1. @dook Kung Fu are not appreciated anymore it is sad but it is the reality already. Talent vs beautiful face, fans only care about looks. You don’t need any skills if you look good, kung fu can be imitated by cheap slow motion acting. In the 80s people with kung fu are actors, but now they are only stuntmen because they don’t look beautiful enough.

      1. @yoyo You’re absolutely right even though there’s bunch of talent. It’s all about chance, and people with looks are the ones with bigger chances than the action performers.

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