Jessica C. and Andy On’s Maternity Photoshoot!

By on April 20, 2018 in Hot Gossip!, NEWS

Jessica C. and Andy On’s Maternity Photoshoot!

Action star Andy On (安志杰) and his wife, model Jessica C. (JC) are expecting their second child together, and the couple is more than ready to expand their family. On April 18, JC’s 30th birthday, Andy shared a series of maternity shots he took with his beautiful wife. It showed the couple shirtless, and JC, who announced the pregnancy last December, posing with her protruding belly. Their 2-year-old daughter Tessa also posed in the photoshoot with them.

Andy wrote on Instagram, “I love you, Babypants! Happy birthday!” JC replied to Andy’s message, thanking him for making her life meaningful.


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  • 23 comments to Jessica C. and Andy On’s Maternity Photoshoot!

    1. passingby says:

      Call me old fashioned but i think these semi nude maternity shots should be for private viewing only. I prefer those which Myolie and her hubby took in which they are fully clothed but emphasising the bump nevertheless.

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      • dramas4me replied:


        Some people will think I’m old fashion, too. I think there is no need for them to share these pictures publicly. She basically was wearing thong there.

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      • janet72 replied:

        @passingby I agree with you too…why can’t she keep her body covered or at least cover MORE?
        we really don’t need to see a pregnant woman wearing just her bra and underwear.

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    2. msxie0714 says:

      What next? are they going to publish x-rated pics of themselves in the process of creating a baby?

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    3. cutie777 says:

      As for the black and white color picture from above when I first saw it I thought she was breastfeeding her daughter. They remind me of Benny Chan I remember one of his article are similar like this one too accept his are more private. Like some people say it should kept it to themselves only. I wonder if this baby is going to be a boy?

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      • passingby replied:

        @cutie777 omg dont remind me of Benny Chan and his wife’s pics. There was a very revolting pic of him trimming his wife’s pubic hair, no less. Gross to the max. Had to wash my eyes.

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        • replied:

          @passingby Good lord, thankfully, I missed that one. Granted, can’t say I’m surprised after that whole incident involving him sexually assaulting Rose Chan in public. Doesn’t get much worse than that.

          And to think I used to be a fan of his growing up. *shudders*

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    4. jjwong says:

      I never understood these family-boudoir photo session. I find it highly creepy, lol. Even if these are for private viewing only, who tf wilk you show to? I mean, are you gonna show these to your parents?? Your friends? Even your kids when they’re older? How awkard! If it’s bc you’re celebs so you’re selling these pics for money, that’s very very selfish and self center of you to use your family, kids as a money maker. Child labor anyonr? xD

      No wonder why new gen is so obsess with insta and selfie. They’re conditioned from the womb! Lol.

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      • jimmyszeto replied:

        Celebrities are addicted to the limelight. They can’t accept it when others are in the news and themselves are not. Taking these photos which are supposedly ‘for a good memorable experience for the couple’ but then they release it to public. What they want more than anything are comments of constant praise such as ‘beautiful’ and ‘gorgeous’ from people on social media which gives them enormous satisfaction. Ella Koon is also prolific at doing this. Minor celebrities who crave attention. Likecelebrities say they take their children to reality shows ‘for bonding and experience of spending time with them’. Spending time with them is taking them to the local park. Not taking them onto a reality show to be potentially ridiculed and judged by viewers. We in the west also have many reality shows but at least we do not unethically exploit our children for money and limelight. There are few children who grow up and enjoy seeing past embarrassing actions or photos of themselves…

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        • jjwong replied:

          @jimmyszeto I know there are people, celebs and nome celebs, are like that; attentiom w-hores. I don’t see an issue with that. You do you; like okay. But then they pull in their kids and families, I’m like wt… I hate reality shows with kids. I hate even more when people actual enjoy watching them. It’s highly creepy, imo.

          The west is the lead in exploiting kids though. They’re notorious. Honey boo boo. Tiara Toodlers. Kids on talent shows. Korea is becoming/trending this lately too.

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    5. coralie says:

      My misgivings on these pics is related to how hawt the preggo momma and papa looks! C’mon how is the rest of the world supposed to compare and compete with that? Impossible! Show us your stuff without all that PS and you’ll show us a normal pregnant momma!

      I understand why some celebrities bring their kids on reality shows. I get what they mean because sometimes as breadwinners, they have no time for family. They have to continue earning money to keep up their current lifestyle. So that means very little interaction with their little ones. Bringing them onto shows let them spend time together while earning money. I don’t consider this exploitation since that wasn’t the intention. If you look at Jordan Chan and his son, that’s a good example.

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    6. theyenman says:

      Dang, some people here really are conservative huh? They’re celebrating the human body, and not meant to be sexual. I don’t see what the big deal is. The photos seem pretty tasteful IMO.

      You see more skin on a Miss/Mr HK contest. Now those shows are degrading. It’s basically trotting out men / women to be judged on their appearance, yet people don’t seem to have a problem with that.

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      • nigel replied:

        @theyenman indeed. I thought those pictures were beautiful. She looks gorgeous as well. Can’t understand why they were bashed so much sigh

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      • nigel replied:

        @theyenman and I couldn’t agree with you more on those Ms HK/beauty pageants where the contestants wore less. Some of their teeny weeny bikini is so exposed. I thought her shots were nicely done and she looks gorgeous.

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      • msxie0714 replied:

        Yet so many open-minded Americans bash Kim Kardashian for taking every opportunity she can get to share pics of her nude body with the public.

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        • alicesky replied:

          @msxie0714 kim k always posts her nude pics for fame since she has no talent to show lol

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        • theyenman replied:

          @msxie0714 Who said Americans are open minded when it comes to sexuality, and what does that have to do with this thread? If you think making a snide comment about Americans will offend me, I assure you it won’t. I’m not even American.

          All I’m saying is, some people here seem to be offended by these photos, yet have no issues seeing women trot out on the stage in skimpier bikinis, advertising their three sizes. It’s like selling meat at a meat market, yet I don’t see any uproar over it. Every year, it’s about who’s “ugly” or who’s “good looking” in stories about the next crop of Miss HK contestants. Heck, wasn’t one of them praised for doing a stripper routine on a pole? How’s that not sexual, and how are people not all in a huff about that?

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        • dramas4me replied:


          Hi. How do you know that some people are not offending about the skimpy bikinis in those beauty pageants? They didn’t say anything doesn’t mean that they are ok with them. I haven’t watched any of those “beauty pageants” for a long time. We all have our own opinions about things. We all should respect other people’s opinions also.

          Login or Register before you can reply to dramas4me
        • msxie0714 replied:

          frankly, the Miss HK contest is sexist and backward. Most of the contestants are from overseas where they should at least have more awareness about these issues instead of tolerating the body/face shaming they face in an ‘advanced’ HK society.

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    7. mangotango says:

      Wow that is one sexy mummy. Her daughter is a beauty.

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    8. m0m0 says:

      i think these pics are appropriate, she looks great with or w/o the bump. i think these pics show that women can look beautiful at any stage of life.

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