Is Adrian Chau Courting Myolie Wu?

From Left to Right: Yeung Chiu Hoi, Adrian Chau, Myolie Wu, Ron Ng, and Rocky Cheng.

While the cast of Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄2> had an eventful filming in Sanya, Hainan, their scandals were also colorful, splashing across the Hong Kong tabloids. TVB actress, Toby Leung (梁靖琪), was accused of flirting with her costars, Ron Ng (吳卓羲) and Stefan Wong (黃長興), in her bikini by the poolside. Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) was reportedly courted by her young costar, Adrian Chau (周志文).

Earlier, Myolie Wu was rumored to be interested in Nancy Wu’s (胡定欣) younger brother. East Week alleged that Myolie’s latest interest was the contestant of TVB’s The Voice <超級巨星>, Adrian Chau. The 22-year-old reportedly seized the opportunity in Sanya and courted Myolie intensely.

In Triumph in the Skies 2, Adrian plays a secret admirer of Myolie. As the pair had numerous scenes together, their relationship progressed gradually. Adrian allegedly tried to get close to Myolie by seeking her advice on acting. While traveling on a tourist bus, Adrian sat in the same row as Myolie and helped her whenever she needed any assistance. The pair reportedly would whisper in each other’s ears while traveling in the bus. Adrian would also accompany Myolie to shop for her daily necessities and snacks.

On September 12, Adrian ditched his colleagues after breakfast and waited for Myolie to complete her filming. After that, the pair chatted at the beach and rehearsed their lines. Adrian and Myolie reportedly enjoyed each another’s company and only left in the evening time.

Ron and Toby Denied Behaving Intimately

East Week magazine claimed that Ron Ng, Toby Leung, Stefan Wong and a few working crew sneaked in the hotel’s swimming pool, which was temporarily closed, at midnight. The group had a rowdy party which aroused complaints from the hotel guests.

As Toby was flaunting her voluptuous figure in a low cut bikini, the men turned their attention on her. The drunk Ron allegedly hugged Toby intimately and was heard saying, “You have such good nutrition. It’s hard not to have any reaction!” The group only left the pool around 3 AM when a hotel staff requested them to do so.

Admitting that they had a pool party, Ron said, “I called her (Toby) little imp and she called me big brother. There are no such things on hugging and kissing.”

On the other hand, Tony stated that the photos did not represent the entire incident. She stated that she did not regret attending the pool party. Toby said that she and her husband had a common understanding and that he trusted her wholeheartedly. Toby was also apologetic if the pictures were uncomfortable to the public, but emphasized that she was good friends with Ron and Stefan and thus partied too excitedly at the pool.

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  1. i tell you, even a guy who stops Myolie on the street to ask for direction will get rumoured with her. 😡

    1. On bright side this can promote Adrian LOL. At least can gloat that he can has rumour with ‘top’ fadan :P. I like him and his twins they are cute together.

      1. Their acting still raw but I like to watch two same faces act together LOL very cute.

      2. lol, yup they still need to improve, but it is something with their attitude when they act.

        BTW i read somewhere that Adrian is a really big girlmagnet haha…

      3. LOL yah when filming SSSS he and Sire Ma got too close and got news of him flirt with Sire Ma when he already has a gf. I guess women flock to him.

      4. That’s right, it was this post i read lol. i know his brother has been with his gf for 5 years or something.

  2. Well, Myolie say that she want older men anyways Lol.

    plus who knows maybe Adrian sees Myolie as a big sister. I have a friend, and it was a periode, where we used to hang out a lot. But still it was just older sister little brother relationship. We just felt comfortable together.

    and Toby is pretty lucky to have a such understandable husband.

  3. Myolie already said no younger men. But, the tabloid keep linking her with younger men.

    1. So that she can challenge TY on who will get the more younger boys LOL

      1. Himhim vs Adrian

        Age: Adrian wins by 5 years younger
        Popularity and career: Himhim wins
        Looks: Himhim wins
        Acting: Himhim still wins

  4. I like the Chau brothers. I can see improvements in their acting from series to series… although I can’t tell one brother from the other so maybe one brother is good and the other is not?

    Now, I just want to see pictures of Myolie and Francis filming together!

    1. me too. i wanna see Myolie with Francis. and with Chilam. loved them in Rippling Blossoms. 😉

  5. Is really hard to tell them apart but I really haven’t seen them that much. I wonder if they can switch places without people knowing, but is probably easy to tell when you seen them a lot before. Even identical twins has something different from each other.
    Even if Adrian is trying to hook up with Myolie she not gonna give into his charm.

  6. Why is every actress being written as “voluptuous?” Tthat term is used to describe someone who is not skinny and not fat. The actresses are usually like skinny. Second voluptuous measurement would be like 36-24-36. Toby doesn’t look like so.

    1. U will be surprised to find out about Toby’s body in real, she really has a voluptuous body for real. lol

      1. Toby is voluptuous as in she has big boops. But she is far from having a good figure. If you watched her in “My Sister of Eternal Flower”, you can see her buttocks are really fat.

  7. I thought Adrian has a rich girlfriend? He should leave Myolie alone and stop hanging around her. I guess Myolie is single and want to have some fun.

    1. After reading Vivien’s link, I think Adrian is a player! I’m afraid he’s just clinging to Myolie to get some gossip and borrow her fame. His brother Daniel sounds much better.

      1. He’s also a wuss to hide that he has a girlfriend until it was busted during the Sire scandal earlier and now this has caused Myolie troyble when Myolie has to come out to reassure HIS girlfriend that she treat him only like a friend.

      2. Two identical twins but one is a wild player and one is a loyal more down to earth boy.

      3. If bosco can have fun with his co-stars (rumor), why can’t myolie have the same treatment too? if guys pursue her intensely, myolie too can enjoy the party 😉 as long as she’s happy.

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