Jeannie Chan Stays in Vancouver with Family During the Pandemic

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, TVB artiste Jeannie Chan (陳瀅) temporarily left Hong Kong to be with her family in Vancouver. Living with four generations under one roof, Jeannie spent more time with her family and gained a newfound appreciation for them.

Jeannie shares that her grandmother is the happiest for her return, “My grandma is very happy and doesn’t want to see me go back to Hong Kong. She hopes that I will find a boyfriend in Vancouver, get married, have children and settle down here. Besides, the past few times I came back, I didn’t have time to have tea with her. This time, I finally have time to accompany her. Since her friends watch TV, they know who her granddaughter is.  This time, she can finally take me to meet her friends. What a proud moment!”

In the past when Jeannie returned to Vancouver, she would usually stay in her room to play on the computer and rarely spent time in the living room. This time, Jeannie made sure to stay close to her grandma, “At first, she wasn’t used to it. She would ask why I am watching TV downstairs and not in my room. I told her, ‘I want to spend time with you.’ She was charmed and immediately showed a big smile. In fact, my family is happy just by simply spending time with them.”

While the pandemic has disrupted lives, Jeannie looks to the positives and focuses on getting closer to her family, “I have a lot more time to interact with my family. Usually, my sister and brother have to go to work, but now they have set up their own ‘home office.’ We have more time at home. Before the outbreak got serious, the whole family would still meet up to look at flowers. Family really can’t be bought with money.”

Jeannie describes how the pandemic is forcing her to reflect on herself, “Recalling the last time I stayed in Vancouver for an extended period, I was studying and took things for granted. Every day, I only cared about running or going to dates. I swam in the summer and skied in the winter. I wanted to hang out with my friends every day. Other than having dinner with my family, I was pretty much going out with my friends. This time I was forced to stay at home.”

The increased family time has also boosted the actress’ personal growth, “In addition to seeing my family more often, I would put myself in their situation and think about their needs. Previously, I only cared about myself and was used to my family taking care of me. After staying here for more than three months, I took on some chores, took the initiative to cook, and did the laundry. My whole family was surprised, and my mother even praised that I had grown up.”

Source: Ming Pao Weekly

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