[Breakup Files] Jennifer Tse and Andy On Break Up

Despite marriage rumors circulating earlier this year, actor Andy On (安志杰) and Jennifer Tse (謝婷婷) announced their split after four years of dating. The pair met through Jennifer’s brother, Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒), and have been regarded as a golden couple. Andy was regarded as a family member of the Tse family, from attending birthday dinners to going on family vacations, but unfortunately, the relationship eventually came to an end.

An insider revealed that it was a mutual breakup and was not caused by a third party. Another also told the media that Andy treats Jennifer very well and he would perform romantic gestures to please his girlfriend.  Andy had once said that Jennifer was “his most compatible girlfriend”. Since Andy was born and raised in the United States, he has westernized values. He believes in engagement before actual marriage and had already planned to propose. He even decided on a small island as their wedding venue.

Before their breakup was revealed, Jennifer had replied noncommittally when prompted with marriage questions by the press.

The public was nevertheless shocked when Andy announced their split through his manager. No real details were given about the cause of the breakup, but his manager Ms. Lee replied, “Andy and Jennifer dated for four years, but they broke up recently.” She added that Andy cherished the past four years and even though they are no longer a couple, they will always be friends.

Although Andy did not reveal the real reason, it was said that Jennifer was unhappy about Andy’s lack of ambition and said that Andy lost an opportunity to act in Wong Kar Wai’s (王家衛) film, The Grandmaster<一代宗師>.

When reached for comment, Andy was upset and said, “I have no time to talk!” Jennifer’s assistant replied on her behalf and said she did not have any comment over the news.

Source: Oriental Daily; Ming Pao Weekly #2324 via ihktv.com

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. in a way, its good for andy on to have broken up with jennifer tse, her family’s too complicated..

    1. Totally agree……….while on the surface, it might look like a “golden couple”, being around Jennifer and her family can scare anyone away…..I think 4 years is about right for both of them to have had their share of romance and fun but reality eventually sets in and whoever was the one that wanted to break up, it certainly will be good for Andy because being associated with the Tse family is nothing but TROUBLE!

      1. Agreed, sounds like a scary family to marry into. Who would want to deal with “in-laws from hell” for life?

    2. So no one can date Jen just because her family’s complicated? Ridiculous!

      1. Exactly, and honestly just because her parents are divorced does not mean that she can’t date someone and be happy. Also, just because her brother divorced does not mean that it is all his fault or his family’s fault. You really don’t know what truly happened. You can be happily married for years and suddenly divorce one day so I guess nothing should be a big shock these days anymore.

      2. Agree with your thoughts. People who think that way are just biased and not using their heads. I think Patrick and Deborah makes wonderful grandparents and having gone through their own divorce, are able to be better parents for Nic and Jen. It was and could have been a little tumultous before but as Nic and Jen are matured adults,they get along well.

        In my opinion, Jennifer is the ambitious one and with her taste of ‘success’ in Jackie Chan’s 12 Zodiacs, she probably wish Andy could step up the ladder like her. But if it’s true that she left a 4-year relationship simply because Andy’s career is not in the spotlight is really disappointing. Could it be that she thinks Andy may not be able to provide her with a luxurious and ‘safe financial status’ after marriage??

  2. LOL, What going on lately with on these breakups? First Florinda then Gillian now Jennifer. Jennifer/Andy seem like the one couple that would make it. They looked so good together. So sad the couple couldn’t work things out but its good they still friends though.

    1. Besides Florinda, Gillian and now Jennifer, there is also Lynn.

  3. They’re better off apart anyway. She is a self promotional person and he thinks he’s all that just because he is dating a Tse from the famous Tse family.

    1. he’s never said he’s all that and he doesn’t appear that way to me either.

  4. Can’t wait to see Raymond and Karena be the next pair!

    As for Jennifer and Andy, hope they find better partners in the future.

    1. I’m thinking the same as you, really can’t wait.

      Surprised and sad about J & A though, they had been so sweet together.

  5. I kinda figured that out based on jennifer’s recent interviews. It’s sad because I’ve always thought that their relationship is the rare few in the entertainment industry that’d last. Wish them nothing but the best though.

  6. Sad to hear this news. They look good together and seem so loving in interviews.

    1. I feel the same. Don’t care much about Jennifer but I quite like Andy – hope he’ll find happiness with someone else with less complications (ie too famous in-laws may cause a lot of pressure and makes it difficult to measure up to their expectations).

      1. @BestWishesToAndy
        I read the wiki page link you provided which led me to Andy’s blog (last entry in 2010). Surprise, surprise – he has a cat named Jenny (lol) which looks exactly like my tomcat.

  7. wow, look how pretty she is – I thought that was a young Chinese Maggie Q! and I was just saying to someone what plain children they had been!

    1. It’s possible the part went to Cung Le, the guy Wai-zai fights in the beginning.

  8. In entertainment circle breakup is no big deal…simple as eating lettuce

    1. Not just in the e world, but in the everyday world with normal citizens as well. But it is just a lot more high profile in the e world.

  9. She got some minor work done on her face .. i’m sure there are plenty of people on JayneStars that saw her in Vancouver.

    My friend dated her and she seemed like a nice girl but a little on the needy side.

    1. Sometimes I feel she is pretty but other times she has a horsey face? hahaha..LOL…
      no idea how she is as a person since never really catch up on her news but the dude and her looks like a OK match base on the pics.

      1. pretty cos of smoky eyes makeup.. it’s just an illusion, really pretty gals don’t need cosmetics

  10. Well, the good thing out of this is that Andy On is single again! =) Love Andy On!

  11. Didn’t see this coming at all, they have always been so sweet together. It’s sad to hear but well it’s between two people we can’t know anything?

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