Jessica C. Accidentally Exposes Herself in New Maternity Photoshoot

The Hong Kong-based model shared a new set of beautiful maternity photoshoots on social media, but she may have just inadvertently exposed herself.

Jessica C., who is pregnant with her second child with action star Andy On (安志杰), shared on Instagram a set of black and white photos which features her shirtless. She wrote on Instagram, “Final stretch (literally). Any day now, my son. It’s been another beautiful journey.”

Jessica posed shirtless in the photos, there was a slight malfunction—netizens pointed out that the bottom of Jessica’s nipple was slightly exposed.

Jessica and Andy welcomed their first-born, daughter Tessa, in March 2016. Jessica is currently 38 weeks pregnant with her second child, a son.


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  1. There is no such thing as “accidental” >_> when it comes to post photos of yourself on social media!

  2. Lol. I have to said she’s trying to show off here and of course she’s a wild woman!!

  3. if she decides to do such a shoot, be prepared for exposure…there is no such thing as ‘accidental’.

  4. As it is, the photos are explicit enough and leave almost nothing to the imagination. “Accidentally ” exposing half a nipple is no big deal. If she could share her fully nude maternity pics on social media, I’m sure she would in a heartbeat so she’s certainly not coy over half a nipple lol.

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